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10 Incredible Benefits Of The Banana Oil For The Skin And Hair

Incredible Benefits Of The Banana Oil For The Skin And Hair

The benefits of banana are well known but does anyone know of the banana oil? Banana oil is made from cold compressed bananas or synthetically manufactured and has a sweet sugary aroma. The oil has immense benefits to the skin and hair and is also used for aromatherapy purposes and also finds its place in the cosmetic industry in the form of lotions, creams, soaps and lathers.

The Benefits Of Banana Oil For The Skin And Hair Are-

1. Treats Dry Skin-

Banana oil can be used for treating dry and flaky skin and can restore its moisture back. It helps in neutralizing the pH level of the skin and hence balances the hydration of the internal layers as it penetrates deep down into the deeper layers..

Treats Dry Skin

2. Acne And Pimples-

Problems like acne and pimples which are primarily due to bacterial growth can be treated and prevented with the use of banana oil. This oil kills the bacteria causing acne and hence prevents its further formation. Also, the blackheads are diminished with the use of this oil and the healing process becomes quicker.

Acne And Pimples

3. Antiaging-

The banana oil is great for the skin and has a positive effect on the building of collagen and thereby helps in maintaining the elasticity of the skin. This prevents wrinkles and fine lines, reduces the age spots, firms the skin and leaves the skin softer and younger looking. The use of banana oil helps in the regeneration of old cells to turn them into youthful ones.


4. Moisturizer-

Banana oil is the perfect moisturizer and it goes deep within the skin and conditions thoroughly. Dry and chapped skin, sensitive skin and skin allergies can all be treated with the use of banana oil. It is best to apply it on the affected area and leave overnight to get great results. The minerals and vitamins in banana oil provide rich conditioning of the skin.


5. Complexion-

The use of banana oil can make the skin fairer by almost two shades as it prevents the formation of the compound that renders the skin dark. It can remove age spots and blemishes with regular use. Even acne marks diminish eventually with the use of this oil.


6. Sun Protection-

The banana oil can be applied before sun exposure to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun rays. The UV rays can cause damage to the skin, but the antioxidants in banana oil protect the skin from dryness, dark, and dull skin due to the sun exposure.

Sun Protection

7. Skin Infections-

The bacteria fighting ability of this oil helps in treating various skin problems. Eczema, allergies, psoriasis, venom, ivy and other skin infections can be treated with the use of this oil.

Skin Infections

8. Dandruff Control-

The use of banana oil controls sebum production in the scalp and hence controls acne and dandruff. It is rich in vitamin B and C and can control the dryness and flakiness of the scalp, by deep conditioning the cuticles. It reduces too much of oil production and keeps the scalp healthy.

Dandruff Control

9. Hair Nourishment-

A regular oil massage of banana oil nourishes the hair prevents breakage as it makes the roots strong and promotes hair growth. It smoothens the hair and reduces the problem of frizzy hair and split ends. The mane looks shiny and gets a great bounce with the regular massage of vitamin enriched banana oil.

Hair Nourishment

10. Lip Balm-

Banana oil can be added to lip balms or used directly as a lip moisturiser. It can soothe and heal dry and chapped lips. The lips that bleed and hurt by tearing due to dryness can be easily healing by applying banana oil and leaving overnight.

Lip Balm