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10 Amazing Benefits Of Guava Essential Oil


Guavas are indeed one of the most familiar fruits to all the individuals living at the tropical areas and though it is native to Mexico and parts of Central America, it had been introduced to many other parts of the world and the most important feature of this guava fruit is that it can easily grow and suit many of the habitats and this stands out as the reason why it is mostly grown in many of the areas of the planet. However guava fruit is also predominantly known for its medicinal benefits and also guava is used to prepare an essential oil as well.  In this regard, this article features some of the wide range of health benefits that can be actually experienced using guava essential oil.

1. Helps In Reducing Diabetes

It isn’t a surprise if it’s actually mentioned that diabetes has now become of the most increasing problems of the present day [1] . Also this results in the increase in the sugar levels in the blood and therefore this high content of sugar can actually be the reason to many of the health complications and hence there’s a lot of necessity for the people suffering from diabetes to maintain the sugar levels in the blood in control and for this opting for a suitable natural remedy can be regarded as the best choice as prolonged use of synthetic medicines can get you to have some of the side effects. In this context, guava can be highly helpful and also one would have observed that guava is widely recommended by most of the doctors if a person is actually suffering from diabetes. This is because there are some high levels of dietary fiber in guava that is very well suitable for the regulation of the absorption of sugar into the blood. Alternatively to experience these benefits, one can also consume a few table spoons of guava essential oil regularly for some healthy purposes.


2. Promotes Thyroid Health

One mustn’t forget that thyroid is one such a hormone that is widely essential to the body for maintaining certain metabolism levels and this hormone is actually secreted by the thyroid gland that is present at the throat region of an individual [2] . There can be cases when a person gets deficient from thyroid hormone which results in a condition called as hypothyroidism. This can lead to various symptoms such as hair loss etc. Hence thyroid gland has to be maintained in a sound health condition always to experience some of the better benefits in the overall health condition of the body. For this all one has to do is to simply make sure that they’re indeed taking sufficient nutrients that promotes the thyroid health all in all. Guava can be considered as one of the best natural remedy that can be highly helpful to the thyroid health of an individual and this is all because of the high amounts of copper content in the guava that is beneficial to the gland. Hence it is highly advisable for a person suffering from thyroid problems to in take guava essential oil regularly in your diet to experience some better health benefits.


3. Promotes Eyesight

Guava is indeed a fruit that is quite rich in vitamin A and this vitamin is widely essential for promoting the eyesight of an individual [3] . It is said that consuming guava can also restore the eye health of a person and not only stop the degradation. Also it has a tendency to protect the person  from various eye disorders such as cataracts apart from many of the other eye diseases as well. Therefore all the individuals suffering from a bit of eye problems can consume guava essential oil to experience some better eye benefits on the whole.


4. Reduces The Extent Of Cancer

This is considered as one of the most healthy benefits of guava essential oil and it has been predominantly proved in many of the researches that guava has a high tendency to reduce the extent of cancer as it has many of the anti cancer properties especially it has some wide range of benefits on prostrate cancer, breast cancer etc [4] . The high amount of antioxidant nature present in the guava essential oil can be highly helpful in inhibiting the growth of anti cancer cells on the whole.


5. Aids In Weight Loss

Guava can be considered as one of the best natural remedies that can be highly helpful in assisting a person with his weight loss diet as it is very well known to possess some of the essential nutrients, vitamins and fiber rich compounds that can be highly beneficial for promoting the health of an individual and also assist a lot in the weight loss. Also guava is known to possess some less amounts of cholesterol levels that can be highly helpful in the construction of a healthy diet of an individual [5] .

Weight Loss

6. Reduces High Blood Pressure

Guava assists a lot in reducing the blood pressure of an individual and this is because of the fact that it actually maintains the fluidity of the blood that is sufficient for controlling the blood pressure of a person on the whole [6] .

 Blood Pressure

7. Skin Health

Many of the individuals might probably be knowing the guava can be considered as one of the best foods that can be highly helpful in maintaining the skin health of a person and also guava essential oil is widely used in many of the synthetic skin toners as well [7] . This unveils the fact that guava helps in maintaining the skin fresh and also aids a lot in thrashing out some of the unwanted skin diseases on the whole.

Skin Health

8. Oral Health

Consumption of guava essential oil can be the perfect solution to many of the health problems such as toothaches etc [8] .

Oral Health

9. Brain Health

Guava essential oil has some high amounts of B 6 vitamin in it that is known for promoting the brain as well as nerve health [9] .

Brain Health

10. Handles Scurvy

Guava has high amounts of vitamin C in it that can reduce the extent of scurvy disease on the whole [10] .