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12 Effective Home Remedies For Numbness Of Hands And Feet


The problem of numbness in hands and feet is very common and it occurs when there is a reduce in the blood circulation to that area due to which that body part becomes numb for some time. There are other factors as well that can cause the problem of numbness in hands and feet and these factors are inactive life style. Smoking, thyroid problems, diabetes, nervous compression, nutritional deficiencies, exposure to cold, migraine attacks, alcohol, no work out and exercise etc.

The common symptom of the problem is numb hand and feet followed by tingling sensation which can make you feel weak. A few occurrences of numbness is quite common but if the problem is occurring frequently then it could be a warning sign of health problems affecting the blood vessels. You can however improve the situation easily by using the following home remedies regularly.

Here Are Effective Home Remedies For Numbness Of Hands And Feet:

1. Warm Compress

Exposure to cold atmospheres for longer times results into causing the numbness of hands and feet and therefore a very practical way to treat this problem is to use a hot compress. Apply a hot compress directly on the affected body part to improve the blood flow and to get rid of the symptoms effectively.

Warm Compress

2. Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is very effective in treating the problem of poor blood circulation. Not only this, it effective reduces the tingling sensation and increases the health of muscles as well. Therefore warm some mustard oil and massage it over the affected body parts every day to prevent the problem.

Mustard Oil

3. Coconut Oil

Massage with coconut oil is also a very great and effective home remedy for treating the problem of numbness of hands and feet. Coconut oil increases the muscle health and provides useful nutrients to the body to prevent further occurrence. Therefore follow this remedy to get relief.

Coconut oil

4. Epsom Salt

By using Epsom salt you can improve the circulation of you entire body and then the problem of numbness can be treated easily. Not only this, Epsom salt also provides you relief from the pain in the muscles and helps in treating the weakness very effectively. Therefore it is advisable to soak the body in bathing water containing Epsom salt to get relief.

Epsom salt

5. Turmeric Powder

Make a paste of turmeric powder and apply it over the numb areas of your body. Turmeric will help in treating all kinds of injuries and will strengthen your muscles to provide relief. Not only this, turmeric is also a very great remedy to improve the blood flow in the blood vessels. You can also ingest turmeric by adding it your daily routine.

Turmeric Powder

6. Cinnamon

You can also use cinnamon powder to improve the health and flow of blood in the body. This product reduces the inflammation on the blood vessels which in turn reduces the problem of numbness in hands and feet. Not only this, cinnamon powder is also very useful in treating inflammation and pain in the body. Drink cinnamon tea daily to add its benefits to your life.

Cinnamon Powder

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7. Avocado

Avocados are rich in several minerals including magnesium which is required to improve the blood flow in the body and the deficiency of this mineral is often associated with the problem of numbness. Therefore consume avocados on a regular basis to treat the deficiencies and to get rid of the problem completely.


8. Soy Beans

Soy bean is a very useful product for your body. The content soy bean helps in increasing the bone and muscle health and also prevents the occurrence of numbness in the body. Consumption of soy bean on regular basis is therefore recommended to get relief.


9. Nuts

Nuts are rich in useful nutrients and omega 3 acids, all these are required for maintaining the health of the blood vessels. Regular consumption of nuts like almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts etc is highly recommended to get relief.


10. Milk And Eggs

Milk and eggs are very useful for making the body strong and improve the health of blood vessels as well. Daily and regular consumption of these products can prevent the occurrence of numb hands and feet completely.

Milk And Eggs

11. Water

Reduce in the water level of the body can also result into tingling sensations and numbness of body parts. Therefore it is very important to keep the body hydrated to prevent these problem and to get relief from weakness as well.

Drink Water

12. Olive Oil

Olive oil provides useful nutrients to your body and improves the internal health of the body muscles. Therefore use of olive oil for cooling food is recommended. Not only this, you can also massage the affected numb areas of the body with a mixture of olive oil and lavender oil to get relief from the symptoms effectively.

Use olive oil