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10 Simple Lifestyle Shifts To Lose Weight Without Starving

Lose Weight

Losing weight is much easier than starving and living on vitamin pills. In fact, to lose weight there is no need to diet at all. It is highly recommended that you give up on going hungry and swallowing vitamin pills to lose weight because that is the most unhealthy way to lose weight.

A lot of those aspiring to lose weight also choose to throw up soon after they eat. Again, we don’t recommend such heinous methods. In fact, the simplest way to lose weight is to get rid of an unhealthy lifestyle and to substitute that with a healthy lifestyle. Read on to know how you can do this.

1. Junk Food

A lot of us never get back from work or college without munching on a quick unhealthy snack. Nothing can be as damaging as adulterated junk food. Adulteration has increased with the rising prices of food products. Its simple and straight, you get what you pay for. Also hygienic packaged potato chips can be quite damaging and more so, if taken on an empty stomach. Burgers and pizzas are not any healthier and unless you get rid of that from your diet, you are not going to lose much weight.

Healthy Substitutes

Consider low-fat or no-fat salads, fruits, boiled kidney beans, oat biscuits, wheat biscuits, salted or plain almonds, protein bars etc…


2. Breads To Ponder Upon

Give up on muffins, toasted bagels, white bread while on a weight loss diet. A toasted bagel has about 350 calories and 2 grams fat, while a bowl of steel-cut oats has about 159 calories and 0.5 gram fat. A bowl of oats is also more filling and much healthier than bagels. Also you don’t need greases with oatmeal. Just some oats boiled in low-fat milk or water, and topped with honey and some healthy fruits make a complete breakfast. Steel-cut oats release energy slowly and that keeps you active even while you are losing weight.

Healthy Substitutes

Consider wheat bread, Oatmeal, broken wheat, quinoa and lettuce wraps.


3. Unhealthy Greases Are A Big No

While on a weight loss diet, one needs to get rid of unhealthy greases. No oil, butter, cream or cheese. Avoid greasy eatables such as pizzas, toasted bagels with cheese, cheesy sandwiches and burgers completely. Get very strict with greases because getting rid of greases is the scoring point for anybody on a weight loss diet. A medium sized cheeseburger contains about 350 calories.

Healthy Substitutes

Olive oil. Consider roasted dishes in olive oil instead of the deep fried ones.

Roasted Dishes

4. Sugar And Sweets Are The Big Culprits

Avoiding sugar is very much a part of any weight loss diet. Usually, those on a weight loss diet try to avoid sugar completely. However, one must check with one’s doctor before avoiding sugar completely because low sugar in the body can at times cause giddiness. However, donuts, chocolate chip cookies etc… are a big no. Take only the minimum sugar required by your doctor as per his diagnosis and advice to avoid low sugar issues.

Healthy Substitutes

Honey, sugar-free.


5. Red Meat Is A Big No

Red meats include beef, pork and lamb which are a big no while on a weight loss diet. Red meats are known to have high fat content and they also cause cholesterol issues. Every hundred grams of lamb meat contains 292 calories and about 21 grams fat. Avoiding them is the start to healthy living.

Healthy Substitutes

Chicken, turkey, egg and seafood are low in fat and easy to cook.


6. No Alcohol

Alcohol is the biggest cause for obesity as it messes up the metabolism and also the blood sugar levels. So stop reading the calorie or fat content on the alcohol bottle because that is immaterial. It is surprising that people forget that there are so many alternatives to alcohol that are tasty and healthy.

Healthy Substitutes

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices sweetened with honey, low-fat milk shakes.

Fruit Juices

7. Avoid Rigorous Workouts

Gradual weight loss is the best way to lose weight. Although most weight loss plans suggest rigorous workouts, we don’t. The simple reason is that such quick weight loss is usually for a shorter term and the calories start showing up the minute you stop these rigorous workouts. So, let the weight loss take time and don’t hurry up with it. An hour’s exercise five days a week should be sufficient. Also, it is suggested that you talk to your doctor before considering any workout or exercise. Depending on your budget consider a fitness routine of at least an hour a day for five days a week. You can get a gym membership, consider yoga classes, walk or jog to your office, or buy a cycle and go riding it to your office.

Healthy Substitutes

Gym, yoga, sports, cycling, walking or running.


8. No Being A Couch Potato

Its seen in most cases than an inactive body is a bulky body. So give up on being a couch potato and watching television all day. Instead develop a hobby that is fun and also gives your body the required shape. This hobby must be in addition to the other exercises that you do five days a week for an hour. Consider cycling for an hour in the evening, or going on a brisk walk with friends, skipping, playing soccer, swimming or dancing. Anything that causes physical exertion shall be a good way to lose weight. Bottom line is that in order to make your weight loss plan successful, you need to remain active.

Healthy Substitutes

Brisk-walking, skipping, playing soccer, gardening, swimming, dancing, jumping on a trampoline. Make sure to pick the one that you enjoy doing.

Play Soccer

9. Control Liquid Intake

Sixty percent of your body is nothing but water and water also has weight, so don’t overdo it. However, it is a fact that human body needs certain minimum intake of water, which is 3 liters for men and 2.2 liters for women. Key is to remain hydrated and avoid over hydration.

Healthy Substitutes

Take small sips of water or juices alternatively. Juices have water too so count your overall glasses.

Drink Water

10. Healthy Excretion

While on a weight loss diet, you need to include high fiber fruits in your diet so that you flush out your bodily wastes in a healthy manner. For every 2000 calories that you intake, you need at least 25 grams fiber to flush it out healthily. If 25 grams of fiber sounds little, think again because a banana contains just 3 grams fiber while an apple contains only 4 grams of fiber.

Healthy Substitutes

Raw Salads, ground flaxseed in juices, spinach and beans.

Raw Salads