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14 Amazing Benefits Of Cod Liver Oil

Cod fish is known to be a delicious and a nutritious variety of fish in the European countries from the ancient times. This cod fish is renowned for the cod liver oil which is a nutritional supplement that is made from the liver of this very fish and is prominent for its remedies and can counted among one of the most nutritional supplements that can be availed from the sea. Initially, this cod liver oil was actually famous in the European countries but in the later days it has also spread to the other parts of the world and even became prominent there due to its medicinal properties. In this regard, this article features some of the health benefits of the cod  liver oil and these benefits unveil that cod liver oil can be the solution to many of the health problems of an individual.

Here Are Some Of The Amazing Benefits Of Cod Liver Oil:

1. Rich Source Of Vitamin A

Cod liver oil can be counted among the best natural remedies that is quite rich in Vitamin A [1] . There is a myth among many people that many other naturally available supplements like carrot and other leafy vegetables do contain rich amounts of vitamin A but the substance these foods actually contain is beta carotene which is further converted into vitamin A. Hence there is a lot of necessity for the people to sort out some of the best alternatives that can give them some pure amounts of vitamin A . Vitamin A is actually responsible for building up the mucosal linings of the respiratory tract and assists in maintaining the immunity system during some flu conditions. hence cod liver oil can serve the purpose a lot better as this is well known for the rich content of the vitamin A and hence it must be considered when a person is suffering from the deficiency of this vitamin.

Vitamin A

2. Handles Cases Of Diabetes

Diabetes has now become one of the most common problem these days and most of the people are getting struck with this very diseases at some early ages of their life [2] . Sometimes this disease can also be fatal. Also diabetes is characterized by the increase in the sugar levels of the blood and this problem has to be arrested as soon as possible. Though there are numerous synthetic medications available, one needs to sort out some of the best natural alternatives for diabetes and cod liver oil can serve this purpose a lot better than many other natural supplements.  Many reports have suggested that the person including cod liver oil in the diet has a low chance of acquiring diabetes. This is due to the high amounts of Vitamin D content in this oil that makes it a highly nutritious food and it’s recommended to take two spoons of this liver oil daily.


3. Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

This is due to the high amounts of vitamin D available in the cod liver oil and this food can be counted as the second best one to possess some adequate amounts of vitamin D after sunlight [3] . It is said that vitamin D plays a major role in reducing the effect of breast cancer in women as it acts on the cancer cells and in turn reduces many mammary tumors. Due to the fact that breast cancer is largely growing nowadays, it’s highly advisory to include cod liver oil in your diet to thrash the chances of acquiring such cancer. Also many studies proved the fact that cod liver oil is highly effective against leukemia and lung cancer.


4. Reduces Mental Problems

Sometimes mental problems can pop out to be a lot fatal than the usual and hence there’s a high necessity for the individual to take a lot of care on the mental health and especially maintain a suggested diet during the condition of depression etc [4] . In this case cod liver oil can be found as a worthy natural alternative as the omega fatty acids and vitamin D can reduce the cases of depression a lot and promote the mental health conditions on the whole.

Mental Problems

5. Increases Bone Health

Sometimes it’s highly necessary for a person to intake some of the foods that promote the health of the bones and this is at times where the bones are quite weak and prone to injuries [5] . Vitamin D helps a lot in promoting the health of the bones and this vitamin is significantly found in sunlight. However some places in the extreme northern latitudes don’t even receive sunlight for months and this might lead to several complications as the vitamin becomes deficient and bones might get fractured fragile etc. Hence cod liver oil can be a worthy alternative as this oil is quite rich in the vitamin and serve as a better alternative in the absence of sunlight. Also this oil is highly recommended for the children as it can reduce the risk of rickets as well.

Bone Health

6. Improves Fertility

 It is a fact that irregular cycles of cervical fluids can reduce the amounts of vitamin A in the body and this in turn causes a lot of deficiency [7] . Hence cod liver oil can be termed as a beneficial food under such circumstances as it provides some essential nutrients that keep the endocrine system a lot healthy than the usual. Also this cod liver oil is quite rich in vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids that promotes the secretion of hormones like progesterone and testosterone. These hormones are highly important as they indeed represent the fertility levels in the individual and promote in the healthy birth of a child.


7. Reduces Ulcers

Cod liver oil has always shown many advantageous benefits of dealing with ulcers and minimize the symptoms of it to the maximum extent possible [7] . Also the gastric peptic ulcer which occurs in the gastro intestinal tract of a person is also healed with the assistance of this natural supplement and hence it’s highly recommended that this oil is included in the diet of an individual and consume at least a few tablespoons everyday.

Reduces Ulcers

8. High Content Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

The two common types of omega fatty acids present in the cod liver oil is that they are indeed necessary for the healthy sustenance of individual are namely omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids [8] . In the two mentioned ones, omega 3 plays a major role for promoting the health of a person and they are quite well known to handle the cases of many diseases such as heart diseases, high cholesterol conditions and also reduce the extent of inflammation of the body. When it comes in the case of omega 6 fatty acid, this is also quite beneficial to health but when consumed in some high quantities can result in some ill effects such as inflammation etc.

omega 3 fatty acids

9. Reduces Arthritis

Many reports have suggested that cod liver oil is indeed helpful in handling conditions of joint pains and bone struggles [9] . Such foods are quite helpful in handling the cases such as arthritis and it also acts as a anti inflammatory drug with no side effects. This is hence used in handling the cases of rheumatoid arthritis and it’s a safe supplement when it’s compared to many other drugs that are synthetically manufactured.


10. Reduces The Affect Of Wounds

Many reports have significantly suggested that cod liver oil is highly effective in healing of wounds especially some high node cuts [10] . In this regard, one has to apply an adequate amount of cod liver oil on the wounds twice a day for some better results. Also a mixture of this oil along with honey can heal the wounds quite quickly.


11. Promotes Eye Health

As mentioned in one of the above health benefits, cod liver oil is quite rich in many of the nutrients especially vitamin A in the purest retinal form [11] . This vitamin is highly required to promote the vision conditions and is high required for aged ones as vision gets quite low with age. Also cod liver oil is highly beneficial to the ones who are suffering from diseases like chronic conjuctivitis.

Eye Health

12. Healthy Hair

Many of the studies did prove that cod liver oil can be one healthy natural supplement that is highly rich for the hair of a person [12] . Hence this food can also be recommended to all those who have been constantly suffering from hair problems like dandruff, hair loss etc.

 Healthy Hair

13. Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary artery disease can prove to be quite costly at times as it might also lead to death at some of the instants [13] . Hence one need to sort out a food that is rich in nutrients and can handle this disease to a maximum extent. Therefore it is recommended to all those individuals whore are prone to this disease.

Artery Disease

14. Boosts The Immunity System

Some of the nutritional supplements that is available in the cod liver oil are highly essential for the development of the immunity system of a person as conditions with some low immunity can make you fall prey easily to many of the diseas and this must be avoided [14] .

 immunity system

All in all all these benefits can be simply experienced by including a few tablespoons of cod liver oil in your diet.