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12 Ways To Use Cinnamon As A Medicine

Cinnamon, an incredible spice not only adds flavor and aroma to your dish but also provides you a host of health benefits. This powerful spice has several medicinal uses and has a warming and distinct taste. The compounds found in cinnamon-cinnamaldehyde, cinnamate, cinnamic acid are responsible for the health benefits. It has potent antioxidant abilities and in extremely beneficial to include it in your diet.

Here Are The Top Ways To Use Cinnamon As A Medicine:

1. Use Cinnamon For Cold:

Cinnamon is used for warding off cold. A combination of cinnamon and honey acts as a great remedy for dealing with the cold [1] . Both these ingredients have antiviral and antibacterial properties and help ward off cold apart from promoting a speedy recovery. Consuming a warm decoction prepared using cinnamon and honey helps boost your immune system so that if you catch a cold, you will be able to combat the virus. Cinnamon-honey combination works great for warding off several allergies and infections as well.

Cinnamon For Cold

2. Use Cinnamon For Boosting Energy:

Cinnamon is also an effective spice that helps boost your energy levels and metabolism rate because it allows the glucose to be processed by the body instead of storing it in the bloodstream [2] . Including it in your diet or consuming a warm decoction of cinnamon and honey can help boost your energy levels to a great extent.

Cinnamon For Boosting Energy

3. Use Cinnamon For Indigestion:

Cinnamon works effectively for indigestion as well. Consume a tbsp. of cinnamon powder along with two tbsp. of honey before having your meal as it helps relieve acidity and promotes easier digestion of heavier meals as well [3]According to a few studies, cinnamon helps in breaking down the fats in the digestive system, possibly by enhancing the activity of a digestive enzyme known as trypsin. Cinnamon works effectively for warding off bloating, abdominal distress, and flatulence as well.

Cinnamon For Indigestion

4. Use Cinnamon For Nausea:

Cinnamon is an excellent medicine for nausea [4] . This warming spice contains chemical compounds known as catechins which are helpful in providing relief from nausea. Consume cinnamon tea or honey-cinnamon mixture to alleviate nausea.

Cinnamon For Nausea

5. Use Cinnamon For Ulcer:

Cinnamon contains a compound known as propanoic acid which helps in obstructing the formation of stomach ulcers without interfering with the production of the gastric acid [5] . Consuming cinnamon tea helps ward off peptic ulcer.

Cinnamon For Ulcer

6. Use Cinnamon For Yeast Infections:

Cinnamon either taken as a whole or in the form of tincture is considered as an effective way to ward off yeast infections [6] . It contains terpenoids, which are known as powerful antifungal compounds. To get rid of the yeast infection, you can drink cinnamon tea by adding a half tsp. of cinnamon to a cup of boiling water.

Cinnamon For Yeast Infections

7. Use Cinnamon For Menstrual Problems:

Cinnamon is an excellent spice which is known for its medicinal value. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, cinnamon is believed to invigorate and aid in the movement of the blood in the abdominal area [7] . Cinnamon tea is considered beneficial for women who suffer from menstrual cramps.

Cinnamon For Menstrual Problems

8. Use Cinnamon For Cold Hands And Feet:

Cinnamon mildly thins the blood and can help enhance circulation, thus bringing warmth to the cold feet and hands [8] . Cinnamon even helps in warding off cold and flu if the person is experiencing shivering and feeling cold. Add a tsp. of powdered cinnamon to a glass of milk and consume it to ward off these symptoms.

Cinnamon For Cold Hands And Feet

9. Use Cinnamon For Diarrhea:

Cinnamon in huge doses can cause diarrhea, however, in small amounts, this amazing spice can actually help relieve diarrhea [9] . Use 1/4th or ½ a tsp. cinnamon to brew cinnamon tea or add it to a cup of cooked oatmeal.

Cinnamon For Diarrhea

10. Use Cinnamon To Reduce Blood Sugar And Bad Cholesterol:

Cinnamon has been found to be effective in reducing the levels of the blood sugar [10] . Daily intake of half a tsp. of cinnamon helps reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides by around 30% in a study conducted among type 2 diabetics. It is due to the polyphenols present in cinnamon which are a natural substance available in the plants.

Cinnamon To Reduce Blood Sugar And Bad Cholesterol

11. Use Cinnamon To Get Rid Of Bad Breath:

Cinnamon can help get rid of bad breath or halitosis as well [11] .  Adding a cinnamon stick to your tea can help freshen your breath by killing the bacteria in your mouth that is responsible for the bad breath.

Cinnamon To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

12. Use Cinnamon For Reducing Inflammation:

Few studies have revealed that cinnamon is beneficial for reducing inflammation caused due to arthritis. The flavonoid compounds in cinnamon work amazingly effective in combating inflammation [12] . Being an amazing ingredient for reducing swelling and inflammation, cinnamon is considered beneficial for managing pain, with research studies showing that it helps relieve allergic reactions as well as muscle soreness.

Cinnamon For Reducing Inflammation