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10 Essential Oils For Healthy Skin

Oils For Healthy Skin

With the advent of aromatherapy, essential oils have found a strong hold in almost every beauty regime. These are mainly a form of highly concentrated and often volatile oils which are high on aromatic content. More than their direct impact on our skin it has an olfactory effect which taps directly into our nerves and senses that helps stabilize and stimulate us all at the same time.
The best part about using essential oils is that it has a holistic healing approach with its soothing aroma and effective components. Different skin type responds to different essential oils. Here is a general list of what works for which type:
Normal Skin: Jasmine, Lavender, Neroli, Almond, Orange, Ylang-ylang and Tea tree to name a few.
Combination to sensitive Skin: Rosewood, geranium, bergamot, angelica, jasmine etc.
Dry and scaly Skin: Almond, cedarwood, Rose, Vetiver, Castor, Lavender, etc.
Oily Skin: Rosemary, Juniper, myrtle, lavender, lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus, sandalwood, etc.

Here are the best skincare essential oils, a few drops of which will spell wonders for your skin troubles:


The oil is extracted from every part of this shrub which breathes life into dry and scaly skin. It can heal the skin from burns due to its anti irritant properties. It is also safe for those who suffer from eczema. Its aroma is very uplifting and should be always diluted before use.

Geranium Oil


It is a gentle yet potent skin healer which is extracted from the flowers of the lavender plant. It also has a soothing effect on the skin as it has on our senses. IT is helpful for acne, dermatitis, burns, athlete’s foot ringworm and even insect bites. It is suitable for all skin types and so gentle that it can be used in its true form without dilution.

Lavender Oil


This oil is a gift from the orient for those with oily skin. It helps soothe burns, remove dandruff and eczema problems can be vastly eliminated. It is a primary ingredient in hair masks for oil and sebum control. It can’t be applied in its true form without dilution.

Patchouli Oil


Many buckets of orange blossoms are used to get a liter of neroli oil. Hence, it is an expensive essential oil and a blessing for aging skin. Also effective for eliminating all kinds of scars, blemishes and even stretch marks. Emotionally uplifting, this oil is often prescribed to pregnant women.

Neroli Oil


A close competitor to neroli, this is made out of rose buds and its aroma is also very uplifting. Suitable for all skin types it helps soothe thread veins and is also prescribed to pregnant women. It helps revitalize ageing skin especially if it is extracted from the rose hips. It can be used directly or in diluted form as per preference.

Rose Oil


Extracted from the South American evergreen tree, this oil is wonderful for brightening complexions, treating acne and scars, rejuvenating the skin and reducing wrinkles. It’s used in a diluted form and is relatively expensive to obtain.

Rosewood Oil


Extracted from the leaves and flowers of the perennial violet plant, it is another expensive essential oil. It is remarkable for treating inflamed skin and problems of thread veins along with controlling acne, black heads and open pore problems of the skin. It is used in dilution to treat rashes and eczema too.

Violet Oil


Extracted from the roots and trunk of the sandalwood tree, is this fragrant and relaxing oil with a world of goodness. It heals chapped and dry skin, acne and also is a relaxing sedative to cure sleeping problems. It also helps keep the body plump and youthfully glowing with regular usage.

Sandalwood Oil

White Birch:

Another rare but wonderful essential oil that is extracted and distilled from the barks and tree buds. A boon to dry skin, fungal infections as well as dandruff, this oil also helps cut down on cellulite. Used in dilution it is like a wonder-oil for your body.

White Birch Oil


The powers of this essential herb oil were known even to the three wise men that came to see baby Jesus. Collected from the bark and sap of the tree, it is a savior to chapped skin and wrinkles. This is expensive and can heal scars and wounds of every kind, however it is not to be used in pregnancy.

Myrrh Oil