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15 Serious Side Effects Of Eating Tomatoes In Excess

Tomatoes are a part and parcel of our lives daily diet. They are part of our salads, soups veggies, curries and much more. But did you know that this seemingly harmless looking tomato can actually have serious side effects if consumed in excess? Yes this is true…Read on the article to know more about the serious side effects of eating tomatoes in excess.

1. Digestive Disorders

Since tomatoes are acidic in nature excess consumption of tomatoes results in increase of acid levels in the digestive system resulting in acidity which is also known as acid reflux which can even affect the esophagus and trigger a more serious ailment called heartburn.

Better Digestion

2. Affects Immune Power

Excess consumption of tomatoes results in excess amount of the phytochemical lycopene which is present in tomatoes. This lycopene when present in excess reduces the body’s immunity and reduces the body’s efficiency to fight bacterial and fungal diseases.

Improves Immunity

3. Adverse Effect On The Prostate Gland

Excess amount of lycopene is found to adversely affect the prostate gland in males resulting in pain, difficulty in passing urine and even cancer in extreme cases.

Adverse Effect On The Prostate Gland

4. Adverse Effect On Complexion

Excess consumption of tomatoes is found to adversely affect the complexion and makes it look darker.

Dry Skin

5. Can Result In Kidney Stones

Tomatoes and its seeds contain calcium and oxalate which are not easily thrown out from the body. Therefore when you consume tomatoes in excess it results in deposition of calcium and oxalate, which ultimately results in kidney stones.

kidney stones

6. Causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Consuming tomatoes in excess results in large amounts of lycopene which can result in irritable bowel syndrome resulting in abdominal pain and discomfort

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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 7. Adversely Affects The Large Intestine

Consuming large amounts of tomatoes results in excess amounts of its seeds which will have a adverse effect on the large intestine. The seeds can hang onto the diverticula resulting in worst form of diverticulitis.


8. Skin Infections

Tomatoes can adversely affect the skin resulting in dermatitis, rashes, skin irritation, eczema and blisters.

Skin Itching and Irritation

9. Can Result In Body Pains

Excess consumption of tomatoes is also found to result in pains in the muscles, bones and head. In certain cases excess consumption of tomatoes can cause migraine.

Deals With Migraines

10. Adversely Affect The Nose

Excess consumption of tomatoes can result in food allergy thus adversely affecting the respiratory tract and cause excessive sneezing.

Boosts Immune System

11. Adversely Affect The Mouth

Excess consumption of tomatoes can result in food allergy thus adversely affecting the mouth. It can either make the mouth very dry or can also result in excess secretion of saliva thus causing discomfort.

aphtha or thrush

12. Causes Diarrhea

The excess amount tomatoes causes’ vitamin overdose which can result in nausea, vomiting and dizziness and can lead to diarrhea.


13. Adversely Affects The Eyes And Lips

Excess consumption of tomatoes can result in adverse effects on the eyes and the lips. It can cause irritation in the eyes and can affect vision and it results in swelling of lips.


14. Adversely Affect The Cardiovascular System

Excess consumption of tomatoes can affect the heart as well and can result in increased palpitations and nervousness.

Heart Ailments
15. Inability To Concentrate

Excess consumption of tomatoes can affect concentration and the person may suffer from lack of concentration.

Tomatoes are good for health and must be a part of your diet. But only be careful to not overeat in order to prevent food allergy and its side effects.

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