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10 Sources Of Refined Carbs

10 Sources Of Refined Carbs You Probably Didnt Know About

Grains with refined carbohydrates are not good for our health. These grains are obtained after undergoing processing. The essential nutrients are removed from the grains during the processing treatment. Thus, refined grains lack nutrients that our body needs for staying healthy and disease free. Most refined foods are white in color and they contain very high sugar content in it. The best option is to eat whole grains that do not undergo processing treatment. We should become aware about avoiding foods with refined carbohydrates. You must know the foods that have hidden refined carbs in them. We will guide you in finding and avoiding such foods.

Following Are The 10 Sources Of Refined Carbs You Probably Did Not Know About:

White Rice

White rice contains refined carbohydrates so it is not a healthy option for health conscious people. Instead of eating white rice, you should choose brown rice. Brown rice is made with whole grain and it is a better option. It does not undergo processing.

white rice

Brown Bread

Many people buy brown bread instead of white bread thinking that it is a better and healthy option. The fact is that brown bread in not completely made with wheat or whole grain. It does contain wheat but may be less that hundred percent. Therefore, even the brown bread may contain refined carbohydrates.


Starchy Vegetables

Starch vegetables like potatoes have high amounts of refined carbohydrates in it. Such vegetables are not good for your health. Avoid starchy vegetables. Choose vegetables that have starch in it. Mushroom and green leafy vegetables like spinach are some non-starchy vegetables.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks are another source of refined carbohydrates. These drinks increase the blood sugar levels to very high. Thus, you should avoid colas, sodas and other types of soft drinks available in the market. One serving of soda drink has up to forty grams carbohydrates, which is very high amount.

Health Drinks

Pasta And Corn

Your favorite pasta and corn products you purchase from the market may contain refined carbohydrates. Pasta is loved by people all over the world. Most pasta and corn foods bought from stores are not made with whole grains. Thus, always check the contents of pasta and corn foods.

Whole-Grain Pasta

Sugary Treats

Sugary foods and treats are rich sources of refined carbohydrates. While sugar and snacks made with it are not healthy. Cakes and cookies have hidden amounts of refined carbohydrates in it. Avoid such foods.

Pies And Cakes

Cane Products

Products made from sugarcane contain refined carbohydrates. Thus, sugarcane juice and syrup are unhealthy food choices. You should stay away from cane sugar. All these foods are rich sources of unhealthy carbohydrates.

Sugarcane Juice

Processed Foods

Processed foods and packaged foods bought from the market contains very high amount of refined carbohydrates. Most people eat these foods due to its taste and flavor. However, it is not good to eat such foods. Always read food labels before buying such foods.

Processed Foods

Breakfast Cereal

We all like to start our day with a breakfast of our morning cereal. You should know that morning cereal could have refined carbohydrates in it. The cereal has excess amount of added sugar in it. It is not necessary that the breakfast cereal is made of whole grains.

Breakfast Cereals

Junk Foods

Most people love to eat junk foods bought from food shops. Foods like pastries, desserts, pizza, burger and ice cream contain refined carbohydrates. Thus, you should avoid all types of junk foods. Instead of eating junk foods, you should eat healthy foods and snacks like fruits, nuts and yogurt.

junk food