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10 Diet Tips For Colon Cleansing

Colon is one of the essential part of the digestive system responsible for extracting, nutrients, vitamins, salt and water from the food that has not been digested yet in the small intestine. Its functioning makes it important for eliminating solid waste out of the body. Therefore any interruption in its functioning causes absorption rather than elimination of toxins in the body, which as a result causes gas, weight gain, chronic illness, headaches, constipation, fatigue and low energy. Most of the food that we eat today contain loads of preservatives, additives and chemicals therefore if such food passes undigested then it really can create a big problem in the form of poison in the body. Colon in its healthy state not just eliminates toxins but promotes the growth of good bacteria in the intestine. In general, colon is one of the necessary part in body’s prosperity. Therefore, whenever your colon gets upsets, follow the diet tips given below to bring it back on the track.

10 Diet Tips For Colon Cleansing

1. Drink Water Everyday

Drinking at least 1 liter of water per day gives the body the power to flush out toxins and waste and perform colon cleansing at the same time. Moreover, plenty of water promotes natural perilistic action in the body thus helping the food pass along digestive tract at ease. Water has other benefits too. It keep the body naturally hydrated. [1]

Drink More Water

2. Include Yoghurt In Your Diet

Yoghurt being a probiotic introduces good bacteria in the colon that combat bowel diseases and cleanse colon at the same time. Plus, good percentage of calcium in yoghurt deters the growth of cells that are lining the colon. In case, other problems like indigestion, flatulence, and irregular bowel movement prevails then yoghurt can be used as a remedy for them also. [2]


3. Have Some Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera is capable of detoxification and cleansing colon with its antioxidant properties. Owing to its medicinal properties, it has potential to treat other health problems like skin infections, headaches, gastric pain and constipation also. Take one teaspoon of fresh Aloe Vera gel and squeeze ½ lemon over it. Mix well and keep in the refrigerator for some time. Drink several times a day. [3]

Have Some Aloe Vera Juice

4. High Time To Pay Attention To Raw Vegetable Juice

When talk about juice, only one thing comes in mind i.e. fruit juice but vegetable juice is equally nutritious for the body and skin especially when you aim at colon cleansing. It is because of chlorophyll present in vegetable juice that takes strict actions against toxins. Not just it, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and enzymes in vegetable juice have equal role in promoting good health. It is advisable to drink freshly extracted vegetable juice rather than ready-made juice. [4]


5. Let’s Sour The Tongue With Lemon Juice

Lemon is lush in antioxidant property and full of vitamin C that makes it an excellent remedy for digestive system as well as colon cleansing. Extract juice from 1 lemon in a glass of lukewarm water. Add little honey and a pinch of sea salt from above. Mix these ingredients well and drink whenever you are empty stomach starting from the morning. Besides promoting better bowel movement, it will better your skin. [5]

Let’s Sour The Tongue With Lemon Juice

6. Chew Ginger Everyday

By cleansing colon effectively, this readily available home remedy has laid its prints in this field also. It not just cleanses colon but stimulate its functioning like eliminating toxins and waste thus boosting a healthy digestive tract. Chew grated ginger every morning on an empty stomach. Or prepare an herbal tea by mixing few pieces of ginger in water and heat to boil. Keep aside to bring it to normal temperature and drink afterwards. [6]

Chew Ginger Everyday

7. Have The Delicious Apple Juice

Apple, an amazing source of vitamin A is no doubt one of the best remedy for colon cleansing. Make a habit of drinking apple juice regularly and see how well it encourages bowel movement, liver health, digestion, and toxins elimination. Try to drink fresh apple juice. You can start from the morning. Have 1 glass of water 30 minutes later. Repeat the habit several times a day. [7]

Have The Delicious Apple Juice

8. Flaxseeds Diet For Healthy Colon

Excellent percentage of omega-3 fatty acids, natural fibers, and antioxidants present in flaxseeds prove themselves a good way to cleanse your colon. By absorbing excess of water in the colon, it assists in removing toxins and problem causing mucus. Prefer ground flaxseeds in your diet. Or add one teaspoon in a glass of warm water. Drink ½ hour before meal or going to bed. [8]

Flaxseeds Diet For Healthy Colon

9. Drink Sea Salt Water Every Morning

Sea salt has detoxifying property that lists itself in the category of colon cleansing remedies. In a glass of water, add one teaspoon of sea salt. Boil the solution and steep aside for some time. Make sure that this is the first thing that you drink any morning. After drinking, lie down and massage your colon area gently. This will stimulate better bowel movement with toxins elimination. [9]

Drink Sea Salt Water Every Morning

10. Fiber Rich Foods Is What You Need

Foods that are rich in fiber brings out the best in cleansing colon. Sufficient amount of fiber in the body stimulates better bowel movement and encourages the colon to perform its functions efficiently. To get fiber, increase intake of fiber rich foods like raspberries, pears, apples, peas, grains, nuts, cereals, whole grains, artichokes, seeds and beans. [10]

Fiber Rich Foods Is What You Need