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14 Shocking Side Effects Of Almond Milk

 Shocking Side Effects Of Almond Milk

Almond milk is very healthy as it is full of various properties which are required for a healthy body. Almond milk is rich in calcium, protein and other essential minerals and vitamins. It is dairy free milk. Although, almonds are not among the allergic nuts, it also has various side effects. Everything has its pros and cons. This statement also applies to almond milk. Almond milk may cause various allergic reactions to an individual. Consumption of almond milk may cause very negative impact on health if the below cons are not taken into consideration.

Please Go Through The Various Negative Effects Of Almond Milk:

1. Swelling On Facial Region

Though almond milk is considered as a healthy alternative for dairy milk, it may cause severe reactions on your health. These reactions may range from mild to severe. Severity depends on the amounts of almonds consumed. Swelling on facial region or tingling around the mouth can be seen if people with nut allergies consume the almond milk. Almond milk should be avoided by the people who are suffering from nut allergies as this milk can have negative impact on health.


2. Swelling Of Thyroid Gland

Almond milk contains the substances which can harm the thyroid gland. Almonds are considered as goitrogenic food. It contains the chemicals that harm the thyroid gland. Large level consumption of almond milk may lead to severe complications. By affecting on the iodine assimilation it leads to the swelling of this gland. In the light of this negative impact of drinking almond milk, one should think twice before consuming almond milk.


3. Raise In Sugar Levels

Almond milk includes sugar content, excess of which may lead to various health problems. As almond milk contains higher percentage of sugar, its consumption may lead to severe complications.


4. Should Be Avoided To Prevent Allergic Reaction Of Lactose

Lactose allergic people also may have side effects by consuming almond milk. Hence, they should completely avoid drinking the almond milk.

Should Be Avoided To Prevent Allergic Reaction Of Lactose

5. May Lead To Complications In Children

Consumption of almond milk may not be beneficial for children health. In turn it may lead to many complications in their later life. Nutritions contained in the almond milk are not sufficient for the complete development of the baby. As a result, infants suffer from malnutrition. Hence, one should think of disadvantages of consuming almond milk before feeding it to the children.

Young Babies

6. Reactions On Skin

Eczema, itching and hives are few of the skin reactions which occur as a result of consuming almond milk. These reactions usually appear approximately within 10 minutes to 1 hour of the consumption of almond milk.

Skin Itching and Irritation

7. Bloating In The Abdomen

Bloating in the abdomen is one of the serious affects of almond milk. It results in the increase of stomach size. This symptom can be found in the people who are allergic to almond milk.


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8. Respiration And Breathing Problems

Respiration and breathing problems are some of the side effects of consuming the almond milk. These problems include breathing and wheezing. These symptoms are usually seen in the people who have issues with their breathing such as asthma.

Prevents Asthma

9. Diarrhea

One of the serious affects of almond milk is diarrhea. It is a serious negative effect of consuming almond milk. Usually diarrhea goes away within 2 days. If diarrhea doesn’t go away within 2 days and it is becoming severe,  you must consult the doctor immediately. If you notice fever, blood in stools, dehydration signs and severe abdominal pain or rectal pain along with diarrhea, immediate care should be taken. Otherwise, it may lead to death.


10. Vomiting And Head Ache

Vomiting and headache usually occur for various reasons. If you notice these symptoms after the consumption of almond milk, it is recommended to stop the consumption of almond milk. These are also few of the negative affects. Severe vomiting may be dangerous to health which may lead to death.


11. Symptoms Of Cold

combination of runny nose and wheezing accompanied by breathing problem is one of the serious effects of consuming almond milk. People with nut allergy usually face this problem. It can also affect the people with other allergies. People suffering from any sort of allergy must avoid the consumption of almond milk.

Prevents Flu and Cold

12. Abdominal Cramps

Abdominal cramps occur because of various reasons. One of the reasons is the consumption of almond milk. Whether your stomach ache is mild, sharp or severe, you must pay attention to it and identify the reasons. If you notice abdominal cramps as soon as you drink almond milk, stop consuming it. It is one of the indication that almond milk is not well-suited for you.

Stomach Ulcers

13. Anaphylactic Shock

It is one of the fatal reactions of consuming almond milk. In this case, People may have metallic taste in the mouth along with itching or tingling sensation. After a period of time, the severity of these symptoms will increase which may include low blood pressure and difficulty in breathing. Gradually, that individual will lose consciousness.

Reduces Itching

14. Laryngospasm

In this case, consumption of almond milk leads to swelling in the throat. Swelling spreads to the vocal cards and blocks the airway. This situation creates discomfort in breathing. Individual may die if medical care is not given on time.

Sore Throat

Hope this article is helpful and informative.

  • Brenda De La Fuente

    Nope. My health in general, has improved dramatically after switching from milk to almond milk.

    • Evangeline Marie

      My symptoms include swelling of the back of the roof of my mouth, threat pain, ear pain, it feels as if someone kicked me in the throat. In the past I thought someone poisoned my almond milk because I had severe bloody diarrhea and would sweat profusely. I was diagnosed with under active thyroid.2years ago. I had been drinking almost milk for about a year before that. I quit almond mild and switched to cashew milk because I felt the almond milk was causing my diarrhea ALL of my symptoms stoped and I thought they all stoped because they upped my dosage of desiccated thyroid but one week ago the store did not have the cashew milk so I bought almond and ALL of my symptoms came back. I’m also tired and sleeping constantly. Itchy dry skin. Al of my under active symptoms came back even though I’m taking my normal amount of thyroid medicine. I didn’t realize it was bad for the thyroid!

  • Bngo Btch

    This is one of the worst articles I have ever read on the internet and that is the only thing noteworthy about this piece. Trying to determine if written by a 4th grader or Chinese electronics manual writer. If they paid for this article I would say to get money back.

  • Angela

    I do not have a thyroid. I had a full thyroidectomy 19 years ago after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I experienced 5 out of 10 of these symptoms. I’m not sure if there is a direct correlation between the two but it was worth mentioning. I try to avoid dairy at all costs. Almond milk would have been a great alternative, however, for me it is not.

  • Thomas Borders

    Sounds to me like they’re mostly just saying “If you’re allergic to almonds, you shouldn’t drink almond milk” over and over again, in a way as to fear-monger. Of course if you’re allergic to almonds, you’re going to have an allergic reaction to almond milk! Duh!

  • Mark Feblowitz

    It’s neither correct nor safe to say that almonds are not an “allergic nut” – any of the tree nuts can provoke mild to very severe reactions in those who are allergic to tree nuts. Peanuts are in a separate category. One can be allergic to peanuts and not tree nuts. Or tree nuts and not peanuts. Or allergic to both. Best to avoid statements like that.

    And, speaking of allergies, most or perhaps all of the symptoms you mentioned are symptoms that accompany an allergic response.

    And for those of you who have any of these reactions, get tested and make sure you follow your allergist’s advice regarding avoidance and carrying rescue medications. Your next reactions might be worse (perhaps much worse).

    You might not have, in the past, been allergic to almonds or have not noticed any symptoms. But it your body has the propensity to develop an almond allergy, drinking a lot could “sensitize” you and provoke future allergic reactions. That happened to me an milk, and also to me and soy, after I dabbled with being a vegetarian.

    One more thing: If you’re allergic to any other tree nut, tread very carefully with almond milk. Perhaps even consult your doctor before launching into a diet full of it.

    I love my almond milk (and almond milk yogurt, and frozen desserts). I’m just happy I can eat them, as milk is no longer in the picture for me.

  • Marie A Leavens

    I think it is sad to discredit Almond milk like that. Your article generalizes reactions that people would not have UNLESS they are allergic to almond. And almonds are a tree nut, therefore part of the most allergic nuts out there.Those reactions you mention here are ALL related to allergy. I personally have a lot of these kinds of reactions with regular milk which is why I switched to almond milk. Almond milk does not give me ANY of those reactions.

  • Greg McKinney

    I have been trying almond milk in cereal as a substitute for cow milk. However, I am getting the same post nasal drip and other allergic reactions as before. I didn’t know for sure until I tried another serving and sure enough, the nasal drainage was worse than with the regular milk. Very disappointing as I hoped this would be my answer. I guess I’m nut-allergic even more.