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10 Best Uses For Salt In Medical Treatments


Since the ancient times, salt has been widely used as a medicine by folk healers across the world. Even Hippocrates had made extensive use of salt for treating various health disorders. Modern science has recognized the healing properties of salt. Saline solutions are an essential component of intravenous infusions that help in restoring the fluid balance of the body. It is also used as an antiseptic.

Here Are Some Of The Most Effective Uses Of Salt For Alleviating Various Ailments.

1. Treats Gum Infections

Rinsing the mouth with saline solution helps in destroying the bacteria that causes gum infections. To heal gingivitis and remove plaques, use warm salt water as mouthwash.


2. Fights Mouth Odor

Rinsing the mouth with saline solution also helps in destroying the bacteria that causes unpleasant mouth odor. Hence, you can use salt water to freshen your breath.


3. Antiseptic

Salt is an excellent natural antiseptic. It helps in treating and preventing bacterial infections of the skin and mouth. Applying salt to a wound protects against bacterial infections.


4. Soothes Sore Throat

Gurgling with warm saline solution is a time-tested remedy for sore throat. The antibacterial activity of salt destroys the infection causing microbes present in the throat. It also helps in keeping the throat moist and provides relief from dryness and irritation of the throat.

Sore Throat

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5. Treats Sinusitis

Inhaling steam from hot salt water helps in clearing the nasal passage and sinuses, thereby providing relief from stuffy nose. Moreover, it helps in killing the germs that are responsible for the sinus infection.


6. Heals Acne

Rinsing the face with saline solution helps in providing relief from acne. Salt works by destroying the acne-causing bacteria and reducing skin inflammation. Moreover, salt aids regeneration of the skin cells, which helps in fading acne scars.


7. Improves Complexion

Salt is widely used in face and body masks for exfoliation. By sloughing off the dead skin, it exposes the clearer and younger layer of skin, thereby reducing dark spots and pigmentation and improving complexion.


8. Treats Insect Bites

Applying a paste made with salt and a small amount of water to the site of the insect bite helps in providing fast relief from itching and pain. Salt is also effective in treating hornet, wasp and bee stings.


9. Reduces Body Aches

Soaking in a warm salt water bath helps in reducing muscle and joint aches and pains. By reducing inflammation, salt water helps in alleviating body aches.


10. Improves Digestion

Add a quarter spoon of sea salt to a glass of water and drink the salt water on empty stomach in the morning every day. Salt water stimulates production of digestive juices, improves bile flow and aids digestion.