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10 Great Natural Remedies To Straighten Hair

10 Great Natural Remedies To Straighten Hair

Do you envy the straight, luscious mane of people and hate your curls? Straight hair is easily managed and can be turned into any style with great ease. And we do not need cosmetics from the market for that. Our kitchen provides us with numerous such options that can give us a bright, shiny straight hair.

Let Us See The Home Treatments That Can Tame The Frizz And Straighten Curls:

Milk And Honey 

These are wonderful natural conditioners and we can add strawberries to get better results. Take a cup of milk and add 2 tabs of honey. mash in a few strawberries to make a paste and apply it on the hair. Leave it for about an hour and shampoo the hair to get straighter hair from the first go itself.

Milk and honey

Eggs And Olive Oil

Add 2 tab of olive oil to 2 eggs and make a mask. Apply it on the hair and leave for an hour. Rinse off with a good quality shampoo. The egg is a natural conditioner and olive oil makes the hair smooth and soft.

egg nd olive oil


After shampooing the hair, take some vinegar and add a few drops of it to a mug of water. Rinse the hair with this water vinegar mix, followed by a water rinse. The hair becomes naturally straight and also a shine is imparted to them.


Banana Mask 

Take 2 overripe bananas and mash them well. Now add 2 tabs each of honey, yogurt and olive oil. Mix this mask well and apply it all over the hair, cover with a towel or shower cap and leave for an hour. Now shampoo the hair well to get sleek, shiny hair.

Apply Mayonnaise hair pack - Copy

Aloe Vera Mask 

Apart from its amazing hair health boosting qualities, aloe can be used to straighten hair naturally. Add aloe vera sap to half a cup of olive oil and apply it to the hair, from the roots to the ends. Keep it for an hour and rinse off for a frizz-free mane.

hair mask using aloe vera

Rice Flour And Eggs 

Take an egg white and add 5 tabs of rice flour to it. You can add a cup of fullers earth to it. Now apply this mask on the hair thoroughly and leave it for 45 minutes. Wash off well as fullers earth takes some time to leave the scalp. The hair will feel smooth and the curls would have straightened significantly.

rice and egg

Milk Spray 

Milk can easily tame the curls of the hair. So pour it in a spray bottle and apply it well onto the hair so that all of it gets covered. Wash the hair after 30 minutes for a smoother looking hair.

hair spray

Coconut Milk 

Apply coconut milk onto the hair and wash after 10 minutes. If we want more durable results then add the juice of a lemon to a cup of coconut milk and leave it in the fridge overnight. Next day apply this creamy looking paste to the scalp for good nourishment and wash it after an hour for desired results.

Coconut Milk

Fuller’s Earth 

This is difficult to handle but will give lovely results. You can make a paste of fuller’s earth and water. Add 2 tablespoon of yogurt to the paste and apply this mask on the hair and leave for at least an hour. Wrap the hair in a towel. Rinse off and repeat frequently for a month to see the results.

fullers earth

Hot Oil Massage

We can use olive oil/ almond oil /castor oil/ coconut oil. Massage the scalp thoroughly with this oil and leave for an hour. Wash the hair with a shampoo, the hair feels smoother with the very first rinse.

Scalp And Head Massage