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15 Serious Side Effects Of Chasteberry

Serious Side Effects Of Chasteberry

Chasteberry whose scientific name is Vitex Agnus-Castus is the fruit of the Chaste tree and is also known as “monk’s pepper” or “women’s herb”. It is known as women’s herb because it is primarily used as a medicine for treating ailments in women such as irregular periods, PMS, prevention of miscarriage, symptoms of menopause, infertility in women etc.From the wide range of uses that it has Chasteberry may sound like a magical herb. But beware; it has several serious side effects which are usually ignored.

Listed Below Are Some Of The Side Effects Of Chasteberry:

1. Reduces The Efficacy Of Invitro Fertilization

Studies show that Chasteberry reduces the efficacy of invitro fertilization. Therefore if a woman has opted for this method and uses Chasteberry then it can interfere with the procedure and can also bring down the success potential of the invitro fertilization.

Reduces The Efficacy Of Invitro Fertilization

2. Can Cause Rashes

Chasteberry has certain chemicals which can cause serious allergic reactions and result in sudden outbreak of rashes. Therefore it is important to check if you are allergic to the fruit by taking it in small amount initially. However if rashes do appear then immediately see a doctor who will prescribe proper medication to treat the rashes.

Can Cause Rashes

3. Severe Headaches

Chasteberry is known to cause severe headaches .In fact people suffering from migraine should try and avoid the berry as it can make the condition worst.

Severe Headaches

4. Should Be Strictly Avoided By Pregnant And Lactating Women

Use of Chasteberry by pregnant and lactating women is found to cause serious problems as it affects the hormonal balance. Therefore pregnant and breast feeding women should strictly avoid Chasteberry.

Should Be Strictly Avoided By Pregnant And Lactating Women

5. Can Result In Acne

Since Chasteberry is altering the hormonal balance it can result in an acne attack because one of the reasons for acne is hormonal imbalance.

Can Result In Acne

6. Mild Insomnia

Since the herb affects the brain as well it can bring about changes in the sleeping pattern resulting in mild insomnia. If you have trouble sleeping then it is best to avoid the berry.

Mild Insomnia

7. Can Make Hormone Sensitive Conditions Worst

Since Chasteberry affects the hormonal balance it has been noted that consuming the drug in case of certain hormone sensitive diseases can aggravate the disease further. Therefore if you are suffering from breast cancer, fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cancer or uterine cancer then Chasteberry can aggravate the condition.

Can Make Hormone Sensitive Conditions Worst

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8. Hampers The Treatment Of Parkinson’s Disease

Chasteberry affects the brain and also has chemicals which interfere with the medicines of Parkinson’s disease and can thereby interfere with the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Hampers The Treatment Of Parkinson’s Disease

9. Decreases The Efficacy Of Birth Control Pills

Since Chasteberry brings about hormonal changes it interferes with birth control pills and brings down its efficacy and therefore Chasteberry cannot be taken along with oral contraceptives.

Decreases The Efficacy Of Birth Control Pills

10. Can Cause Diarrhea

Chasteberry is known to result in stomach upset and indigestion. It can even result in diarrhea and should therefore be avoided if you have an upset stomach.

Can Cause Diarrhea

11. Can Result In Weight Gain

Chasteberry can interact with hormones which are responsible for depositing fats in the body and can cause increase in weight and bloating. After consuming the berry for few days check your weight. If you gain weight then probably Chasteberry is not meant for you.

Can Result In Weight Gain

12. Nausea And Vomiting

Chasteberry has been found to result in nausea and vomiting in some people. If that is the case then it is best to look for other options and stop consuming Chasteberry with immediate effect.

Nausea And Vomiting

13. Can Aggravate Vertigo

Chasteberry is found to result in dizziness in some people and aggravate vertigo problems. If that is the case then it is best to avoid Chasteberry.

Can Aggravate Vertigo

14. Interferes With Schizophrenia And Psychotic Disorder Drugs

It has been found that Chasteberry affects the chemical dopamine in the brain and can therefore reduce the effectiveness of drugs used for schizophrenia and psychotic disorder. Therefore Chasteberry should be avoided if a person is under psychiatric treatment.

Interferes With Schizophrenia And Psychotic Disorder Drugs

15. Increase Menstrual Flow And Fatigue

Since Chasteberry causes hormonal imbalance it can result in increased menstrual flow and that can cause fatigue and tiredness.

Increase Menstrual Flow And Fatigue
Like any other herb Chasteberry too has its pros and cons. To be on the safe side it is recommended that you take the berry only under medical guidance in order to avoid any untoward conditions. If you observe any side effects after consuming the herb then immediately stop taking the herb and seek medical advice on priority.

  • Lil Chick

    That was the very opposite of all the scientific research and facts I have read up on Vitex.
    The only fact in their which was very confusingly written was that it’s not good for Schizophrenics because it increases dopamine (yes Vitex slows down prolactin and increases feel good hormones). Schizophrenic people have too much of that happy hormone which causes delusions. Vitex wont make you too happy but will certainly be great for anyone who is sad and needs a boost of dopamine (SSRI’s / Mainstream Antidepressants focus more on serotonin and not dopamine and that’s why it doesn’t work for everyone. one day they will make an antidepressant with dopamine but in the meantime if you’re female, take one Vitex every morning before breakfast – this stuff is impressive!

    • experienced​ woman

      I guess your research has lead you​ to believe that you know it all about the drug. I took it for 2mths and gained 3kg (6.6lbs), I also had bad headaches​, increased anxiety, bowl issues and other vauge and perplexing symptoms that you won’t find on your info pages. It has taken a week, since I stopped taking it, for the symptoms to diminish enough to stop affecting my quality of life.
      Guess you can’t know it all from doing “Research”.

      • Lil Chick

        I take it you dont read very well.

        Let’s address the weight gain. The article states you should check the scales after a few days. That’s not sufficient time to determine weight gain. That’s only enough time to determine water weight. I take you are an experienced woman at whining about life’s injustices as opposed to reading. Poor boo boo!

        My bet is you were gaining weight before taking Vitex as it doesn’t contain any calories. Most women take it for hormonal imbalances and that’s the primary reason for weight gain.

        Can you imagine if diabetics blamed Metformin for weight gain when infact it’s caused by insulin issues, cortisol and calorie excess?

        Vitex is an adaptogenic herbs used for centuries well before common medicine. If you dont wish to take it, I get that you’re not aligned to it but to blame it for your issues is ludicrous. It worked wonders for hundreds of thousands of women around the world for centuries. It has reduced tumours, fibroids, cysts, hormonal issues, anxiety, low dopamine and the list goes on and on and on.

        You only took it for 2 months, the herb doesn’t start working until month 4-5.

    • Vicky D.

      I’ve been taking it for only a week and started looking up side effects because I experience mild diarrhea, which sometimes wakes me up very early morning. I hope it will subside when my body adjusts to it. Otherwise I feel happier than before I took it, despite having plenty of stress in my life now – but of course it’s only been a couple of days. Love dopamine!

      • Lil Chick

        you sound blessed Vicky D because it took me a few weeks to adjust. I hope it continues to assist you less the diarrhea (lol)

        The first 4 months I noticed a happier personality (like you said, thanks to the dopamine) and then after 4 months, I noticed serenity. My lack of iron issue has been resolved too because I’m not longer bleeding continuously. I realized that I wasn’t a fearful anxious person like I thought I was and it was just my hormones playing tricks on me.

        I hope you continue to enjoy the benefits of it. What brand are you using?

        Dont forget to cycle it. 3 weeks on and around 5 days off so you dont get used to it and for it to continue working. I would stay off it during my periods.

        • Vicky D.

          Thanks Lil Chick for the advice and your reassuring ‘research’. Yes, I’m just starting my period so will not take it it from tomorrow for a few days (don’t want heavy bleeding). I started taking the extract (200 mg in the morning) after a very long cycle: no period for like 45 days which is roughly double from my regular pattern, and I worried about either pregnancy or menopause. Now it seems to be back to the usual, not sure if vitex already would be the cause – probably too soon to start working already, but if my period is back to normal for 3 months I’ll probably stop taking it for the time being, until I really need it. I’m on a low dose of tricyclic antidepressant, so I’m glad I don’t have any serious mood altering effects.

          • Lil Chick

            I only read the studies available so I can’t take credit for the “research”.

            My issue was the complete opposite to yours. I was bleeding continuously for 41 days and it put a halt to that within hours of taking 1 tablet (far fetched? maybe, but it’s been one and half years and my problem hasn’t returned and the anti depressant anti anxiety aspect to the herb is outstanding. I didn’t have to rely on SSRI’s).

            I took the Swisse brand. I haven’t been clued up enough to compare the different brands. I just stuck to what worked for me.

            3 months wont be enough. While it’s a very impressive herb, it doesn’t work like a drug, it takes 4-5 months to give you any real benefit.

    • Carrie

      OMG, you are so spot on. Pseudo-science. Not even! This herb has been really helpful but it’s potent. It may take some tweaking to determine the best dosage.

    • Cali West

      In response to all your replies, advice, critisism of the article. It’s a bit irresponsible to attempt to ‘inform’ those with serious mental health issues about this herb as my guess is that you are not a Dr nor Psychiatrist.

      This herb does have side effects for some people those of which are outlined in this article. And for those who have experienced the negative aspects are genuine with the symptoms experienced. It may be a ‘wonder drug’ for you, but you do not speak for the masses.

      Also, having read your dosage and duration ‘advice’ again I wonder a) are you a herbalist or Dr – I think not as you would not offer this ‘advice’ b) are you the authority on Chasteberry and how everyone on the planet feels when taking it and c) why you are rubbishing the advice and info in this article which is clearly valid, relevant, helpful and necessary for those affected from harmful side effects – which can be dangerous.

      The Internet is great for people to add their experiences and for some to offer their ‘expertise by experience’…. but that’s what this is. I know I may sound harsh but I had to say something because it’s pretty irresponsible, not to mention harmful, to say these things when you clearly have little clue of the claims you are making and advice that, as in all things, does not suit all the folk in the world.

      This article is helpful, informative and wise and most definitely not written by a ’10 year old’ which is rude, frankly. And my guess also is that the author knows considerably more than you do. Maybe you should think about growing up a bit.

  • Suzanne Petrovich

    I tried it omg my head hurt so bad I threw up and had extra period never ever again not for me

  • Jo Robinson

    I was taking vitex over 4 years ago and became stricken with some of the worst vertigo attacks I have ever had. I am still on medication for it. I always thought it had something to do with it, but never found anything in print. I feel a little validated now. I think I will save this page.

  • Fostermomma56

    Took this the past two summer for hot flashes (400 mg daily) and it worked great. Started getting them again lately so I figured that I would double it up (800 mg) to get started and then go back down to the 400 mg. I do have an ulcer that will act up if I take aspirin etc so when my stomach started acting up I looked up the side effects of Vitex and yes sometimes in some people it can cause stomach upset and there has been nothing new that I am doing besides adding Vitex to my diet/body. I am going to back off to 400 mg every other day and see if it helps the stomach because I LOVE that it takes care of hot flashes. For those who say that they have side effects try taking a smaller dose because the benefit that this stuff has is great.