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10 Best DIY Habits Highly Effective In Lowering Heartburn

Good Methods for Reducing Heartburn

The Food consumed determines Progression towards Good or Bad health. Sometimes Common Problems like Chronic cough, Sudden Burning sensation, Chest Pain, Obesity,  Irregular eating Time may Trigger Heartburn if not Controlled. Along with this Certain Food and Drinks like Excess Alcohol, Oily Food, Acidic Food and Unhealthy eating habits are Also responsible for Visibly Elevating signs of Heartburn. Heartburn is Usually Identifed by signs like Weight loss, Stomach Bloating Bitter Taste in Mouth or Throat and Pain while Bending down. These need to be controlled in Time for Reducing Risk of Heart Disease and other Health Problems. A change in Diet, Regular Exercise and Lifestyle is one way to Ensure Healthy Heart.

Everyday Tips Good For Lowering Signs Of Heartburn:

1. Chewing Food Slowly:

All Food have nutrients which give Excellent healing Benefits necessary in Curbing Common health ailments like Cough, weakness and more. Heartburn can be Accelerated when Body tends to have High Acidic Concentration [1]. Its Suggested Eating slowly can Ease and Reduce Heartburn, Lower Acid Formation in Stomach. Stomach aides in Digestion and Eating quickly can enhance Pressure on Stomach speeding up Acid formation. Food should eaten slowly without any worries and with Pleasure for Limiting Heartburn symptoms.

Chewing Food Slowly

2. Having Early Dinner:

Its important to eat Food on Time and always Maintain that routine [2]. Dinner is Most important meal of day after Breakfast. Dinner should be Light, without Excess Oil and Acid rich food. Study reveals dining Early enables Better Digestion and Boosts Digestion. Late dinner and Sleep hold Potential to Increase Heartburn affecting Sleep and Heart Over time.  It is essential to Eat 2-3 hours beore Bedtime as it lowers Acid Production thereby Reducing Acidity, Heartburn, Stress and Boosting Sleep.

Having Early Dinner

3. Limiting Acidic Food:

Most Food are either Alkaline or Acidic in Nature [3]. Alkaline food is Known in Limiting Acidity, Inducing Weight Loss and Relieving Heartburn. Any food which has Acidic Nature tends to Worsen Heartburn as it Increases Stomach’s Acidity making it Prone to Heartburn and Contant Chest pain. Its best to eat Alkaline rich Food and Avoid Foods like Grapefruit, Tomato, Orange and Lemon which alleviates Heartburn and Acid Formation.

Limiting Acidic Food

4. Leading Stress Free Life:

Stress Impacts health, Sleep and Diet [4]. Constant Work related stress and Lifestyle makes Stress common. When There is excess Stress, it can Increase signs of Heartburn. Stress Interferes with Normal routine, Exercise and Diet.  6-8 hours of Sleeping combined with Meditation have Proven beneficial in Limiting stress and Curbing Heartburn.

Leading Stress Free Life

5. Maintaining Healthy Weight:

It is Vital to Maintain Weight in Long run for Optimising Organs and its Functions [5]. Any extra Weight around Stomach puts Extra Pressure on Abdomen hampering Digestion. There needs to be Certain distance between stomach and Lower Oseophagus. When this Distance is Shortened, it allows Movement of Acid from Stomach to Chest leading to Heartburn, Frequent chest Pain and Incrasing Burning Sensation in mouth. One should always Strive for Ideal weight sans Fat for ensuring proper Function of Heart, Lungs and other Vital organs.

Maintaining Healthy Weight

6. Stopping Smoking Completly:

Smoking is Main culprit in Causing Lung Cancer. Nicotine is Known for Increasing Risk of Lung Cancer but it may also Weakaen Stomach muscles [6]. When muscle betweenWeakened Stomach and Esophagus is weakened, chances of Heartburn and Acidity also rise. Weakened muscles can transport acid From Stomach to Chest increasing Risk of Heartburn and Chest pain. These signs can be mistaken as Initial sign of Heart Disease. Smoking must be Stopped Completely for Strengthening Lungs, Heart and Breathing.

 Stopping Smoking Completly

7. Exercising 2 Hours After Meal:

Today’s hectic Lifestyle makes Exercise Essential and Must [7]. Best time to Execise is in Morning for getting Good health and Disease Free body. Study shows Exercise has Proven beneficial in Reducing Heartburn and Its signs by Lowering Acid Formation in Gut. A gap of 2-3 hours between meals and Exercise is must and Good in Reducing acidity, heartburn, Boosting Digestion as well as Lowering stress. Walking, Streching are few Exercises which can be Done Regularly.

 Exercising 2 Hours After Meal

8. Increasing Frequent Meals:

Meals are Most important for Gaining Strength and Vitality [8]. Person having Acidity and Heartburn may feel Lethargic and Experience Energy loss. Person having Heartburn shouldn’t eat Full Meal in One time as it may increase Heartburn. Its wise to Space out frequency of Meals upto 5-6 times during Day for Reducing Acid Formation and Heartburn arising because of Constant  Acidity. In addition, its also beneficial in Curbing Heartburn experienced in Night. A regulated meal decreases Chance of Weight gain and gives Optimum Health.

Increasing Frequent Meals

9. Eating Fat Free Food:

All Fat is not harmful, some can be Beneficial in Lowering Cholestrol and replenshing Energy through out the day [9].Good types of Fat are Unsaturated fat and Fat found in Fruits, Vegetables and Wholegrain Food.Trans and Sturated fat can Affect health, Heart, Weight and Enhance Acid formation. Chips and Oily Food have Trans fat which aide in Rising Acidity in Stomach, Increasing Heartburn and Chest pain. These fat can be Substitued with Unsaturated fat, Fruits and Vegetables and Wholegrain rich Food which Benefits Heart health, lowers weight, Curbs Acidity, Eases and Slows Digestion Reducing acidiy in Stomach. An effort has to be made to eat Fat free food for Enhancing Life sans disease.

Eating Fat Free Food

10. Maintaining Calm Mind:

A calm Mind and Body gives good health, Mental peace and Happiness [10]. Any disease needs calm Mind for boosting morale and starting Healing. Similarly, doing Meditation, Deep breathing gives Relaxation of mind, decrease Heartburn and Boosts sleep which is essential in Overcoming Acid Formation and Heartburn. Mind calming exercise of 10-15 mins in Night can be Practised regularly.

Maintaining Calm Mind

Food has Immense health Benefits and healing Properties which are Essential. These easy to do Everyday Habits and Exercise are  Boon for anyone who Desires Best health with Minimal assistance of Medicines.