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11 Grave Symptoms Highly Common In Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is mental disease inflicting brain. Its recognisable with enhanced frequency of mood swings and depression lasting over longer periods. All mental diseases are herited genetically so is bipolar disease. This disorder strikes when one has undergone child abuse and is exposed to stress for prolonged time but its risk increases significantly when its affected your near ones. Bipolar condition is divided in two phases, first being mild and latter being grave in nature.

First phase is termed as bipolar and second one is depression.  Its possible to identify  bipolar disorder by certain obvious signs which may seem normal but it can be advent of bipolar disease. Proper medication and care can ease life  in  this condition.

Vital Indicators Which Trigger Onset Of Bipolar:

1. Extreme Mood Elevation:

Mood swings happens to everyone. When mood swings like euphoria, happiness, sadness and irritation happens frequently and persists for longer periods. These are  warning signs indicating initation of bipolar disorder. In normal situations, these feelings pass bringing normalcy but in bipolar disease, feelings change frequnently  making one more prone towards irritatbility. It can be said lack of emotional control can have dangerous consequences in bipolar [1].

Extreme Mood Elevation

Main Point– Healthy mind is fostered when one has happy thoughts. Happy thought is equivalent to sane mind and life.

2. Incessent Talking:

Some people are talkative in general. Another vital sign to recognise bipolar is when person starts talking  fast and continuosly without stopping. Fast talking characterised by quick, loud, incomprehensible, disjointed and wide coverage of many topics is common in bipolar patients. Its important to contain it as bipolar’s progression can lead to very little or no talk in advanced phase. Talking is good as it frees mind but in such condition it may deteriorate bipolar condition [2].

Main Point– Being talkative is good but when its incomprehensible and continuos, its sign of bipolar disorder.

Incessent Talking

3. Sudden Energy Surge:

Energy helps in doing everyday activity. Fatigue is common after day’s work signalling one’s  need to rest. In bipolar condition, there is excessive energy surge when person becomes more active than usual foregoing rest. When it becomes serious, energy surge changes into fatigue which dips energy levels. Body needs balanced energy  for optimising health benefits which is necessity in managing health in bipolar disorder [3].

Main Point– Some people are naturally energetic. When person is energetic but doesnt know when to stop. Its dangerous for health and mind.

Sudden Energy Surge

4. Sleep Deprivation:

Sleep of 6-8 hours is essential to suatain healthy mind and body. Insomnia or sleeping very little is essential symptom of bipolar disease. Sleep becomes a luxury and not a necessity as person may not want to sleep. This can aide in increasing risk of insomnia in long run affecting brain [4].

Main Point– Doctors suggest sleep can overcome any ailment. Body without sleep cant fucntion well and it can worsen bipolar signs.

 Sleep Deprivation

5. Feeling Of Overconfidence:

There is fine line between confidence and over confidence. One may suddenly become overconfident in bipolar disorder contrary to one’s nature. This is vital sign of bipolar disorder. One may not have potential yet may exuberate and boost doing everything is signalling towards Overconfidence. Overconfidence is  good when one knows its limitations and containable. This differntiation becomes difficult in bipolar disoder [5].

Main Point– Everything needs to be done with confidence. Confidence uplifts morale but overconfidence can also lead to morale loss.

6. Reckless Behaviour:

Being responsible means doing things according to one’s own limitation. A behaviour becomes reckless when habit and frequency  of overspending on shopping, fast driving, and spending savings on travelling becomes common. Its often done on impulse without any thought and regret, sometimes purely for self gratification. This is another warning that person has bipolar disorder [6].

Main Point– Its good to be on best and sane behaiour to counter any situation. In bipolar disorder, this recklessness may pose threat to one’s own wellbeing.

Reckless Behaviour

7. Harbouring Suicidal Tendencies:

Person who suffers from bipolar disorder may contemplate suicide or have such tendencies at some point in life. Suicidial feelings gets elevated when one has depression. Depression increases neagtivity drawing person towards suicides or its tendencies. A new study reveals frontal cortex stops working in bipolar disorder which leads to emotional pain increasing chances of suicides [7].

Main Point– Life is meant to be lived. Suicide is not solution but an easy way out of problems.

 Harbouring Suicidal Tendencies

8. Elevated Sadness:

Being happy is way to good health and life. Sadness is known elevator of depression and negative thinking woresning bipolar symptom. Negative approach to life poses risk for health in long run. A happy mind is needed in bipolar to overcome negative approach of life [8].

Main Point– Its important to do things which bring happiness to negate negative thinking. This may foster positive thinking and happiness in mind.

Elevated Sadness

9. Sudden Withdrawal:

One needs company to live and uplift mind. This becomes impossible in bipolar disorder. Here, sudden withdrawal from society, family and pleasurable things become foremost sign of bipolar disorder. A Person who enjoyed life and was outgoing suddenly may start withdrawing  from social life and pleasing activities becoming reclusive and aloof. Life sans activity draws person towards depression further increasing withdrawal phenomena [9].

Main Point– Best way to know if person has bipolar disorder is to follow behaviour around people.

Sudden Withdrawal

10. Difficulty in Cognition:

Memory is greatest gift. All brain diseases damage memory weakeaning it in process likeswise weak memory is potent sign of bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder induces concentration loss, weakeans cognition and affects decision making. These can weakaen memory, commonly experienced in bipolar disorder. Brain supports coordination and weak memory can limit coordination afflicting it over time. Memory is greatest tool which needs to be preserved for bettering life [10].

Main Point– Its good to boost brain power by doing brain exercises and meditation which strengthen brain, cognititon and manage brain health.

Difficulty in Cognition

11. Experiencing Personality Disorder:

Sometime people with bipolar ailment may also suffer from personality disorders. Personality disorder normally pinpoints towards mental disease. In this condition, unhealthy thinking, behavioural patterns often rigid in outlook becomes common. This changes person’s outloook, relation while handling situations leading to change in its nature. This becomes important indicator of bipolar disorder [11].

Experiencing Personality Disorder

Main Point– Personality disorders are complex issues and one needs to deal with it to lower mental ailments.

Healthy brain is mandatory for active and disease free life. Its not easy to contain bipolar disorder but knowing its signs may aide in forewarning and lessening its impact and  progression.