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14 Benefits Of Blood Orange Essential Oil

 Benefits Of Blood Orange Essential Oil

Just like any other essential oil, the benefits and uses of blood orange essential oil are many. It is used to treat a number of health conditions with great success and without any side effects. With its many amazing health benefits, blood orange essential oil is an integral component of natural treatments.

Many Benefits Of Blood Orange Essential Oil:

1. Anti Inflammatory

Orange essential oil offers effective and fast relief from all kinds of inflammation whether it is internal or external and no matter what the reason is. Blood orange essential oil cures inflammation caused due to narcotics, gas, indigestion, toxic substances or any other reason.


2. Headache

Aromatherapy done with blood orange essential oil helps in reducing headache and even severe cases of tension or migraine pain. Massaging the oil on the forehead helps in relaxing the mind and body.


3. Antidepressant

This oil is known for its many uplifting properties. It removes stress, anxiety and soothes the mind. It is known for its relaxing and refreshing properties and used as a treatment of stress and depression.


4. Antispasmodic

Spasms can be caused due to many reasons like muscle cramps, coughs, convulsions and diarrhea. Spasms are well treated with blood orange essential oil with it antispasmodic properties. It relaxes the nervous and muscular system.

muscle cramps

5. Detoxification

It works to stimulate the kidneys, bladder and lymphatic system. It brings in frequent urination and helps in eliminating toxins like excessive salt, uric acid and eliminates conditions of fluid retention. It helps in detoxification and cleansing thereby reducing cellulite.


6. Cholagogue

It encourages secretions from different glands which includes endocrine and exocrine. Thus, it blood orange essential oil helps in promoting digestive juices production, enzymes, hormone, digestive juices and even menstruation.

Low Stomach Acid

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7. Carminative

It helps in removing excess gas which forms in the intestine and tends to push upwards causing discomfort and trouble. Gas is light and moves up, pushing the organs, thereby creating discomfort, chest pain and indigestion.


8. Alzheimer’s Disease

Aromatherapy which uses blood orange essential oil helps in improving cognitive functions of patients. It is specially useful for those suffering from Alzheimer’s diseases or other memory problems.

Alzheimer's Disease

9. Skin Health

Orange essential oil helps in promoting collagen and also increasing blood flow to skin. It is useful in soothing irritated and dry skin. It is also good for acne prone skin or skin with rashes. It is highly effective in rubbing on calluses on feet.

Healthy Skin

10. Weight Loss

It helps in losing weight as toxins and excess water and cellulite is flushed away from the body. It helps in natural weight loss.

Weight Loss

11. Sedative

Just as one needs to cool down after a hectic schedule or day at work, this essential oil helps in relaxing the mind and body. Blood orange essential oil works as a natural sedative and helps in calming and relaxing the mind. It ensures a good sleep after a tiring day.

12. Metabolism Tonic

Blood Orange essential oil works as a beneficial tonic for the body. It tones up the organs and smoothens the functioning of different organs of the body. It helps in keeping the metabolic system in great shape and contributes in boosting immunity, adding strength and helps the body fight infections.

Increase Metabolism

13. Anti Cancer

D- limonene is an excellent nutrient which is present in orange essential oil. Studies have revealed that this is increasingly used to prevent all kinds of cellular mutation and helps in preventing the growth of cancer cells.

Defeats Cancer

14. Add Freshness

Add a few drops of blood orange essential oil in the vacuum bag of your cleaner and refreshes the air of your home. You can also soak a cotton ball in this oil and keep it in your bathroom for that refreshing smell.

Add Freshness