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12 Effective Home Remedies For Treating GERD

Home Remedies For Treating GERD

Gerd or gastroesophageal reflux disease is basically a heartburn that causes a burning sensation at the back of the breastbone and is felt up to the throat. It happens when the valve controlling the flow of acids back into the oesophagus becomes malfunctioned and is unable to control acid flow. Gas, nausea, bloating, abdominal discomfort, sour taste of the mouth are a few symptoms associated with GERD. The best alternatives are simple measures at home, lifestyle changes, and kitchen remedies, which provide long-term relief and soothe the inflammation in the stomach.

The Home Remedies For Treating GERD Are-

Elevate The Head Of The Bed-

Raise the level of the head side of your bed by 6-9 inches, using blocks of mattress wedges. The gravitational pull will force the acids back into the stomach. This remedy is effective for people who constantly suffer from acidity and heartburn and experience trouble in sleeping due to this problem.

Elevate The Head Of The Bed

Eat Smaller Meals-

Large portions make digestion difficult and sluggish. Eating light and smaller meals, especially in the evening will help in better digestion and prevent unnecessary gases from forming in the oesophagus.

Eat Smaller Meals

Weight Control-

Too much weight and flab pushes the stomach and puts too much pressure on the digestive tract forcing the gases up the food pipe and causing irritation and heartburn. So keep the weight under control and lose weight if you are overweight to avoid the problem of GERD.

Weight Control

Avoid Triggers-

Some particular foods do not suit everyone. Garlic, ketchup, mushroom, mint, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, and more could be the triggers behind this acid reflux. So observe what does not suit you and avoid these foods that cause discomfort.

Avoid Triggers

Fennel Seeds-

Chewing a handful of fennel seeds several times a day helps in reducing acidity and heartburn. Make herbal tea using fennel seeds and drink it 2-3 times a day to calm the stomach and control the production of acids.

Fennel Seeds


Ginger tea aids in healthy digestion and prevents the production of excess stomach acid. Ginger can be used to spice the food and help in better digestion and it also calms the nerves that lead to triggers and acid refluxes.



Mint has soothing and cooling properties to calm the stomach. 8-10 leaves of mint can be steeped in water for 15 minutes and then the tea can be drank 2-3 times a day to lessen the indigestion problem.



Vinegar causes the valve controlling the acid flow to close down, thus, preventing the acids from rising into the food pipe. Apple cider vinegar can be drank 1 tsp in a glass of warm water before every meal to control acidity and indigestion.


Aloe Vera-

This plant has some healing and calming properties to digest the unwanted gases and regulate the digestion procedure. It treat inflammation in the digestive tracts and should be drunk 12 a cup before each meal to control overproduction of gases.

Aloe Vera

Cabbage Juice-

Blend some shredded cabbage and sieve the juice, drink this every day empty stomach, till the problem of heartburn in brought under control. Fresh juices of veggies like carrots, beet, cucumbers are all effective in treating heartburn and indigestion.

Cabbage Juice


Milk assimilates unwanted acids and gases in the stomach and stops its overproduction. It is a simple yet effective home remedy for people suffering from heartburn. The milk to be drunk should not be hot.



Chewing 3-4 almonds every day seems to eradicate the problem of acidity. Chewing the almonds properly helps in the release of the almond oil that can provide relief from the stomach acids.
Stop smoking- Smoking triggers heartburn and indigestion problems. So people who suffer from GERD should totally abstain from smoking.