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10 Sodium Rich Foods To Include In Your Diet

10 Sodium Rich Foods To Include In Your Diet

Sodium is a crucial nutrient that your body needs to maintain appropriate blood pressure and stimulate nerve signaling effectively. Deficiency of this mineral in your body can lead to low blood volume, hyponatremia, and many more hazardous effects such as coma and fatal outcomes. Excess of sodium in body can lead to dehydration, kidney stones, renal failure, weight gain, poor bone development, high blood pressure, and cancer. So you need to ensure good intake of sodium to maintain appropriate levels sodium as it helps maintain fluid levels in your body and ensures good health. So you need to incorporate sodium rich foods in your diet.

Here Are Some Sodium Rich Foods That You Should Include In Your Diet:


Another excellent source of sodium are fruits. Fruits are rich in vitamin, various nutrients, and minerals including sodium which your body requires. Fruits, such as bananas, passion fruit, plums, figs, olives, watermelon, cantaloupe, and grapefruit, are some of the excellent source of sodium. Make it a habit to eat some fresh fruits daily.

Fruits And Vegetables


One of the best sources of sodium is the seafood, such as crabs, shrimps, mussels, cod, lobsters, oysters, scallops, and squid. Wakame, a popular sea vegetable, and seaweed kelp that resemble spinach are also rich source of sodium.


Star Fruit

Star fruit, also popular as Carambola, is a wild fruit which contains good amount of sodium and citric acid. This fruit is also a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants so it is beneficial for your health.

star fruit


Salt is a rich and common source of sodium. Quantity of salt you eat is directly proportional to the amount of sodium you consume. So you need to have sufficient intake of salt daily which should not exceed 6 grams per day.


Dairy Products

Dairy products, such as buttermilk, cheese, milk, and paneer, are some of the best sources of sodium. Dairy products contain good amounts of salt as a preservative these days. So eating dairy products help you enhance your sodium levels.

Dairy Products


Quantity of sodium present in vegetables depends on the sodium content of the soil. You can find vegetables, such as collards, tomatoes, mustard, spinach, turnip greens, beet, and Swiss chard, as rich sources of sodium.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is rich in proteins, calories as well as sodium. You can also ensure good intake of sodium by eating coconut cream, pudding, and dry mix.

Coconut Milk


Some of the popular spices are also good source of sodium. Chili powder, mustard, cloves, celery seeds, saffron, cumin, coriander leaf, and onion powder are some of the spices that can provide you necessary amounts of sodium when you add them in your cooking. Also, dried herbs, such as marjoram, chervil, thyme, tarragon, also provide you some amount of sodium.



Many individuals use salt as a preservative for several types of meat so meat contains good amounts of sodium. Eating meats, such as salami, bacon, and others, can help you ensure good intake of sodium.



Some of the popular beverages also serve as a good source of sodium. Beverages, such as wine, tea, black tea, beer, and coffee, contain high amounts of sodium to help meet your body’s sodium requirements. However, you should have these beverages in appropriate amounts since they contain caffeine that might affect your health adversely if you drink them in high amounts.


Adding all these ten sodium rich foods in your regular diet in appropriate amounts help you have good levels of sodium and enjoy good health.

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