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11 Simple Dietary Changes To Prevent Bloating

 Having a big belly makes you look fatty. Fat deposits in the stomach are not good for health. The stomach can look fatty due to bloating. Women cannot wear swimsuits at the pool and beach if they have a big belly. Many people wear big sized dresses to hide their distended stomach area. The main cause of bloating is overeating, poor eating habits, indigestion, constipation and stress. When the food we eat is not digested properly, there is gas along with bloating. You may feel embarrassed when you can’t wear your favorite dresses due to a bloated tummy. It is important to take steps to fight this problem so that the stomach does not become big and fatty. Making changes in the diet will help in fulfilling this purpose. We will suggest some tips for this.

Following Are The 11 Simple Dietary Changes To Prevent Bloating

1. Control Portion Size

Overeating and eating large amounts of foods leads to bloating. Control the portion size of foods you eat by taking less amount of food in a single serving. Eat small meals and don’t do overeating.

Control Portion Size

2. Avoid Carbohydrate Foods

Foods that contain carbohydrates are known to cause bloating. Such foods attract water, which can make the stomach big and bloated. Reduce the intake of pasta, cereal and other carbohydrate foods or avoid them totally.

Avoid Carbohydrate Foods

3. Take Salt Free Foods

Eating salty foods can cause bloating. Avoid such foods. Reduce the intake of salt in the diet. Use salt free seasonings. Don’t add extra salt on top of foods you eat. Do not eat processed foods as they have very high salt content.

Take Salt Free Foods

4. Eat Cooked Vegetables

People who like to eat raw vegetables suffer from bloating. Avoid doing this. Instead of that, you should take properly cooked vegetables. Cooking the veggies helps in digesting it in a better way.

Eat Cooked Vegetables

5. Take Digestive Aids

Sometimes, bloating occurs due to indigestion. For solving this problem, take digestion improving spices and herbs. Include ginger in your diet. Eat fennel seeds after having meals. Drink peppermint tea to improve the digestion.

Chew Ginger Everyday

6. Drink Lemon Juice

Drinking lemon juice or lemon water helps in removing excess fluid from our body. For this, you need to mix lemon juice with lukewarm water and drink it. It will help in fighting constipation, cleaning the intestine and giving relief in bloating.

Lemon Juice

7. Avoid Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks like cola contain lot of fizz, which is nothing but bubbles that causes bloated stomach. Thus, avoid taking carbonated drinks. Instead of that, choose healthy non-carbonated drinks. The best option to prevent bloating is to drink plain water.

Avoid Carbonated Drinks

8. Avoid Gassy Foods

Foods like broccoli, cabbage, whole wheat, milk, ice cream, beans and onions are known to produce gas leading to the problem of bloating. Avoid all such types of gas producing foods. Instead of that, take fruits and vegetables that don’t produce gas.

Avoid Gassy Foods

9. Avoid Foods With Sugar Alcohol

Foods containing sugar alcohols are likely to cause the problem of bloating. Read the food labels before buying sugary foods and check if they contain sugar alcohol. Avoid buying sugarless and low sugar foods as they can cause bloating.

Avoid Foods With Sugar Alcohol

10. Avoid Allergy Causing Foods

People who are allergic to foods that contain lactose and fructose can have bloating. Avoid milk and fruit juice if you are allergic to it. Some people have bloating on eating eggs and wheat. Don’t eat such foods that cause allergy.

Allergy Causing Foods

11. Eat Yogurt

Eating yogurt is very beneficial in fighting bloating. The dairy food contains high amounts of good bacteria, which removes gas from the stomach and improves digestion. Take plain and unflavored yogurt without adding any extra thing in it.