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10 Diet Tips For Better Sleep

Talking about diet tip, the first thing that comes in mind is its basic element i.e. foods. Without food, you can muddle through a day or two but not after that. It is the appetite that provokes the will to yearn for food. Although food never causes trouble to our body but if the correct food is not taken at the right time then it might create some problems. Therefore, you must remember what food is to be taken at what time otherwise, you never know how long you will have to wait to chase sleep.

When you were young, your mom might have warned you about skipping the meal otherwise you would get nightmares. Well, those warnings may have not been true but there are definitely foods out there that can disrupt your metabolism if you consume them just few minutes before bedtime. Down here are listed those 10 foods or the diet tips that you must refrain from consuming at night even at the hours of late-night craving.

10 Diet Tips To Follow For Better Sleep

1. Say No To Whole Milk

It is because of the presence of fat and lactose in whole milk, that drinking whole milk at night can be dangerous as it can mess up with your digestive system and cause an upset stomach. Apart from this, lactose also breaks down into pure sugar, which is not good for the body. therefore, make sure that you drink milk only in the moring or evening not anyomore at night. still if you want to drink milk then drink it 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Say No To Whole Milk

2. No Ice Cream

Ice cream is probably a number one snack that most people often indulge in late at night when awoke. Did you know that the sugar in ice cream kicks your blood sugar and metabolism to such an extent that you may not get back to sleep for an hour or more after that. Still if you pine for an ice- cream then just have one spoonful and go to sleep or have it 2-3 hours before bedtime.

No Ice Cream

3. White Rice, Never

White rice is the worst kind of foods to be eaten at night because it too metabolizes the same as sugar. Moreover, it also sets your body with a bunch of bad carbs, which is the main culprit behind weight gain. You can always find an alternative to white rice that is more nutritious and sleep boasting and also puts you in proper sleep.

White Rice, Never

4. No More Chinese Takeout

Chinese foods contain loads of MSG, which is an artificial food addictive that spike the energy level and makes it difficult for you to sleep. If you crave for food at night then the best option is to cook something light by yourself and wait for the other day for the Chinese takeout. Best is if you refrain from such food because they contain lots of fat and promote weight gain.

No More Chinese Takeout

5. No More Having Dark Chocolate

Although many people love, snacking on a sweet stuff like chocolate before sleeping but only a few of them know that chocolates are jam-packed with caffeine that gushes through your vein and does not let you sleep. If you so badly want to have chocolate then have it either in the afternoon or before a strenuous workout to kick up your energy level.

No More Having Dark Chocolate

6. Don’t Go For Orange Juice

Millions of people love orange juice late at night to quench their thirst and have some sweet taste on their tongue. Orange juice contain high amount of acid contents that does not do good to you especially if you are prone to stomachache. Orange juice is also loaded with sugar that spikes up your blood sugar and have you famished in the morning, which will probably result in overeating in the morning and throwing out metabolism out of the whack.

Don’t Go For Orange Juice

7. Delicious But No Pizza

Being a fast food, pizza does not do much good to the body whether at night or daytime. At daytime, body can somehow cope up with its effects but if consumed at night, then its effects can be grave than you can imagine. A cheesy pizza in hand and your favorite movie being casted sounds like the perfect match but the aftermath is extreme. If eaten at night, then the bad carbs and the saturated fat in pizza will spike up your blood sugar and increase the fat in your body as a result your early morning will start by rushing into the toilet.

Delicious But No Pizza

8. Don’t Eat Red Meat

Although,it might seem tempting to many but have it only if you can manage to stay awake at night. The food high in protein such as steak digests much slower than fresh fruits and veggies. When your mind prepares to go into sleep mode, your body works hard to digest all that protein. Therefore, if your appetite wakes up late at night then go for the fresh produce instead of such a heavy meal. Also make sure that you don’t eat much of red meat anytime at night precisely before going to bed as it accumulates toxins in the stomach thus making it difficult for the liver to filtrate it.

Don’t Eat Red Meat

9. Save Broccoli For Next Day

Broccoli is a true wonder of nature loaded with vitamins and proteins and you should have it as much as your stomach can bear but don’t make it a late night show. Broccoli being rich in fiber takes longer time to digest in your system thus making you feel like sitting in your gut for hours after its intake.

Save Broccoli For Next Day

10. Coffee Suits While Evening Snacks, Not At Night

There are people who are addicted to coffee and can drink it anytime round the clock. Although coffee does not do much harm to the body but do you know that drinking coffee late at night can throw your internal clock out of sync? Yes, it is true that the presence of caffeine in coffee can mess up with your internal timekeeping system, causing disturbance in your sleep cycle. If you still want to have coffee than go for its alternatives such as herbal tea.

Coffee Suits While Evening Snacks, Not At Night