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11 Economic And Amazing Super Foods Which Add A Zing To Your Lifestyle

Super Foods Which Add A Zing To Your Lifestyle

Super foods are that special food ingredients which are actually loaded with all types of essential nutrients needed for your body. It gives a sure benefit to you if they are consumed regularly in your diet. As we stated it super foods they do really a super work for you. These super foods keeps you healthy and fit from inside which reflects in your outside body. In this article I am going to share some easily available super foods in market. These super foods are less costly thus they are economic to you.

Try To Incorporate These Super Foods In Your Regular Diet Thus You Get The Most Benefit From It:


Pumpkin is a very popular economic vegetable in the globe and found almost every where in this world. It is a whole some source of Beta Carotene and vitamin A which are most needed nutrient for healthy eyes. Beta carotenes are reasonable for the yellow color of the pumpkin and it supplies essential nutrition to our body. Vitamin A keeps our eye sight correct providing nutrition to the rod cells of our eyes and this vitamin is good for skin health also.


Banana Flowers:

Try to include Banana Flowers in your daily diet as it is rich minerals which keep you away from Anemia and other blood related problems. Made delicious preparations with banana flowers ant eat them to get rid from the problems.

Banana Flowers


Spinach is the most important green leafy vegetable which is a rich source many vital nutrients. It is full of vitamin A and lots of anti oxidants. Vitamin A is very much essential for maintaining a healthy eye sight. You can try these vegetable in making soups or curries which are at the same time very tasty too. It is high in Iron content and prevents Anemia. So, if you want to be healthy try to eat this leafy vegetable regularly.



Mango with a yellow juicy flesh inside is a very popular economical fruit around the globe. It is basically found in summer season and in warm countries. Try to eat so much of mango individually or in your fruit salad, as it is a superb food item for better eye sight. This yellow juicy fruit is rich in carotenes especially with Beta carotenes which are also responsible for the yellow color of mango which are important for glowing skin and boosts mental power.



Pomegranate has red flesh inside with small portions with seed inside it. You can easily notice its red colored juice easily. It is also rich in Iron content and also rich in multiple vitamins. Daily consumption of this great fruit is surely helpful for you reducing the problem of Anemia and other diseases in an efficient way.



Small fishes are very good for our eyes as it is rich in Phosphorous and it is great source of Vitamin B12, also Omega 3 fatty acid which is good for heart. It keeps our eye sight bright till our ages. So, try to keep small fishes in your diet for a bright eye sight. It is great source of minerals too.



Do you ever try Fig in your kitchen in making various dishes? Fig is also used as vegetable in preparation of various dishes. Mainly it is used for preparing vegetarian dishes. It contains lots of important nutrients in it which helps you to prevent Anemia, malnutrition etc. in an effective way.



Try to consume Carrot everyday as it is a rich source of vitamin A which keeps you healthy in a natural way. Use this yellow vegetable in your soups and salads for a healthy skin. Carrots contain beta carotene which is also responsible for the yellow color of this vegetable and gives you a bright eye sight naturally.


Green Banana:

Green Banana is basically raw banana which prevents Anemia. It is mainly used in curry preparation in some cuisines. It is rich in lots of minerals and posses a high Iron content in it. Just remove the green skin of this vegetable and use the white inner part of this vegetable.

Green Banana


Tomatoes are also rich source of vitamin A which keeps your eyes bright in a natural way and helpful in preventing cataract with increasing age. It also contains a huge amount of vital nutrients like vitamin A, E and B12 etc. which is equally important for healthy and bright eye sight. Tomato is rich in antioxidants which prevents premature aging in human body.



Dates are one of the most important dry fruits which give excellent result in the problems like Constipation, Anemia etc. Regular consumption of this sweet and nutritious dry fruit will give you surely relief from many health related disorders.