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14 Great Health Benefits Of Palm Jaggery


Palm jaggery is an extract derived from the palm trees. It is primarily used for sweetening purposes though it has an immense variety of uses. Palm jaggery is made naturally hence its mineral content is retained and it is devoid of any harsh chemicals that are used as in the case of manufacturing white sugar. Since all its minerals are retained, jaggery is immensely beneficial to the health.

The Various Health Benefits Of Jaggery Are:

1. Energy 

Palm jaggery is a natural sweetener and an immense source of carbohydrates that are vital to all functions in the body and day to day functioning. It gives us energy without increasing too much of calories in the body as opposed to white sugar which is very high in calories.

Boosts Energy

2. Constipation

Eating jaggery after meals is said to stimulate the digestive organs and help in the smooth digestion process. Jaggery itself gets converted to acetic acid and activates the enzymes in the stomach to help in better digestion. It regulates bowel movements and helps in flushing all waste matter down the intestines.

Cures Constipation

3. Anemia

Jaggery is rich in Iron which helps in the production of hemoglobin. This is responsible for carrying oxygen in the blood throughout the body. Low levels of hemoglobin could lead to a condition called anemia which can lead to fatigue, weakness, disrupted metabolism and could lead to fatal consequences if not treated timely.


4. Cleanses The Liver 

Regular intake of jaggery can help in regulating liver functions. It helps in removing all the toxins which get accumulated in the liver over a period of time.

Protects Your Liver

5. Cold And Cough

Everyday problems like cold, cough, migraine and various flues can be treated with the regular consumption of jaggery with warm water or a jaggery tea. It also relieves nasal congestions and can soothe a sore throat.

Cough And Cold

6. Premenstrual Syndrome 

Symptoms of PMS like fatigue, irritability, weakness and muscles spasms can all be regulated with jaggery. Palm jaggery intake releases endorphins which are hormones to boost happiness and mood uplifts. Once these happy hormones are released the symptoms of PMS are reduced and the person feels good.


7. Immunity

Loaded with antioxidants and minerals like potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron, jaggery can boost the immune system and fight germs and infections. Regular intake can increase the resistance power of the body.

Helps In Boosting Immunity

8. Sweetening Agent

This is a common use of jaggery. Produced naturally, it does not contain chemicals so its addition in food items is a better option than white sugar which contains chemicals. It adds a nice taste to the food and some people prefer it  to white sugar.


9. Heart And Blood Pressure

Palm jaggery contains potassium that maintains heart health and regulates the blood pressure by aiding in the slow rise in blood pressure.

Blood Pressure (3)

10. Nervous System

The potassium present in jaggery is vital for healthy nervous system functions and helps in smooth functioning.

nervous system

11. Migraines

Palm jaggery is an effective remedy for migraines. We can pop a piece with warm water or add it in tea instead of sugar to relieve the pain of a migraine.

Deals With Migraines

12. Hiccups

For getting relief from hiccups, have jaggery and powdered ginger with warm water. This is a quick therapy for stopping hiccups.


13. Pregnancy

Jaggery not only maintains optimum iron levels in the body of pregnant women but is also given from the 7th month of pregnancy to ease up pains and aid in smooth delivery.


14. Breast-Feeding

While breastfeeding, if mothers take jaggery, it helps in purifying the mothers milk so that the baby can feed on pure milk which is free of germs and infections.


15. Water Retention

Bloating and water retention problems in the body are cured with the regular consumption of palm jaggery.