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11 Superfood Highly Efficient In Strengthening Memory In Aging Brain


Its need of the Hour to Manage  Healthy Brain  from Young age to Retain Memory in old Age. Memory like Body  starts losing Its Efficiency and Sharpness after Certain age Paving way for Brain Degeneration and Memory Loss.  Brain is part of Central Nervous System which Controls and Coordinates Body’s Activities and Responses. Many factors like Brain Diseases, Injury, Autoimmune Disorders, Stroke can Weakean Brain affecting its Cognition and Attentiveness. In Aging, Brain stops Developing  and it Needs Balanced diet to Sustain its Vigour and Vitality.

A Diet rich in Omega 3, Antioxidants, Vitamins andMinerals, Magnesium, Carbohydrate, Tryptophan have Proven Beneficial in Healthy Brain Management. An Incorporation of Meditation, Brain Healthy Exercises followed by Destressed mind are Good way to Strengthen Brain and Memory.

Ideal Brain Healthy Food Essential In Everday Diet:

1. Avocado:

Avocado is Brain Enriching food rich in Vitamin K, B, C, Folate, Protein and Monosaturated Fat [1]. A Healthy Blood flow is Essential to Optimise Functions and Manage Healthy Brain. Monosaturated Fats can Speed up Blood flow which Can curb Blood Clots, Improve Cognition, Enhance Concentration, Memory and Rekindle Awakening of Brain Cells in Aging Brain. A study shows Healthy Blood Pressure management ensures Low Cholesterol and Plaque Build up which can Boost Cognition, Memory and Strengthen Overall Brain in Old age.


2. Blueberry:

Most Berries are Potent Source of Vitamin C, K, Fiber and other Nutrients. Blueberry is No exception having Similar Qualities but its More beneficial for Brain [2]. Blueberry is Needed by Brain for Limiting Free radical Damages, Lowering Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Improving Cognition and Memory in Aging Brain. This Nutrition rich Blueberry holds Gallic Acid which Benefits in Enhancing Learning, Boosting Muscle Function, Guarding Brain against Oxidative Stress and Degeneration.  2 or More Servings of Blueberry is Highly Effective Brain Enhancing Food.


3. Broccoli:

Broccoli is Abundant in Brain Enriching Nutrients like Vitamin C, K, B 6,B 12, Antioxidant and Choline [3]. Vitamin K holds Potential to Contain Blood clot which Lowers Cases of Brain Inflammation and Dieases. Broccoli is Excellent Memory Sharpener, Mental Alertness Booster and Healthy Central nervous System Giver which is good For Brain health. Broccoli must be Eaten for Increasing Blood flow from Heart to brain for Living Disease free Life.


4. Caffeinated Drinks:

Most Caffeine Oriented drinks like Coffee are good in Giving Energy to Brain [4]. Coffee holds Benefit of Short term yet Instantaneous Effect in Awakening, Boosting  Mental Alertness and Elevating Brain’s Feel good Factor. Coffee, mostly is Preferred choice for Drink in Mornings.

Caffeinated Drinks

5. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is Efficient in Enriching Brain’s Efficiency [5]. Inflammation, when it becomes Persistent and Unstoppable over time can affect Overall health as well as Brain. New study Shows Coconut oil when Applied can Lower Inflammation Boosting Brain’s Blood Flow and Reducing Memory Loss Signs. These can be Used Regularly in Food for  Achieving healthy and Active Brain.

Apply Coconut Oil

6. Dark Chocolate:

Choclate is Most liked Food having Endorphin, Antioxidant, Caffeine, Antioxidant, Cocoa and Flavonoid [6]. Dark Choclate has more Benefits than White Choclate because they have between 50 – 70% Cocoa, Flavonoids and Caffeine. Dark Choclate holds edge over Most Choclates making It Necessary in Giving Healthy Brain as well as Lowering Cholesterol and Heart health.

Caffeine in Choclate aides in Enhancing Mood, Concentration and Easing Blood flow from Heart to Brain. Blood flow is Essential in Boosting Brain Health and Curbing Inflammation which Increases Memory and Cognition. Dark Choclate is Healthy but it Should be Consumed in Limit for Reaping best Benefits.

Dark Chocolate

7. Fish:

Omega 3 Fatty Acids are Essential Giver of Healthy Heart, Brain Smoothening Their Function [7]. Fish has Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Nutrients, Selenium, DHA, Protein, Vitamin B. DHA is Effective Optimiser of Brain Health and Reducer of Age Related Ailments which Afflict Brain. Salmon is River sfish having Most Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Nutrients which Lessens Anti Inflammation in Brain and Heart Improving Their Health. Its known DHA can Strenghten Brain’s Concentration and Cognition, Reduce Dementia, Delay Mental decline and Boost Memory in Old age.


8. Green Tea:

Gren Tea is Second Healthiest tea after White Tea [8]. Most Green Tea has Antioxidants like Catcechin which are Good health Boosters for Giving anything from Healthy Heart to Brain. There is theory that Anything good for Heart is Equally Beneficial for Brain. Study suggests Drinking more Green Tea Prolongs Brain’s Memory and Limits Plaque Formation which leads to Alzheimer’s in Old age.

The Presense of Antioxidants can Start Cell renewal which may Decrease Disease, Strengthen Brain’s Concentration Power, Enhance Cognition and Memory Giving healthier Brain. 2-5 cups of Green tea has Proven good for Everyone.

Green Tea

9. Nuts:

Nuts have are Source of Vitamin E and Antioxidants. Most Nuts hold qualities which makes it Brain Healthy Food for Every age [9]. A study reveals Higher the Vitamin E more it Delays Memory loss Common in Alzheimer’s and Aging. In Old Age, Nuts also Strengthen Cognition, Boost Memory, Mental Alertness and Slows down Alzheimer’s Risk. All nuts are good but Walnuts are must in Any diet.


10. Sugar Enriched Drink:

Glucose is Good Carbohydrate which Enhances Brain [10]. Glucose is Abundant in Drinks like Fruit Juice. According to Study, Glucose can Possibly Strenghten Memory  Temporarily boosting Brain’s Thought and Cognition Power by Lowering Cholesterol. Sweetened Drink when taken in Morning can Instantly Elevate Mood and Awaken Sleeping Brain.

Sugar Enriched Drink

11. Whole Grain Food:

The best Available which is Good for Weight, Cholesterol and Brain and other organs [11]. Whole Grain food has Dietary Fiber and Vitamin E. Dietary fiber is Efficient in Lowering Cholesterol by Containing Glucose Intake. New study suggests Lower Glucose and Cholesterol are Interconnected with Brain as it can Start Memory Enhancement in Aging Brain reducing Risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s in Long run. Whole grain food is Must for anyone Desiring Active and Sharp Brain for Life.

Whole Grain Food

Brain needs to be in Optimum Condition for Easing Aging of Body as well as Mind. We cannot Stop Brain Aging but Taking these Food along with Healthy lifestyle may  act as Memory Sharpener, Cognition booster even in Old age. An Increased life Expectency makes Brain Health more important than Ever for Living Agile and Active Life.