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11 Diet Tips For Hair Loss

Our scalp is the most susceptible zone for the penetration of chemicals inside. Therefore, when it comes to hair, we need to take little extra care to keep them in the best shape. Trying natural remedies, & less chemical filled shampoos is the first step towards maintaining their health. At times, in spite of being careful about our hair, we experience hair fall & many other hair problems. The reason is not taking care of the health while looking after hair with topically applicable remedies. In the course of maintaining hair health, we often forget to take care of our inner health which is another reason for the well-being of the hair. A large portion of the nutrients that we take goes in building hair health, therefore we must take care of our inner health too. Down here are referred 10 diet tips that you can follow to maintain your inner health as well as hair health.

Here Are 11 Diet Tips For Hair Loss

1. Ensure Sufficient Amount Of Protein Intake

Our scalp & hair are made up of 90% of protein therefore make sure that you keep the protein components high in your plate. A diet that is low in protein causes hair fall which gets intense over time. Protein is not so difficult to find in food. You may eat meat, fish & western dishes to transfer protein to your body & hair as well. Just make sure that you maintain proper intake of other nutrients & vitamins also [1].


2. Indian Gooseberry

With its nutrients & hair problem rectifier, it has assumed a major role in many shampoos & serums. Enriched with vitamin C helpful in controlling hair loss, maintaining healthy scalp & promoting hair growth, it is a noteworthy diet tip for anyone dealing with such problems. Today, it is available in the form of juice & pickles but if you want, you can prepare your own smoothie [2].


3. Walnuts

Although a little expensive but it bears numerous health benefits. Add walnut in your diet and get bigger locks with less hair fall. It has plenty of protein and other nutrients that strengthens the hair cuticles and nourishes the scalp [3].


4. Eggs

When it comes to protein capacity, eggs occupies the top position. Besides protein, it is also full of vitamins, iron, & omega acids in large amount that aim to maintain a head full of healthy hair. Moreover, it also compensates for vitamin B7 loss that otherwise leads to hair loss. Although eating eggs is beneficial for the inner health also but you can also apply it topically [4].


5. Salmon

No matter what fish you eat, you can never find them good for nothing. However, the nutrient proportion may vary a little. One such fish high in nutrient in salmon. It is an excellent source of Omega 3 acid that enables the hair grow long & keep it shiny & full always. With its nutrients, it helps you stay fit & disease free also. Have it more often & maintain a healthy you [5].


6. Have Carrots

The importance of carrots is realized not just for the sake of the eyes but for its vitamin A proportion also that is essential for the nourishment of scalp. A healthy scalp is the sign of shiny, moisturized, strong & well-conditioned hair, therefore having more of carrots in your diet can ensure such healthy scalp [6].


7. Sour Curd

Many of you might be aware of its topical use in keeping hair straight, add shine & inhibit hair fall. If taken orally, it can do even more wonders in keeping he body in good shape & hair health on peak. Not just it thwarts hair loss but keeps them soft, shin & smooth also. Therefore, have 1 cup of curd daily & find your hair problem giving up soon. You may even consume it by mixing with other fruits juice & preparing its smoothie [7].

Sour Curd

8. Have More Of Copper & Zinc

Although our body require only a small amount of copper but it is enough to maintain the crucial functioning of the body which includes healthy hair growth also. Sufficient amount of copper in the body add to the hair volume & checks hair loss. Moreover, copper intensifies hair color & keep a check on premature greying also. Another important mineral is zinc that plays a major role in the production of new cells on the scalp thus keeping problem of flakiness at distant. You can have black sesame seeds to fulfill copper & zinc’s deficiency [8].

Have More Of Copper & Zinc

9. Have Foods Rich In Vitamin B Complex

Vitamins B complex bears a deep meaning in the maintenance of healthy-looking, strong hair. As it is important for healthy hair, make sure you have it more often to let your live healthily. Some of the popular sources of vitamin B complex are fish, eggs, milk, spinach, broccoli, fortified cereals and nuts. From now onwards, have these sources more often and notice a decrease in the rate of hair fall over time [9] .


10. Sufficient Amount Of Iron Intake

Iron plays an important role in carrying air to the hair roots. Inadequate intake of iron can cause the hair follicles to starve thus leading to show the signs of various hair problems. You can see the visible result of depleted iron as hair loss in pre-menopausal women. Therefore, to solve this problem, consume more & more of iron containing foods such as egg yolk, lean red meat, poultry, tune, whole grains & dried fruits. Another iron rich source is prune that helps to improve the quality of hair besides controlling hair fall [10].

Sufficient Amount Of Iron Intake

11. Diet Should Be High In Sulphur Content

From head to toe, sulphur is one such nutrient that is found in our nails, skin & hair. It is often regarded as the “nature’s beauty mineral” also. Its aim is to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation & promote hair growth. Moreover, it also plays a major role in the metabolism of vitamin B complex. Its deficiency results in hair loss, brittle hair & nail & also dry skin. Some of the sulphur products are eggs, garlic, seaweed, sprouts, kelp, turnips & onions [11].