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10 Best Ways Of Treating Lower Back Pain At Home

Ways Of Treating Lower Back Pain At Home

People, more or less, are suffering from back pain issue in their lives. Back pain, especially lower back pain has become a common health concern over the world. This may cause due to the inappropriate movement of the spine, especially during the lifting of heavy weights. To get rid of the unbearable pain in an easy yet effective way, you no need to look further as you can heal the pain, even at your home.

Here 10 Simplest Ways Of Getting Rid Of Lower Back Pain Are Given:

Ice It:

Ice proves to be the best when it comes to treating back pain issue in an instant way. Medically, ice helps in reducing inflammation that in turn provides a relief from pain. Remember that you should give a break from icing the area after every 20 minutes to make your affected area relaxed.

Ice It


Taking rest can help you curb down the pain and helps you to return to your normal life easily. When you feel back pain, take a rest for 48 hours and once your pain gets relived, you can gradually increase your activity.



Stretch can help you to manage your pain. If your lifestyle has you sitting or standing for a prolonged time of period, then stretching can reduce the chances of back pain. Try to stretch yourself at a regular time of interval. This not only treats back pain, but also protects your body from further pain complication.



Massage can comfort the pain affected area in a soothing way. If you get caught with lower back pain, you can give massage a try. It helps scientifically to cure pain by enhancing the blood circulation process on the affected area.


Change Your Sleeping Position:

Right sleeping position can help you to reduce back pain issue to some extent. It helps in straining off your back and eases the pain. Keep your back straight, while lying down to keep back pain issue away from your health.

Change Your Sleeping Position

Quit Smoking:

Do you know smoking can enhance the chances of osteoporosis? This medical condition lowers the strength of the spine and the other bones of the body. Avoiding smoking can protect your body from such health complication that cuts down the risks of lower back pain as well.

Quit Smoking

Maintain A Healthy Weight:

Excessive weight can put extra pressure on your spine that can cause lower back pain. Your height can be the pointer of your weight that determines whether you are overweight or not.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Watch On Your Movement:

In order to get rid of lower pain issue, you should consider your body movement. Use your bed only for lying down rather than reading or watching televisions. Moreover, sit on those chairs that can provide support to your back. Another thing that you need to remember is after getting up in the morning, take 40 to 60 minutes before stating heavy exercises.

Watch On Your Movement


Yoga has been known as the best way of curing various ailments by both physically and internally. It is a conventional therapy that provides great relief from your back pain issue. A certain yoga poses that you can perform even at your home that can offer long term benefits of curing such health complication.


Keep Moving Yourself:

You need to keep doing your activities that in turn helps you to keep your spine in a good condition. Walking and swimming can be effective exercises for your spine that lessen the chances of back pain.

Keep Moving Yourself