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10 Easy Steps To Dye Your Hair Blonde At Home

Blonde seems like a fun hair color to have as it gives us more coloring options. Blond hair color looks absolutely gorgeous and sexy. But, getting our hair colored by the professionals are way too expensive. So here I am going to tell you all how to color your hair at home easily without burning a hole in our pockets. However, before getting started we need to keep few things in mind otherwise it might look horrible instead of making you pretty.

Easy Steps To Dye Your Hair Blonde At Home

1. Choosing The Perfect Shade:

It is very important to choose the perfect hair color shade according to your skin tone. There are three types of blonde shades are available in the market that is gold (warm tone) ash (Cool tone) and neutral. Figure out if you are warm or cool toned. If the veins in your wrists appear green then you are warm toned and if the veins in your wrists appear blue then you are cool toned. However, neutral blondes suit every skin type. So choose your blonde colors carefully.

Choosing The Perfect Shade

2. Wrap Yourself:

I really hope you don’t want to ruin your good clothes. So always put on any old t-shirt or wrap yourself in an old towel before starting the coloring process.

Wrap Yourself

3. Plastic Or Glass Bowl:

Always use plastic or glass bowl for mixing the hair color. Never use any metal utensils because it might ruin the original color tone. Take a bowl and mix the colorant and developer thoroughly using a hair coloring brush. Mix them really well in order to avoid horrible hair color patches.

 Plastic Or Glass Bowl

4. Hair Strand Test:

Take a small ½ inch part of your hair and apply a little amount of color on it to figure out the exact amount of time you need to get the desired shade. Also, it will determine if you have any allergic reaction to the chemicals presents in the color.

Hair Strand Test

5. Comb Your Hair:

Detangle each and every knot from your hair before starting the color process. Tangled hair can create problem while applying the color and you might end up with patchy hair colors.

Comb Your Hair

6. Hair Division And applying The Color:

Divide your hair into 4 equal parts. Choose the frontal section of your hair and clip up the other 3 sections of your hair. Start applying the color from the top and comb your hair downwards to bring the color to the end of your hair. Repeat the process until your hair is covered completely from roots to tips.

 Hair Division And applying The Color

7. Protect Your Hairline:

Always use petroleum jelly on your hairline and ears in order to protect it from any unwanted color stains on your face.

Protect Your Hairline

8. Protect Your Hands:

Wear plastic or rubber gloves before starting your coloring process to protect your hands from getting stained badly.

Protect Your Hands

9. Duration:

Follow the instructions written in your color box and leave the color as directed. Do not exceed the given time limit.


10. Wash Your Hair Color:

Wash the color from your hair until the water runs clear. Use shampoo to get off all the chemicals and condition your hair with the conditioner that comes with your hair color pack. In order to set the color completely on your hair, do not wash your hair for the next few days.

Wash Your Hair Color

Remember, after coloring your hair use hair color friendly shampoo and conditioner and oiling your hair atleast once in a week is very important.