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11 Fat Burning Superfood Ideal In Enhancing Weight Loss

Today Obesity is  Common amongst Kids, Teenagers and Elderly. Many reasons like Sedantary Lifestyle, Unhealthy Food and Irregular Exercises are often attributed to Obesity. Body needs certain BMI Index for Sustaining healthy organs and Optimising its Functions. When body has Excess fat it affects organs and lowers its Functions making one prone to Disease and Ealy death. A healthy Organ and Lifestyle need Balanced Carbohydrates, Fibers, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants.

Top Fat burning foods have Thermogenic effect and are loaded with Carbohydrates and Other nutrients which are vital in Reducing Fat content in Body. Carbohydrate is Essential in Giving sustained energy without increasing Fat. These fat Burning food plays Vital role in Boosting Metabolism, Burning Fat, Curbing its formation over time giving Fitter body. Right Exercise combined Healthy Diet and Active lifestlye can aide in Increasing Body’s Fat burning potential.Lets learn about such Superfood for Prolonging Life sans Disease.

Good Fat Eliminating Food Essential For Everyone:

1. Berry

Berry has Antioxidants, Fiber, Water making it Healthy and Essential [1]. Being Rich in Fiber, it slows Down Digestion which Is Excellent Hunger supressor and Energy Booster. Antioxidants have proven beneficial in Limiting Oxidation, Promoting Fat Burning, Weight loss, Curbing sudden spike of Blood Pressure, Sugar, High Cholestrol. This healthy food is must in Everyone’s diet for Leading active life.


2. Cinammon:

It is Healthy Spice rich in Nutrients like Fiber and Iron [2]. Cinnamon holds properties which gives it good Healing Powers. This  may aide in Reducing Appetite, Cholestrol, Curbing Hunger, Regulating Blood sugar and Cholestrol. Any Food Low in Cholestrol and Fat is good in burning Fat which is Beneficial in Inducing Weight loss. Cinnamon curbs High Insulin which inturn Lowers Diabetes, Reduces Excess Fat storgae, Boosts metabolism. This makes Cinammon Ideal Fat Burner when one wants to lose Weight in Obesity.


3. Coffee:

Coffee is Effective Metabolism booster and Mood enhancer [3]. Caffeine holds Immense HealthBenefits making it New Superfood. Magnesium and Chromium are minerals which are Effective in Improving Insulin health and Curbing Weight Gain, Lowering Blood Sugar which holds key to losing weight in  Any weight Reduction diet. Research shows Coffee Boosts Weight loss and Burns more Fat as its Low in Calories.


4. Egg

Egg is protein Rich food having Vitamin B 12 and vital Nutrients [4]. This healthy food can aide in Weight loss when its consumed in Limit. Fat is bad and Excess fat harms overall Health. Egg is Beneficial in Increasing Metabolism, Managing Weight and Burning Fat. It must be included in Daily diet.


5. Greek Yogurt

Most yogurt is Good source of Calcium and Protein [5]. Greek yogurt is Healthiest yogurt Variant amongst all. Yogurt can be beneficial in Supressing Hunger for Longer time reducing  constant Craving for Food. Proteins may also burn Calories faster making it Beneficial in Weight loss. Yougurt can be taken daily for reaping best health benefits.

Greek Yogurt

6. Green Tea

Its the tea having Immense health benefits [6]. Catechin is Antioxidant in Greent tea which has proven Benenficial in Reducing Oxidation, Enhancing Metabolism, Enhancing Weight loss, Starting fat burning. Research shows Green Tea is Good For weight Management as it doesnt Lower bone Density and  Increases  Disease resistance.  3-4 Cups of Green tea daily is good for Strenghening Health.

green tea

7. Hot Pepper:

This spice is widely used in Asian and Mexican Cuisines [7]. Hot pepper is Abundant in Capsaicin which can be Beneficial for health. Heat in Pepper may aide in Curbing Appetite, enhancing Metabolism and Burn more calories than usual. It must be Included in diet though in Limit as excess of Hot Pepper may affect adeversely.

Hot Pepper

8. Oatmeal:

Oatmeal is wholesome food which has Fiber, Antioxidants and Water [8]. Fiber is Essential in Cholestrol Reduction and Slows Digestion which Reduces hunger for longer time Giving  Feeling of Fullness. These qualites makes Oatmeal Superfood which is Essnetial and Vital in Diet.


9. Pear:

All fruits have Low Calorie, High Fiber, water and Pear has Same Nutrients [9]. The Skin of Pear has fiber which is Vital in Burning fat, Speeding up Calorie Burning, Incereasing weight loss in Obesity and Limiting Hunger. Its best to eat Pear when its taken as seasonal fruit.


10. Salad

Salad is made of Fruits and Vegetables [10]. If Salad is taken before Dinner or Lunch its Beneficial in Stopping Overeating. When one consumes Salad one eats Lesser than Usual.  It is healthy but eating Salad is an Acquired Habit which must be develpoed over time.


11. Quinoa

Qunioa is Wholegrain food rich in Fiber, Protein, zinc, Selenium, Iron and more. Being nutrient enriched food, it Efficiently helps in burning Calories and Slowing Digestion [11]. Its known Wholegrain Foods my aide in elevating feeling of Fullness and Giving weight loss, Keeping Check on Weight giving Optimum weight management in Obesity. Quinoa is Ideal breakfast Choice for People who want to lose Weight and maintain that weight without increasing Fat in body.


A healthy weight automatically guarantees Fitter life without and Mediciation and Disease. Its Time to Embrace such Changes in Food and live Long and Healthy life in this ever Changing world.