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11 Top Natural Remedies In Your Kitchen


What it would be if you get natural remedies directly from your kitchen? Surely it would be nice as the natural remedies are best for our body. A natural remedy does not have any side effects like chemical medicines. So, try to use natural remedies much in your problems.

Here Are 11 Top Natural Remedies From Your Kitchen

Potato On Your Burns

Do you burn your hands or any body part during cooking in your kitchen? Don’t worry so much. Try a home remedy to sooth your burns. Apply ice cold water on your burn continuously. It will give you a cooling effect and lessens the chance of forming blisters on your skin. Now take a potato and peel the skin of it. Now make pulp of raw potato and apply this pulp on the burn place. It is a ideal home remedy for burn from your kitchen.


Sugar On Your Cuts:

Often we have cuts in our fingers when we are peeling or chopping the vegetables in our kitchen with lots of blood in the wound. Try this useful home remedy to stop blood. Wash the wound with clean water first and then tie your wounds with a piece of cloth applying 1 tea spoon of sugar on it.


Onion On Bee Sting:

Do you have bee sting wounds in any of your body parts and it has a lot of pain? An easy and simple natural remedy is for you directly from your kitchen. Cut one onion in to halves. Peel the skin off. Now rub this onion on your wound. You will get soothed a few minutes after.


Apply Vanilla On Your Burns:

Do you have Vanilla Essence in your kitchen? It is a very useful thing indeed. Normally it is used as a flavoring agent for cakes and ice cream to increase their taste. But it is also good for your burns too. If you have minor burns in your hands or any other body parts apply vanilla essence on it. It will sooth your wound and prevents blister formation.


Clove For Tooth Ache:

Some times we have toothache and it pains a lot. You can take pain killers for that. But so much pain killers are not good for our health. Try this natural remedy from your kitchen. Make paste from few cloves and apply this paste on affected teeth. The clove oil will sooth the pain and also gives you comfort from tooth ache as we all know that clove is very good for teeth.


Banana To Sooth Your Burn:

When we have burn on any of the body part and it has a pain on it. Now take a mashed banana and apply it over your burn. When you apply it on your burn on your body it will give you instant cooling effect.


Natural Remedy For Ant Or Bee Sting Direct From Your Kitchen:

Prepare a mixture of one pinch of chewing tobacco and few drops of water. Mix it well to make a thick paste. Now apply this paste immediately and directly to the place where the ant or bee sting. Then cover the place with band aid to hold the mixture or the paste right in its place. You will get relief from your pain in just a few minutes.


Apple Cider Vinegar For Burns:

Have you a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar in your kitchen. It is good for cooking as well as it is a natural home remedy for your burns also. If you apply apple cider vinegar on your burns it will prevent the formation of blister in the burn place.

Apple Cider

Lemon Water For Indigestion:

Lemon is a very good natural remedy for indigestion problem. If you have indigestion problem due to heavy dinner or lunch don’t take antacids or any artificial things for that. Try this natural home remedy to get cure from indigestion. Take a cup of Luke warm water. Now mix two tea spoons of fresh lemon juice in to it and a pinch of salt in it. Drink this mixture to get relief from indigestion instantly.

Lemon Water

Olive Oil To Soothe Your Sunburn:

Many times you get sunburn on your skin. Use a natural home remedy to cure it. Just pick up olive oil from your kitchen and take few drops from it. Apply it gradually on the place of sunburn. The cell regeneration property of olive oil will cure the sunburn after few applications. olive oil

Heal Your Wound With Turmeric:

Turmeric is famous for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties besides it uses in cooking. If you have wounds with burn or cuts just make a paste with turmeric and apply it over the wound. It will heal your wound quickly.