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10 Instant DIY Remedies For Bleeding Nose

10 Instant DIY Remedies For Bleeding Nose

Bleeding Nose is definitely a scary thing. But, for people it is very common. The medical term for bleeding nose is called Epistaxis. Nose bleeding can happen in any individual irrespective of their age.Nose is the most sensitive part of the human body and is made up of many tiny blood vessels. A small disturbance and it affects the blood vessels immensely that it starts bleeding immediately. There are numerous reasons for nose bleeding. It can be due to dry air; any injury to the nose; excessive blowing of nose; allergies; high blood pressure or any serious illnesses like cancer etc. There are home remedies for treating nose bleeding which occurs due to dryness etc. Let us now look at ten such instant remedies:

Cold Compress

This is one of the best ways to stop nose bleeding.The temperature of the ice causes the blood vessels to immediately constrict hence resulting in slowing down the blood flow. But, care should be taken to see that ice is never applied directly but it should always be wrapped in a thin cloth. Direct application of ice would cause the skin to burn.

compress nose


Onion is said to be a very good clotting agent. When the nose is bleeding, one can immediately cut the onion into half and inhale the fumes. This will stop the bleeding in few minutes time. Another way is to squeeze the juice of the onion into the nostril but, be aware that this would make the nose burn. Only if one can tolerate this can be done if not, inhale the cut onion is the best way to stop bleeding.


Pinching The Nose

Sounds silly doesn’t it?But, it does work effectively. When the nose is pinched, it puts pressure on the nasal septum. This helps in immediately stopping the nose from bleeding. One important thing to make sure when pinching the nose is that the person whose nose is bleeding should be sitting straight but not lie flat on their back. Also, this should be done very gently.

pinching the nose

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly is more useful when the bleeding of nose occurs due to extreme dryness. Petroleum Jelly helps in moisturizing the skin and thus prevents the nose from getting dried. This can also be applied internally as it does not cause any irritation and also because of its viscose nature does not cause any blockages.

Petroleum jelly


Vinegar also has the properties to constrict blood vessels. The acid in the vinegar is said to do this work! A cotton ball dipped in vinegar and placed in the nostrils reduces bleeding to a great extent.


Coriander Leaves

Generally coriander is available in every household. So, instead of panicking when someone’s nose bleeds, immediately reach out for the coriander leaves. A few drops of crushed coriander leaves juice will immediately stop the nose from bleeding. Due to its soothing quality, it does not cause much discomfort to the person as well. It is said that coriander leaves paste when applied on the forehead also helps in stopping the nose form bleeding.



This is another plant which helps in reducing nasal bleeding. The leaves are astringent in nature and this helps in clotting of blood. One can either smell the crushed Nettle leaves of make juice of it and pour in the nostrils for the bleeding to stop. Nettle leaves are also said to cure allergies which causes nose bleeding and is said to strengthen the capillaries.


Saline Water

A few drops of Saline water sprayed in the nose helps in controlling nose bleeding. Saline water is said to moisturize the membranes of the nose. When the dryness reduces, bleeding automatically reduces. Saline water can also be made at home by mixing half a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of baking powder to half a cup of water.

Saline water

Lemon Juice

A few drops of lemon juice when poured in the nose is said to immediately stop bleeding. But, remember that it burns terribly and this should be one of the last options when nothing else is available to stop nose bleeding.

lemon juice 2


Yes Cayenne!!! This is another thing that helps in stopping bleeding of nose. Don’t worry you don’t have to put it in your nose. You have to mix a teaspoon of Cayenne powder in a glass of warm water and drink it. This immediately coagulates the blood and regulates its flow.

Cayenne Pepper

The next time you see someone whose nose is bleeding don’t hesitate to use any of the methods mentioned in this article.