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10 Amazing Benefits Of Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress is indeed a needle bearing tree that is actually grown in many of the cold region of the world . Like m,any other plants with medicinal benefits, this tree is also used for the preparation of essential oil known as cypress essential oil and this is solely due to some of the medicinal advantages it actually possesses. The oil is originally obtained by the steam distillation of twigs, stems and also needles. One surprising fact about cypress tree is that it is mostly linked with death as it is found near cemeteries. However there needs no debate as it’s just a myth as cypress tree and its essential oil is highly known for its medicinal advantages on the whole. In this regard, this article features some of the best health benefits of the cypress oil which makes you to include this essential oil in your diet regularly and promote your overall health.

Here Are Some Amazing Benefits Of Cypress Essential Oil

1. Handles Mild Wounds And Cuts

This is indeed a case that occurs in most of the houses where a person strives hard to find a suitable natural remedy that can heal the wounds and cuts quite quickly than expected [1] . This is because even after the application of first aid, there can be a sense of urgency for the person to get the wound healed in a quick time and cypress essential oil can handle the purpose a lot better in this case. Cypress essential oil has some high range of antiseptic properties in it and these properties are all a result of a chemical compound called as camphene. This camphene has the properties that can handle both the internal and external wounds quite well and get them to heal quite quickly than the expected time. Hence it is highly recommended for all the individuals suffering from wounds and cuts to apply this essential oil on the affected are daily until the wound gets vanished.

Wounds And Cuts

2. Promotes Blood Clotting

Sometimes mild wounds and cuts might get to result in excess blood flow which isn’t something quite desired [2] . This excess blood flow might also get a person to faint and the symptoms can even prove costly at times as well. Hence there’s a lot of necessity for a person to sort out for a suitable natural remedy that can get to clot the blood quite easily during the times of these wounds. Cypress essential oil can be considered as one of the best natural alternatives that can handle such cases quite well as it has numerous astringent properties. This makes the contraction of blood vessels possible which circulates the blood to skin, hair etc. Hence they also contract the follicles in a strong way which aids in handling the cases of hair loss as well. Hence it is highly recommended for a person to use this essential oil especially at times where there is high amounts of blood loss and a suitable clotting agent is required.

Blood Clotting

3. Acts As A Deodorant

Also there are times at which a person would be highly in search of an essential oil or any other herb that can perfectly serve as a natural deodorant as he foresees  both the health benefits and eliminating the body odor in mind [3] . This has some strong masculine fragrance that boots up your spirits especially when you are going to perform a kind of task or so. Also there is one stunning advantage of this essential oil that makes it a lot worthy alternative to the synthetically manufactured deodorants. This advantage actually comes in the form of antibacterial properties that are present in some high amounts in the cypress essential oil which can be highly helpful in  eliminating the bacteria that is responsible for the body odor. Hence it is highly advisable for a person to add a few drops of this essential oil to the detergent or the house cleaning soap to experience some special benefits when this oil is used.


4. Relieves From Stress

One mustn’t forget the fact that cypress essential oil is one is one of the best natural sedatives that can be highly helpful in getting a person relieved from anxiety [4] . This stimulates happiness and promotes some of the suitable atmosphere that is highly required for you at such a situation.


5. Handles Problems Of Insomnia

As mentioned earlier, cypress essential oil is one of the best natural sedatives that can aid a lot in inducing sleep and can also be a perfect natural remedy that can handle all your sleep problems quite well [5] . Hence it is highly recommended for a person to use this essential oil to get a sound sleep and for this, all one has to do is to add few drops of the essential oil in a warm water bath and relax yourself for about 10-15 minutes. This process can easily take you out of the problems like insomnia etc.


6. Handles Respiratory Problems

This is yet another surprising benefit of cypress essential oil and this oil is probably one of the best essential oils that can handle many of the respiratory problems quite well [6] . This is due to the fact that this essential oil actually acts as an anti spasmodic agent that is well known to reduce the extent of even some dangerous respiratory conditions like asthma etc. Also it can be used quite well to get the congestion cleared in the respiratory tract of a person. Hence it is highly recommended for a person suffering from respiratory problems to use this essential oil.

Respiratory Problems

7. Handles Cramps

The anti spasmodic effect of the cypress essential oil can be highly helpful in handling the cases such as cramps etc [7] .  Hence it is recommended to those individuals who are indeed highly suffering from such sort of muscle problems. Cramps

8. Increases Perspiration

Cypress essential oil can also increase the level of sweating in a person and therefore it aids a lot in the removal of some unwanted toxins out of the body in the form of sweat [8] .


9. Promotes Heart Health

Cypress essential oil is highly beneficial for the heart and it promotes the blood circulation from the heart to the other body parts [9] .

Heart Health