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10 Biggest Lies Told By The Food Industry

The big brands in the food industry try all possible to form their jingles or the slogans in such a way that people can never distract their attention from it. The close attention actually accelerates the sales of their products. The motto of incurring profit from the product has made them so insensitive that they can even sacrifice child’s health for their monetary gain. In this era of indigenous competition between the big brands of the food industry, the only thing that sensationalizes the mind set up of foodie people is the proper market strategy. The stunning formation of slogans or the jingles of the advertisements convince people to buy the food product for several times. An interesting fact is, most of the big brands in the food industry sale their products by spreading slogans through their advertisements which are lies. There are almost 10 biggest lies which can be noticed in this case.

Below Are Some Of The Biggest Lies Told By The Food Industry:

1. Fat Free Foods:

There is always confusion between fat free and low fat or reduced fat products. Most of the time the large scale food industries claim that their food products are made of fat free ingredients, however in reality, the concept of fat free food products is baseless. If sugar is there in the food product, fat has to be there. Now a sugar free food product is absolutely tasteless and no one would like to eat them. Therefore a promise of providing fat free product does not make sense.

Fat Free Foods

2. Trans Fat Free:

Sometimes the processed foods have the label of “trans fat free” tag on it. If the products contain even less than 0.5 grams of Trans fat, they are actually allowed to mark on the label of the product. There claiming trans fat free food item leads to generate several confusion regarding the ingredients of the product.

Trans Fat Free

3. Inclusion Of Whole Grains:

Though it is true that eating whole grains is much healthier than the refined grains, there is actually no such evidence of this particular fact. The main issue with this whole grains is, sometimes grains are crushed and mixed up into the fine flour and the food industry claims the grains as the whole grains.

Whole Grains

4. Promise For Providing Gluten Free Food Products:

A habit for acquiring gluten free diet is common and a trendy fact these days. Sometimes, though the food products are labeled as gluten free but they are not. Actually foods are made of highly refined starches which are portrayed as gluten free.

Gluten Free Food Products

5. Less Sugar:

Often even if the food product is labeled as sugar less, there are few ingredients like evaporated cane juice, high fructose corn syrup originated from the same name “sugar.” All of these ingredients are the variations of sugar.

 Less Sugar

6. The Concept Of Flavored Food:

All the processed flavored drink may seem as natural but in reality they are not. For example, if you buy a processed orange juice, you will get a light flavor of orange not the extract of orange. Therefore, before buying the packaged juice, you must check the percentage of the main ingredients in the product.

Flavored Food

7. Small Amount Of Healthy Ingredients In The Product:

A noticeable marketing trick is, promising to supply healthy nutrients in the food product. Actually the presence of these healthy nutrients is very negligible in the main product. None of the products in today’s market comes with clear information and values of ingredients.

Healthy Ingredient

8. Ignoring The Presence Of Harmful Ingredients In The Product:

Most of the time, the manufacturer of the processed food products ignores the presence of the harmful ingredients in the processed food products and they suppress the fact of side effects of these harmful ingredients.

9. Fat Burning Junk Foods:

In recent times, people are fond of low curb diets and the big brand manufacturers have taken this particular issue as the sole marketing strategy. They are producing variety of low curb food products and grabbing the attention of the young generation to focus on their sales strategy.

Fat Burning Junk Foods

10. Beverages With Zero Calories:

In a real sense, this is quite absurd. A junk or processed food can never be with zero calories. Most of the beverages contain high calorie ingredients and they are very harmful for the health. Sometimes, people prefer to have soft drinks as a substitution of water. However, this is not only harmful, rather dangerous to your health. These are the lies which are frequently heard from the biggest brands in the food industry. They are always aiming to accelerate their product sales and keeping the life of the normal people on risk.

Zero Calories