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10 Bad Habits That Damage The Skin

Bad Habits That Damage The Skin

A flawless skin is the result of a proper skin care regime and good food and health habits. If we take care of our skin it will definitely radiate and shine. But at times in spite of eating right, we end up damaging the skin due to the small mistakes we make.Simple day to day measures can help us achieve the skin we have actually always craved for.

Some Habits That Can Damage The Skin Are


Smoking is very harmful to the skin as it not only reduces the blood circulation of the facial capillaries but also damages the collagen. As a result, the elasticity of the skin gets hampered and the skin is left dry and saggy. Over time, the skin cells become rough, thick and patchy and the effect of age appears sooner on the skin due to its dull and sagging texture.


Taking Hot Showers

Hot showers do feel relaxing, especially in winters, but little did we know that they can strip our skin of its natural oils. The skin becomes dry and the natural moisturizing system of the body gets destroyed as the capillaries of the face get weakened and moisture-deprived.

cold showers

Using Wrong Products

Applying wrong cosmetics on the face also affects the skin quality. Often people do not understand their skin type and may use a moisturizer or toner which does not suit their skin. Also, to save money if we use cheap products they might also adversely affect the skin and the chemical in these cosmetics will harm the skin. Antibacterial soap should never be applied on the skin as they could be too harsh for the delicate face tissues and might leave them dull and dry.

good sunscreen

Using Less Of Sunscreen

The use of sunscreen is vital in protecting the skin. The sunscreen should contain an SPF of at least 15 which will help in protecting the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Also, it is not enough to apply sunscreen only once in the morning as its effect wears off after a few hours. We should reapply it during the day to provide a protective shield to the skin.

Using Less Of Sunscreen

Sleeping With The Makeup On

Some people do not care to remove makeup before sleeping. Never do this mistake as keeping the makeup on not only blocks the pores of the skin, but the chemicals of the makeup react with the skin to produce acne and skin infections. As a result, the facial skin feels dry and dehydrated the next morning.

Sleep disturbances

Wrong Exfoliation

We should develop the habit to exfoliate the skin once a week and keep in mind not to overdo it. Exfoliation removes the dead skin of the top layers and keeps it nice and radiant. Some people tend to overdo the exfoliation in order to make the skin look fresh every time they leave home. But actually the reverse happens, the skin gets stripped of its natural hydration and looks dull and dry and even leads to acne eruption on the face.

Dry Skin Exfoliation With Milk

Less Water Intake

We have to keep drinking water to keep the skin supple and moisturized. We need to drink water as it necessary for the organs to function well, avoid dehydration and a healthy body is reflected as a healthy skin. Less water intake makes the skin deprived of moisture, saggy and dull.


Touching The Face

Pimples, marks, scratches and insect bites are normal and we should not keep touching them and picking them by hand. This habit tends to leave marks and spreads the infection to other places on the face, which leads to the further eruption of pimples and breakouts. The acne or the scratches take a longer time to heal as we have hampered with the natural recovery process.


Less Sleep

Everyone needs their beauty sleep to rejuvenate the skin, mind, and body. In our sleep, the body heals and repairs the tissues, produces more protein that heals the body and performs a self-detox by which we get up fresh, and the skin looks radiant and shiny. We should at least, take 7-8 hours of sleep so that the skin will look fresh and hydrated.

Lack of Sleep


Too much of alcohol consumption leads to dehydration and the natural oils of the body get diminished and the elasticity of the skin gets reduced. The skin looks very dry and blotchy and if not controlled on time, the process of aging initiates in the body making the skin sag and giving rise to fine lines and wrinkles.

Avoid alcohol