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12 Simple Ways To Fall Asleep Without The Aid Of Sleeping Pills

12 Simple Ways To Fall Asleep Without The Aid Of Sleeping Pills

A good sleep is the best medicine for the body. It helps the body to relax, repair, and the organs get vital time to prepare for the next ongoing functions. This unproductive part of our lives, which we call sleep is highly productive to our system. But unfortunately, sleep does not always come so easily. And it sure throws its tantrums to those who do not take care of their bodies. A good night’s sleep enhances the productivity during the day and people are more energetic and joyful. So how can we get a good night’s sleep without using pills? Let us look beyond the medicine cabinet which has these pills in the foremost pile. The solution is very much around us.

Some Of Them Are :

Lying Awake 

If you don’t fall asleep immediately when you hit the bed, it is best not to waste your time there. What happens is that we start pondering and let our thoughts drift away keeping the mind engaged and in turn aggravating sleeplessness issues. Move around, read, engage yourself in something that makes you tired to the extent you want to go off to sleep.

Sleep Disorders

Warm Bath

A nice warm bath does go a long way in getting you to sleep. The body temperature rises slightly in the bath and then drops when we come out, this mimics the body conditions of sleeping. It becomes easier for the body to unwind and fall asleep.

Warm bath


Like the bath, this is again a rejuvenating technique for insomnia. Getting a nice body massage with your favorite oil just before sleeping, can make the tense muscles relax and make people fall off to sleep easily. A head massage  various covers nerve points on the head and releases the good hormones, making you yawn and start feeling sleepy. This can be done by an expert, a partner or any family member.


Professional Help

With the increase in insomnia cases nowadays, there is professional help available. There are sleep therapy experts who give sessions on sleep improvement. They advice on maintaining a sleep journal to jot down the sleep patterns and then work on it to find and fix the problem.

Get Proper Rest And Sleep

Mistakes Causing Insomnia


This method can never go out of style. Sleep problems arise mainly because we cannot ‘concentrate’ on sleeping. Meditation improves our concentration levels drastically and gives better and longer sleep. There are meditation centres that guide us to do the correct form of meditation and information is available on the web too.



The happenings of the day should not become those distractions that we take to bed. The bedroom environment should be conducive to sleep. It should be dimly lit, no loud music or noise, pleasant and calm The bed should be done neatly and the sheets should be clean and of light colors. We can play light instrumental music at low tones which would aid in sleeping, and television must be switched off.

Check your sleeping posture


Burn that sweat out and tire the body to the extent you want to hit the bed. Exercising can be moderate to vigorous depending on the body constitution. After exercising, the body becomes sore and starts aching. It needs rest so we tend to fall asleep easily. Practising yoga is also a good idea as we can control our breathing which aids in better sleep.



It could be in the form of candles lit in the room, body and bath oils or scrubs, or even perfumes in the room. Aromatherapy is very relaxing to the senses, especially lavender which helps people fall off sleep easily.

Take A Bath


The caffeine present in tea of coffee can greatly hamper sleep to set in. If you experience problems of sleeplessness it is best to cut it down at least 5 hours before sleeping. Coffee and tea can be replaced with herbal teas. These are gaining ground as they are caffeine free and aid in causing sleepiness.



Nicotine can disrupt sleep patterns and cause trouble in sleeping. Also, people who smoke are known to have trouble in sleeping soundly and often wake up tired and uneasy.


Read A Book

Though we should avoid watching tv, or work on the computer before going to bed, reading is recommended. It tires the eyes and promotes falling off to sleep.

reading in Artificial Light

Daytime sleep- Afternoon or daytime siesta eats up the night time sleep. Those suffering from insomnia should avoid sleeping in the day and stick to a regular time to sleep at night and wake up in the morning.