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10 Foods Causing Yellow Teeth And Tips To Avoid Them

10 Foods Causing Yellow Teeth And Tips To Avoid Them

There are some foods that we all love to eat and drink but one of the biggest problems that it causes is that it leaves mark on the teeth. Basically these are foods that lead to discolouration followed by staining of teeth. In the long run, it leads to loss of teeth enamel and thus causes complete yellowness in the teeth. But is avoiding these possible, here is an insight.


One of the worst foods that causes or leads to discolouration and making the teeth yellow is tea. It has chemicals that ruins the enamel of the tea. But one of the biggest problems that people face is that they cannot do without it. What you can do here is just make sure that you gargle or rinse the mouth right after having tea. Use your fingers to get rid of the stain and prevent them from settling down.


Red And White Wine

Wine might be providing you a good dose of health but there is no denying here that it makes the teeth yellow. Research shows that both kinds of wines are rich in tannins that are now for causing yellow teeth along with changing the colour of the polyphenols. Hence, it means getting terrible coloured teeth. What you can do is have some strawberry or apple right after drinking the wine. This prevents the enamel from getting coloured and keeps the natural colour of the teeth.



Like tea, all kinds of dark liquids, even though they may be hot, tends to cause discolouration of the teeth. Be it cold coffee, milk or even dark coffee, be prepared that it will lead to teeth problems along with making the teeth yellow. However, you can fight this problem by drinking 2-3 spoons of milk post the drink or have more milk in the coffee.


Balsamic Vinegar

Another food or drink that leads to teeth staining is the delicious balsamic vinegar that you have to your salads and food items. But the good thing here is that you can alter the teeth discolouration here by simply adding more of fruits and spinach to the salad. This helps to counteract the colouring of the vinegar and prevents your teeth from getting yellow.


Aerated Drinks

Aerated drinks do worse than just damage to the teeth and making them yellow. They sure rot the teeth with all of that sugar. But if you are drinking such drinks then try to have at least 2-3 glasses of water post the drink. This helps to flush out the drink from the system and also doesn’t let the colour set on your teeth.

Health Drinks


Who doesn’t love a good curry. After all the spices in there are just so yummy, but a problem that comes with curry is that it has turmeric. Though this ingredient is healthy for the mouth, it sure leads to colour issues. It is best to brush your teeth post eating a curry. This won’t let the enamel colour get yellow.


Ketch Up

Ketch up and canned tomatoes are the worst kinds of food that provides terrible yellow colour to the teeth. It has been seen that along with the acidity, the colour added to such preserved foods also causes yellowing of the teeth. It is suggested to have more of spinach with such meals or make sure that you eat more of lettuce to avoid that colour problem.



With the exception of strawberries, all other forms of berries like the Raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries lead to the problem of yellow teeth. It has been seen that they contain a natural colour that makes your teeth yellow. An easy solution here is to have strawberries at last to ensure that your teeth colour is retained without much fuss.

Blueberries And Cherries

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is dark in colour and has an awesome taste. But did you know that the fermented products used in soy sauce tends to cause darkening of the enamel. It has been seen that the makers of these products use cheaper versions of the soy protein along with hydrochloric acid. As a result of this, the teeth tends to get yellower and loses the natural colour. You should make sure that you have some natural jasmine tea post a Chinese meal to prevent this staining.

soy sause


The gorgeous red colour of the beetroot is hard to resist. Of course, you love that colour on your cheeks, lips and hair but not that dirty yellow it leaves behind on the teeth. The colour of beetroot tends to stay back if the teeth are not washed properly, especially the raw beetroot. Use your fingers and rinse the mouth well or use chew on a clove post eating it to avoid the colour from getting on your teeth.

Beetroot Juice