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11 Effective Natural Ways To Kick Alcohol Addiction

Kicking the addiction of alcohol is a tough job, but it is not impossible. If you have decided to quit alcohol addiction, it is undoubtedly a wise decision. All of us are aware of the fact that alcohol addiction is not at all good for our health. It can cause several health problems like kidney problem, liver damage, pancreatitis, anxiety disorder, impotence, heart disease, reduced immunity and cirrhosis along with spoiling your social life.

Traditional rehabilitation techniques are always not enough to kick the habit of alcoholism as these techniques mostly address the symptoms, not the root cause of the addiction. Though there are no fixed remedies that can cure alcohol addiction, but there are number of natural approaches that can help you quit this unhealthy drinking habit that spoils your physical and mental health.

Natural Remedies For Kicking Alcohol Addiction:

1. Set Goals And Prepare Yourself For The Change

It is not easy to give up drinking alcohol in one go if you are addicted to it. You will need strong will power to quit this unhealthy habit. You can’t transform your drinking habit overnight. Recovery from alcohol addiction is a gradual process. Cut back your alcohol consumption every day. Eventually with strong determination you will be able to give up drinking [1].

Set goals

2. Keep Yourself Occupied

Once you have determined to give up drinking, keep yourself occupied with some other activities like swimming, playing badminton, jogging or exercising. Exercise is the best way to keep yourself engaged and divert your mind from addiction. It will stimulate the brain and help you feel good by releasing dopamine.

Keep yourself occupied

3. Keep Your Mouth Busy

Keep your mouth busy by chewing gums, eating crunchy foods like carrot, cucumber, apple and other raw foods or salads. This will reduce your urge for drinking and also improve your digestion and overall health. Also restrict yourself from smoking. Smoking can stimulate the urge for drinking [3].

Keep your mouth busy

4. Increase Juice Diet

Replace your body’s urge to drink alcohol with a healthy juice diet. Continue drinking fresh juices for at least 10 days. It will help you to crave less for alcohol and gradually you will stop missing them. Moreover, drinking juices will also improve your health, and fill your body with energy and vitality. Quitting drinking will be easy when you feel good. Try juices like apple juice, pineapple or orange juice [4].

Increase juice diet

5. Grape Diet

Grape diet is an effective remedy to kick alcohol addiction. When you feel the urge for drinking alcohol, drink a glass of grape juice or eat some grapes. Grapes are so useful for controlling alcohol addiction because they contain the purest form of alcohol-making agent. Not only this, grapes are also high in potassium which helps in liver detoxification. Grapes have amazing cleansing power which helps to remove toxins from the liver. Grapes are considered to be the best natural cure for alcohol addiction [5].

Grape diet

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6. Take A Healthy Balanced Diet

Malnutrition often leads to emotional imbalances like depression and loneliness, which are often the basic cause of alcoholism. Never skip a meal; it simply increases your craving for drinking. A balance diet comprised of all essential nutrients from whole grains, vegetables, nuts and cereal etc. can help to improve a person’s state of mind. You will naturally have less desire for drinking when your stomach is satisfied and content [6].

healthy balanced diet

7. Take Vitamins And Supplements

Lack of nutrients in your body can increase alcohol dependency. Taking certain vitamin supplements, particularly B vitamins and vitamin C, can reduce your dependency on alcohol and also help to deal with withdrawal symptoms. Taking proper rest and sleeping well is beneficial for kicking alcohol addiction [7].

vitamins and supplements

8. Drink Celery Juice

Having half a glass of celery juice mixed with half glass of water daily can help to give up alcohol drinking as it helps to suppress the sugar cravings that crops up when you try to limit your alcohol intake. Continue drinking celery juice for a month for convincing results [8].

Drink celery juice

9. Dates

Dates are another effective natural remedy for quitting alcohol addiction. Crush some dates in water and drink daily to get rid of addiction. It will also help to get rid of sugar cravings that usually increase when you try to quit drinking. Also include sunflower seeds, nuts like raw almonds, cashew nuts etc. in your diet, which helps to stabilize blood sugar level resulting from alcohol cravings [9].


10. Buttermilk

A glass of buttermilk mixed with 3 tsp bitter guard juice is another great natural remedy for quitting alcohol addiction. Drinking this mixture on empty stomach every morning for one month will not only help to kick off drinking but also repairs liver damage that has been caused by drinking alcohol [10].


11. Yoga

Alternative therapies like yoga and meditation are helpful in relaxing the body and mind. Practicing these therapies will help to give up your dependence on alcohol. When you will feel relaxed, you will not feel the urge for drinking [11].


Once you are successful in kicking alcohol addiction, you will experience new sense of empowerment and confidence.