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10 Useful Tips To Take Care Of Teeth And Gums

10 Useful Tips To Take Care Of Teeth And Gums
A good smile can charm everybody and grab the attention of many around. But it takes a little effort to keep those sparkling teeth white and the gums healthy. Plaque, tartar, swelling, toothache, cavities and germs can easily decay the teeth if not taken care off. Tooth sensitivity is an increasingly growing problem, even in the youngsters. Oral hygiene is very important, which can keep bad breath away and other mouth related problems can be minimised, also expensive treatments of the teeth in future can be avoided if we take good care of our teeth . Fatal diseases like stroke and have also been linked to corrosion and decay of teeth.


That’s the golden rule. Brush your teeth at least twice a day for healthy mouth free of cavities and other tooth problems. Brushing the teeth before sleeping will reduce the bacterial activity in the mouth at night. Wrong methods of brushing could easily corrode the enamel of your teeth. Brushing should never be done vigorously. No horizontal strokes should be applied. Slow and circular movements, for 2-3 minutes, wherein the bristles reach the inner sides and undersides of the teeth, should be applied. The tongue should also be cleaned properly.


Foods For Healthy Teeth In Your Diet


It should be done at least twice a day. Flossing dislodges the minute pieces of food particles that are stuck between the teeth. Plaque can turn into tartar if left onto the teeth for a long time.



Your toothpaste should contain fluoride to help protect the gums against infection. If you have a dry mouth, more fluoride is required in your toothpaste. Gels and mouthwashes that contain fluoride are also available.

Fluoride Rinse


We must make it a habit to rinse our mouth thoroughly after every meal. The food particles, especially the sugary foods that are left in the mouth, react and turn into acids that could corrode and damage the teeth enamel and cause gum problems. Hydrogen peroxide mixed with water and used as a gargle acts as an antibacterial mouthwash and gives shining teeth.

Mouth Rinse

Chew Gum

Chewing gum after meals can increase the saliva content in the mouth. Saliva can neutralize the effect of acids and control bacterial growth by washing it away.

Keep your mouth busy

Calcium And Phosphorous

These are very important elements which must be incorporated into the diet for healthy teeth. A diet rich in calcium and phosphorous will make the teeth and gums strong. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products and nuts are all rich sources of nutrition for healthy gums.

valcium and phosphorus

Vitamin C

A diet rich in vitamin C is recommended for bleeding gums. It also helps in repair and healing of gums and teeth. Oranges, carrots, lemons red peppers are rich in vitamin C and can treat gum diseases, which left untreated can lead to gingivitis.

Vitamin C

Eat Right

The intake of too much sugary foods like juices, sweets should be minimised. Aerated drinks are very harmful as the acids are known to weaken the enamel of the teeth as carbonation gives rise to more acid and hence weaker teeth. The addition of omega 3 fats is known to reduce inflammation thereby protecting the teeth.

Omega 3


Smoking not only stains the teeth but is also bad for the gums. Oral cancer could be the result of constantly chewing tobacco or smoking.

Suppresses Smoking Urge

Drink Water

Drinking water helps in dissolving all impurities present in the mouth.They get washed away with water and do not stay in the mouth to cause damage. Stains on the teeth also get cleaned and do not leave permanent marks.

Drink Water