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13 Amazing Health Benefits Of The Lily Of The Valley

Health Benefits Of The Lily Of The Valley

They look very pretty and are carried by brides in their weddings as a symbol of a healthy married life. The lily of the valley is a beautiful flower that is grown across Europe, North America, and North Asia. It has many medicinal values and contain glycosides, flavonoids, saponins, malic acid, citric acid and essential oil. It can be used in the treatment of heart, brain and also vital organs like the kidneys, skin, and more. This herb should be taken under medical supervision only.

The Health Benefits Of The Lily Of The Valley Are –

Treats Irregular Heartbeat-

Ingested in tea or tincture form, the lily of the valley can rectify an irregular heartbeat. The poison in this flower reduces the heart beat enabling it to function more rhythmically and regularly. It decreases the myocardium discomfort and stabilizes the heart functions without the aid of any extra oxygen. But carefully measured amounts should be administered under expert supervision, as large amounts could be fatal to health.

Treats Irregular Heartbeat

Heart Attacks-

The wide range of glycosides present in the lily of flowers helps in lowering the chances of a heart attack and heals them effectively. It acts like a heart tonic and is effective against valvular heart ailment, dropsy, cardiac debility and heart congestion.

Heart Attacks

Depression And Anxiety-

The essential oil of this flower can be applied to the temples and back of the neck to treat depression, anxiety, and restlessness and mental issues. It can be mixed with lavender oil and peppercorns to make an effective brain tonic.

Depression And Anxiety

Increases Cognitive Functions-

The lily of flowers can strengthen the brain and increase the memory powers. It sharpens the recollection ability, and is also used to treat epilepsy, mental imbalance, and strokes and can counter the aging of the brain cells.

Increases Cognitive Functions


This flower contains compounds that can make the weak labor contractions strong and hence aid in childbirth by speeding up the process.



The oil of this flower can be applied to troubled joints and bones to ease the pain and inflammation.


Blood Pressure-

The diuretic effects of this flower help in dilating the blood vessels and the plant flavonoids stimulate the arteries to smoothly carry blood and help in controlling the blood pressure levels.

Blood Pressure


A decoction of the flowers that is boiled in water can be strained and given to patients with urinary problems like UTI. It regulates the obstructed flow and the asparagine in this flower act as the diuretic and helps in clearing the waste from the kidneys effectively.


Burn Scars-

The oil of the valley of flowers can be applied to burn marks, and its regular application helps in healing them fast and diminishing them speedily.

Burn Scars


The oil of the valley of flowers can be given to patients suffering from fever, it can reduce the blood circulation in the body and thereby effectively bring down the body temperatures.



This herb has laxative properties that help in smooth excretion of waste and relieves constipation, keeping the digestive tracts healthy.



The oil of this flower is a great supplement for the eyes. It can be used to treat eye problems like conjunctivitis.


Kidney Functions-

This herb prevents deposition of toxins in the kidneys, reduces water retention and bloating in the body. It can even break down the kidney stones.

Kidney Functions