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12 Amazing Ways To Use Figs As Natural Remedy

Figs As Natural Remedy

Figs or anjeer as they are popularly known are fruits that are packed with fibers, minerals and vitamins in abundance. They offer as host of healing properties as well. Figs are sweet fruits with a bell shape and a leathery and wrinkled skin. They come in variety of shape, size and color. Figs are nature’s substitute for sugar and considered to be very healthy and nutritious. Not only the fruit, but fig leaves are also edible and offer multiple health benefits.

Check Out These 12 Amazing Ways In Which Figs Can Be Used As Natural Remedy:

As A Cure For Constipation

Figs are an extremely good source of fibers making them ideal for use as natural remedy for constipation. Fibers are helpful in promoting regular and healthy bowel function, thereby preventing constipation. Moreover fiber also adds volume to the bowel movements and hence eliminates irregular bowel movements and risks of diarrhoea.

Prevents Constipation

Lowers Cholesterol

Figs are rich in soluble fiber called pectin. As the fiber moves down the digestive tract it removes any excess deposits of cholesterol and takes them to your excretory system for elimination from the body. The presence of fiber in figs stimulates bowel movements and has a laxative effect.

cholesterol level

Natural Remedy For Diabetes

The abundance of fibers in fig also makes them beneficial for controlling diabetes. Even eating fig leaves helps to bring down the level of insulin in the body and extremely helpful for diabetic persons who take insulin injections regularly. Also the potassium that you get from figs helps in regulating the sugar amount absorbed by the body after eating your meals.


Aids Weight Loss

Eating figs is beneficial when you desire to lose weight. The fiber content in figs help in reducing weight as it keeps you full for longer hours and curbs unhealthy snacking. Eating 2-3 figs is healthy and gives you the desired dose of nutrients. Overdoing it can however, result in weight gain as they are high on calories.

Weight loss

Relieves Hypertension

High sodium and low potassium level in the body causes hypertension. Figs are rich in potassium and low in sodium and therefore the perfect and natural remedy to counter hypertension. Eating figs also has calming effect on the nerves in the body.

Relieves Hypertension

Curbs Venereal Diseases

Figs have always been used as a traditional remedy for venereal diseases. Topical application or eating figs gives respite from sexually transmitted diseases.

Good In Bronchitis

Natural chemicals present in fig leaves makes it suitable for use as a tea base. Fig leaf tea is prescribed as a natural cure for respiratory conditions such as bronchitis. Besides, it also helps to prevent and reduce the symptoms of asthma.

Good In Bronchitis

Cure For Sexual Dysfunction

Use of figs as a cure for sexual dysfunction like erectile dysfunction, sterility and endurance is very old and time-tested. It is also considered as a powerful sexual or fertility supplement. Soak 2-3 figs in a cup of milk and eat next morning to improve sexual abilities naturally.

Relieves Throat Pain

Figs are also a good source of mucilage that aids in protecting and healing sore throats. The natural juices present in figs can soothe any stress on your vocal chords and also relieve pain.

Relieves Throat Pain

Strengthens Bone

Figs are loaded with calcium that is very crucial component for strengthening of bones. It also reduces the risk of osteoporosis. The potassium content in figs helps in bone formation and regrowth.

Strengthens Bone

Treat Warts

Figs work great as natural treatment for warts. The milk in figs, especially unripe ones has good anti-viral properties that make it suitable for applying on warts.

Treat Warts

Curing Eye Infection

Fig milk has super beneficial anti viral properties. Therefore using milk of figs on infected eye helps in reducing pain and inflammation. Simply dilute it with water and apply on your inflamed eye to get relief.

Curing Eye Infection

The benefit of figs does not end here. These were the top uses of this wonder fruit as natural remedy. In addition to this figs are also used for aiding digestion, relieves stomach ache, fever, boils and superb for your liver.