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11 Amazing Beauty Tips Using Ice Cubes

Adding few ice cubes in your drink in a hot summer day quenches your thirst and helps you cool down. But do you know a simple ice cube can be your all time aid in fixing many make up and beauty problems? Not just in summer, Irrespective of any season, you can use ice therapy on your skin to minimize open pores, fight acne and pimples, refresh your skin and get a shining glow instantly. Include ice cubes in your regular beauty regime and see the magic.

Here In This Article You Will Find Amazing Ways Of Using Ice Cubes On Your Skin And Beauty Treatment:

1. For Instant Glow:

When you have hardly any time to put on make- up, applying ice cube is a great way to give your face a fresh look and instant glow. Wrap some ice cube in a flannel cloth and apply them all over your face. This cool therapy will bring a healthy glow on your face and help to remove dirt that has accumulated on the facial skin. Regular use of ice cubes on your face can improve circulation to the facial skin and also prevents premature aging of the skin, minimize occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles.

For Instant Glow

2. Soothes Tired Eyes And Eye Puffiness:

Working for long hours on your laptops, computer or watching TV for longer periods often makes your eyes tired and leave them puffy. To get relief from your tired eyes, place ice cube over your eyes, wrapping on towel or soft cloth soothing your eyes, this method will bring instant relief.

Soothes Tired Eyes And Eye Puffiness

3. Relieves Sunburn:

Getting sunburn in hot summer days is quite common. To get relief from pain and irritation of the burn, rub the area with ice cubes, wrapping them on a soft cloth. The cooling effect of the ice will instantly reduce pain.

Relieves Sunburn

4. For Long Lasting Makeup:

Ice cubes can be used as makeup primer. Before applying makeup, rub few ice cubes on your face wrapping on a cloth. This will help to make your makeup stay well and last longer.

5. Reduce Redness And Inflammation Of The Skin:

Sometimes we get allergic reaction from particular makeup product. Our skin gets inflamed and redness occurs. Rubbing ice cubes on the skin can help to reduce inflammation and redness and bring cooling affect.

Reduce Redness And Inflammation Of The Skin

6. Closes Pores:

For minimizing large pores and reduce secretion of excess oil, rubbing ice cubes can be a great remedy. Large pores on the skin make skin appear dull and aged. For decreasing the pore size and close them wrap ice cubes in a cloth and massage your fact with it every night before going to bed.

Closes Pores

7. Painless Tweezing:

Plucking eyebrows often hurts. Rubbing ice cubes over the eyebrow line can reduce the pain by making this region numb temporarily. You can apply ice cubes on the eyebrow line after twizzling this will help to prevent redness.

8. Natural Makeup Remover:

No need to buy makeup remover to remove your makeup. One simple and easy way to remove makeup is rubbing ice cube gently on your skin.

Natural Makeup Remover

9. Dry Your Nail Polish Fast:

For dry your painted nails fast, dip your nail on a bowl of ice water for few minutes and after removing air dry them.

10. Ice Cube For Pimples:

Ice cubes are great remedy for healing acne too. Take few ice cubes, wrap them in aplastic bag or some soft cloth and apply over the affected area. Regular use will shrink them; reduce swelling and redness along with bringing a cooling effect.

Ice Cube For Pimples

11. Hydrate Your Skin:

The hot summer months, leaves your skin dehydrated. Dehydrated skin appears dull. To hydrate your skin rub some ice cubes.

Hydrate Your Skin

Do not apply ice cubes directly on your skin. It can damage the tiny capillaries under the skin. Always wrap ice cubes on a cloth or use plastic. Make your skin look glow with these amazing tips.