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10 Bad Habits Causing Back Ache

Back Ache

Back aches cause a lot of discomfort and this discomfort can make your life hell because it happens all the time. This continuous pain also interferes with your work and keeps you distracted. Back aches can happen at any age but are more common among those aged between 25 and 35. Usually people experience pain in their lower back that’s known as the lumbar region because this is the region that consists of the most important part of your back. This region actually bears the strain that is caused by picking heavy objects and bending awkwardly. There can be a lot of causes for the back to ache and some of them are simple mistakes that you are making in your everyday life.Below listed are some common mistakes or bad habits that can cause back pain:

Here Are 10 Bad Habits Causing Back Ache:

1. Computers

A lot of people slouch and use their computers with a wrong posture. Continuous use of wrong postures can also lead to back ache. Avoid placing the keyboard on your lap and using it. While using a computer you need to sit erect with the keyboard slightly higher than your lap. Those who use laptops on their beds need to get a laptop table. Laptop tables are small compact fold-able tables that elevate the laptop a little to make its use a lot easier.


2. Desk Jobs

You have most likely seen you skinny friend gain a lot of extra pounds ever since she got into her new job. Well, that’s quite common with desk jobs and people usually gain weight and also develop back aches. You cannot avoid desk jobs because these are the most common type of jobs that educated people get. Although such jobs sound comfortable, they can cause a lot of health issues. A good way to avoid back aches while you are in a desk job is to simply take very small breaks and walk around. Try taking a ten minute break every two hours and walk around your office. This walking around gives your muscles some movement by breaking the monotonous posture that you’ve been in. You can also consider doing a few simple stretches to relax your back.

Desk Jobs

3. Two Wheeler

Good that you got a brand new Harley Davidson that’s fun to ride on. The sun is also shining bright and so you can enjoy being the biker dude, but don’t overdo it. A lot of people like to go bike riding with friends every weekend to far off places and while that sounds fun, it sure strains the back. Try taking short breaks every two hours even if you go on longer rides very occasionally.

Two Wheeler

4. Foamy Bed Or Big Pillows

Foamy beds are extremely comfortable and pampering. No wonder one out of ten buyers would want to buy a big foamy bed. However, foamy beds are not the best rest that you can give your back. Also if you like big foamy pillows under your head then you need to change that. Your foamy bed and big pillows could very well be the culprits that are causing your back to ache. In fact those with back aches are often asked to sleep on flat surfaces that are harder than a foamy bed. Too high pillows also mess up with the natural posture of the body because an average healthy person sleeps between 7 to 8 hours. Keeping your body in a bad posture for that long can easily cause a back ache. Luxury is good but if that starts causing discomfort then you sure need to look into it.

Big Pillows

5. Standing For A Long Time

If you don’t like to sit or are involved in a job such as teaching and have to stand for a long time, then do consider taking a break every twenty minutes. Just placing yourself in a chair for a minute relaxes the muscles in your back that are strained because of the standing posture. This small break can actually bring down the frequent back aches you are getting because you need to stand at work. Also you need to do something to strengthen your back. You can consider back strengthening exercises that are simple and hardly require few minutes.

Standing For A Long Time

6. Reckless Fitness Exercises

Exercising is good and helps your back too, but what can cause a lot of harm and damage is reckless exercising. Picking weights that are too heavy strains the back and is not at all a good thing to do. Also a lot of strange fitness programs are being introduced to commercially exploit enthusiasts. Nobody can train anyone in yoga for fifteen days and make you super flexible. In fact a lot of yoga teachers would have themselves trained for over 15 years. So you can be sure that it’s not normal to have legs around the neck overnight, or even within fifteen days. That sort of flexibility can come in a healthy manner only through years of practice because your muscles take time to adapt.

Reckless Fitness Exercises

7. Lack Of Activity

To keep your body fit you need to give it some movement and to this rule, your back’s not an exception. Get involved in some activity that requires physical exertion. That could be an hour at the gym, walking or running. You can also do something as simple as picking weeds in your garden or mowing your lawn.

Lack Of Activity

8. Stress

When you are stressed out, then you end up stressing out the muscles in your back. That’s the main reason stress causes back ache. Also stress can aggravate the back ache that you already had. Find a way to keep yourself relaxed when you have a back ache and that should do some good.


9. Overweight

Having a few extra pounds is okay but when you cross the line you are exposing yourself to a lot many health issues. One problem that can come with it is the unpopular lower back ache, and that’s because it’s the lower back that supports the posture of the human body.


10. Untutored Fitness Activities

You can now sit back at home and learn fitness exercises from the free videos available online and you have probably done that too, but here’s a note of caution. Exercises and fitness activities that strain the back must never be done unless under the presence of a trained fitness expert.

Untutored Fitness Activities