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10 Tips For Stress Management

Stress management is a life skill that every person must learn and implement in their everyday life. That’s because unless one manages stress, it can cause a lot of health issues such as depression, anxiety, asthma, blood pressure etc… So, to live a healthy life one needs to manage stress effectively. Most renown companies teach their employees stress-management as a part of their training program, but hardly 1.5% of them practice any of those techniques.

Stress Management

Who Can Get Stressed?

Most people assume that only aged people get stressed out but that is just an assumption. Fact is that even a small child can get stressed out because of a bully in the school or because of the annual exams. That is the reason most schools hire child psychologists or psychiatrists. So, irrespective of one’s age group, one is open to being harmed due to stress. The worst part is that stress affects the body by damaging it little by little just like slow poison. Nobody gets blood pressure or depression overnight. It’s a gradual process that needs stopping, and the only way to do that is to use stress-management techniques. The only reason older people are more prone to stress-related diseases is that over a period, the body accumulates enough stress to show-up in the form of a disease.


The best way to manage stress is to identify the root cause for it, and then eliminate that stress-element from your life. However, if your wife or you boss is stressing you out, then a total elimination of the stress-element may not seem to be a viable option and you might be required to put up with certain stress-elements and bear with them. That can only be possible by adopting a stress-management technique. Also those in highly stressful professions such as Chartered Public Accountants, Stock-Brokers and Attorneys must compulsorily use one or more of these stress-management techniques in their everyday lives.

However, the stress-management techniques suggested here are helpful only in the earlier stages. In the advanced stages of stress, there could be a requirement for medical attention. Avoid using any pills without consulting a medical practitioner as that could have adverse effects. However, in the earlier stages, you can deal with stress on your own.

Below Listed Are Ten Ways To Combat Everyday Stress:

Meditation And Deep Breathing

Meditation is a great way to beat stress and if coupled with deep breathing, it does wonders. There are many ways to meditate and it is suggested that one learns meditation from a master. No, meditation is not for the old and retired. In fact, the stress levels have gone up so drastically among the youth that unless they meditate and relax, they might find it hard to live until they retire. It is essential to meditate everyday, at least for 10-15 minutes.

Meditation and Deep breathing

Laughter Therapy

Laughter clubs are common these days, but mostly in metropolitan cities. It is a medically proven fact that laughing relieves the body and mind from stress and rejuvenates it. You can also watch one of those hilarious sitcoms on your television for a good laugh. Laughter gives the same benefits whether you laugh in a group or all by yourself, but the bottom line is to laugh each day. Most importantly, learn to laugh at yourself.

Laughter therapy

Rigorous Exercise

Go running or do some extra workout at the gym if your health permits you to. Exercise is a great way to beat stress and when your body gets tired, then the mind also gets tired and finally relaxes. You can do a couple of extra miles on the treadmill or jog a few rounds more than usual. Those with heart-related ailments, asthma, blood pressure and other medical conditions must avoid rigorous exercise or consult their medical practitioner about it.

Rigorous exercise

Adequate Sleep

Most people are stressed out because they have a lot of work to do. But, without adequate sleep the stress builds up on your nerves. Also, erratic sleep pattern can cause insomnia if followed for a longer duration. Remember that sleep repairs the body, strengthens the immune system and heals the body. So, eight hours of sleep is a must at night. If you have trouble falling asleep then read up on how to cure insomnia and try it for a fortnight. If that does not help then you could be at a stage where you need to see a doctor.

Adequate sleep

Refuge In A Hobby

Find refuge from stress in something you enjoy doing. It could be painting, writing, sketching, reading, gardening, dancing or singing. Pick a hobby that you are sure to enjoy hundred percent. This involvement itself will relax your mind. That’s because finally you would be doing something you absolutely enjoy doing.

Refuge in a hobby

Volunteer Work

The best way to beat stress is to engage in some volunteer work and share someone else’s troubles. The zoo might need some help or the orphanage could do with some extra helping hands. The church that provides shelter to the homeless could need someone to help with preparing soup and bread for their guests. This is a better way to deal with stress than to sit and ponder helplessly about a situation that you cannot change.

Volunteer work

Change Your Routine

Life gets stressful when you live a mechanical routine with no change in it. Weekdays its work-home-work routine while on weekends its plain domestic chores or work-from-home routine. If that sounds like your life, then take a break and relax. Do something you never did this weekend, and that could be as thrilling as going scuba diving or as simple as a weekend getaway to the nearest hill station. Or you could just take an off on a weekday and go fishing. Why wait until the weekend to beat the monster called stress?

Change your routine

Nature’s Resort

Go for a walk in the park or take off to some nature-spot and spend some time watching trees and staring at the sky. This is sure to be more relaxing than sitting in your apartment with your mind all worked up about something stressful. You can also consider sailing, skiing, camping or some adventure sport.

Nature’s resort

Talk To Someone

The best way to get your stress element out of your system is to talk to someone about it. You can feel a lot better by just letting someone else know what you are going through. You might also get yourself a solution, if not a solution then surely some solace. You can talk to a friend, call a helpline or find yourself a psychologist and attend counselling sessions. A psychologist can surely be trusted because he is under an oath of secrecy and cannot let your follies out, else he loses his license to practice.

Talk to someone

Wash It Off

A long shower is refreshing and relaxes the entire body. If you prefer to soak in a bathtub, then you can consider adding Epsom salts or sea salt to it. There are also several aromatic and herbal oils available that you can use in your bath to feel more relaxed. So, if you have something on your mind that’s bothering you, then head off for a relaxing bath and wash it off.

Wash it off