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10 Medicinal Properties And Uses Of Sage


Sage is an age old herb that can remedy many maladies. This herb was widely used by the Egyptians and also the Greek. The Chinese always liked adding herbs to their tea and for this reason they too have relished this aromatic herb and found it to contain high medicinal value. Sage’s antibacterial and anti-fungal properties are the very reason that most toothpastes and soaps contain sage extracts.

Sage can be used both internally and externally. However, pregnant and lactating women should avoid using sage, sage leaves and sage oil because sage can dry up the milk. Also if you are on sedatives or anticonvulsion drugs, it is recommended that you avoid using sage or sage extracts.

Those with high blood pressure should watch their blood pressure levels very closely if they consume sage because it has been observed that sage increases blood pressure in some individuals. Those with diabetes also need to check their sugar level closely and discuss sage consumption with their doctor and request the doctor to adjust diabetes medications accordingly. That’s because consumption of sage can lower blood sugar.


Rush to the doctor and call it an emergency in case of any wound or cut from metal, or metal object, or animal bite or animal scratch. Sage can only be used on minor insect bites or a scraped knee. For serious wounds and cuts you need to rush to a doctor.

There are many ways to benefit from sage’s medicinal properties. You can directly use sage leaves, or consider sage extracts from sage oil, sage leaf capsules and sage tea. Now here’s a list of top ten uses of this backyard herb.

Here Is The List Of Top 10 Uses Of Sage:

Cures Dental Problems

Sage and sage oil are extremely effective on dental conditions because most of the dental conditions are caused by plaque. Plaque more or less contains bacteria, food debris and saliva. Sage is a natural antiseptic that also contains anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that take care of bleeding, tenderness, redness and swelling in the gum which happens due to gingivitis. Gingivitis could result in an abscessed tooth or a dental cavity, if ignored. That’s why most of the plaque fighting mouthwashes contain sage extracts. However, you can use sage oil directly on the affected area, or you can directly use sage by crushing some sage leaves and applying it on the problem area. You can also boil a handful of sage in two glasses of water, reducing that to one. Cool down this concoction and use it as a mouthwash and rinse with it 3-4 times a day. You can also carry it to your office or college and use it there.

Cures dental problems

Cures Cuts And Wounds

If you scraped your knee while playing in your backyard, then don’t fret if you don’t have an antiseptic lotion to wipe your knee with. Crushed sage leaves are considered to be highly antiseptic and can be applied on your wound. Apart from being antiseptic, these sage leaves also speed up the healing process of a wound. However, it is recommended that if a cut or a wound is caused due to metal or animal bite, then use a reputed readymade antiseptic lotion and hurry up and visit a doctor.

Cures cuts and wounds

Remedies Cough And Congestion

Cough and congestion are really annoying health conditions. However, the most annoying part is a sore throat or an itchy throat. Boiling sage in water and gargling with this solution while its lukewarm relieves from sore throat, itchy throat, cough, congestion and even throat infection. You can also consider sage tea or eating up some sage leaves.

cough and congestion

Useful On Sweling And Sprains

Sage contains an acid called phenolic acid and that beats swelling. Phenolic acid is found in plants and can bring down inflammation. However, to beat swelling you need to eat sage leaves. You can also apply some sage oil on the swelling, but don’t forget oral consumption of sage.

sweling and sprains

Remedy For Asthma

Asthma is usually caused by an irritant like dust, pollution or smells. The cause and result of an asthma attack varies from person to person. For some it could be very mild, while for the rest it could be different. Using sage leaves regularly is recommended for those who suffer from asthma because asthma generally means swelling of the inside walls of the airway that moves air to your lungs. It could be the anti-inflammatory property of sage that helps by keeping inflammation under check. Some people prefer to inhale sage when they feel the airway tightening. However, always carry your pills and sprays with you if you have asthma, and remember to carry them even if you feel better with sage.


Cures Indigestion And Gastric Probems

Sage can cure indigestion and gastric problems. So try chewing on some sage leaves for quick relief from such discomforts. Sage helps in breaking up the food in the intestine and that’s how it helps cure indigestion. Gastric problem is usually caused because the food is not properly broken down. Another reason for gastric problem is the acidic feces of intestinal parasites. Sage can help break down food in the intestine and also clear intestinal parasites because of its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

indigestion and gastric probems

Excessive Perspiration Can Be Cured

Sweating it out at the gym is one thing and sweating a lot at work is another. Perspiring more can be uncomfortable and unhealthy because that is a clear indication that your body is not retaining much water. Perspiring more than required can cause dehydration and also infections because sweat contains bacteria. Eating few sage leaves or shifting to sage tea can lower your perspiration and keep you healthy. Avoid using sage when you have a fever, because when you have fever then you need to sweat.

Excessive perspiration

Effective On Fungal And Bacterial Infections

Sage is both antibacterial and anti-fungal. That’s why it can cure infections very effectively as most infections are either caused by bacteria or fungus. Just crush few leaves of sage and apply them on the problem area and leave it on all night if possible.

fungal and bacterial infections

Improves Appetite

Loss of appetite is a common condition among children and adults. However, if you let that get out of hand then it could cause malnutrition, immune break-down, gastric problems, headaches and problems related to inadequate nutrition. You really don’t need a syrup to get yourself onto the table chomping your food. You can count on sage to ensure a healthy appetite. To do this you can chew some sage leaves, or add them to your tea or salad. You can also crush sage leaves and add that to your juice.

Improves appetite

Keeps Insects And Mosquitoes Away

Sage is not just a leaf in your salad or egg roll, instead its a boon to your health, and also to your backyard. While insects are a nuisance, mosquitoes are dangerous and can cause many diseases. You can count on a sage plant to keep mosquitoes and insects away while you dine on your patio. Just make sure to have a sage plant close to your patio.

Keeps insects and mosquitoes away