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10 Beauty Problems That Can Be Solved With Baby Powder

baby powder

The fragrance of baby powder can be alluring and many of us like to use it. The main purpose is usually that we smell nice and second is a hope that we can get baby soft skin using baby powder frequently. But actually it has been found that there are a number of health and beauty problems that can be solved using baby powder.

Mentioned Below Are Some Of The Problems That Baby Powder Helps Us Overcome Easily

Helps Get Rid Of Greasy Hair Instantly

There are times when your hair is oily and just too greasy and you have absolutely no time to wash your hair. Baby powder is starch based and can be of use to you. Take a little baby powder and massage it into the scalp. Baby powder will work like dry shampoo and will absorb the excess oil and make your hair more manageable and presentable.

greasy hair

Thickens Eyelashes

At times your eyelashes may not look the way they should even after application of mascara. In that case dust baby powder and then apply mascara. Your eyelashes will definitely look fuller and better.


Use It As An Aftershave Option

Both men and women can use baby powder as an aftershave option. It is one of the easiest way of treating skin from the burning sensation owing to shaving and also helps in making the skin soft. It helps in reducing the irritation and has a cooling effect on the skin.


Helps In Treating Smelly And Sweaty Feet And Underarms

Some people face the problem of smelly feet especially after wearing shoes and socks for a long time which can cause excessive sweating. This can be embarrassing. The best way to treat smelly and sweaty feet is by sprinkling baby powder on the feet as well as on your socks and shoes. The powder will absorb the excess sweat and help in keeping the feet clean and also your feet will smell better. You can also use baby powder for the underarms. It will absorb the excess sweat and will also act as a deodorant.


Get Rid Of The Sand From Your Hands And Feet

After a fun day at the beach the most annoying thing is getting rid of the sand on the hands and feet. This can be an easy task with baby powder. Simply sprinkle baby powder on the hands and feet. Now simply brush off the sand and you’re done.


Great Way Of Preventing And Treating Chaffing

Chaffing due to running especially in the hot summer months is of common occurrence. Chaffing is common where there is friction especially areas that rub against each other like the inner thighs. The best way to prevent and treat it is by sprinkling baby powder on the areas that get affected due to such friction. This will help to get rid of friction and the pain and also will keep the skin smooth and soft.


Makes The Process Of Waxing Easy And Less Painful

Waxing is used extensively to remove the unwanted hair. But the process can be painful and also results in reddening of the skin. In order to make the process of waxing easier and less painful dab a little baby powder before applying the wax..This way the wax will work better and will also reduce the pain and the redness. The skin will feel smoother and better.


Good For Dry Skin

Baby powder though it absorbs moisture it is found to make skin smoother and softer. It is especially good for dry skin. It has been found that baby powder works well for problems like dry feet and skin irritations.

skin dry

Useful Against Acne

One of the main causes of acne is the excess oil. Baby powder helps absorb the excess oil. It also helps reduce the redness and gives relief from pain and irritation. Hence acne can be used effectively in treating acne. Simply dab a little baby powder to the acne or the pimple to get rid of the problem.


Useful Against Bed Sores

Applying baby powder to bed sores is found to reduce the friction and also gives relief to the patient. It helps in keeping the area dry and prevents the infection from spreading further. It has a cooling and soothing effect. It gives relief from itching. However seeking advice from the doctor before using it on the patient is advisable.

bed sores

Baby powder can thus be used to get rid of number of beauty problems. It is absolutely safe ,easy and cheap way of treating skin.