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14 Most Nutritious Foods For Children

14 Most Nutritious Foods For Children

Children really don’t like eating all kinds of foods. But there are some that they really love to enjoy. What you can do is twist them around a bit and make things tastier for them, while retaining their good health. All that you have to do is package and present these foods in an attractive way. Doing so makes the food tastier and healthier, while ensuring high nutrition benefits for children-

Iron Fortified Cereals

They are one of the best foods to serve kids on the breakfast table. All that you have to do is buy some natural and organic version of these iron-fortified cereals. Get them something in interesting shapes and flavor to serve with full fat milk. These cereals are high on fibres, multivitamins and iron too, while being low on artificial sugar and sweeteners.

Fortified Cereals


Another quick and nutritious food for the children would be eggs. They contain healthy fats, proteins along with calcium and even vitamins. Eggs should be cooked with the yolks for kids, preferably boiled or in olive oil to retain their nutrition level. It is ideal for lunches too.

Eggs (2)


Kids love to eat oats in different ways. What makes oats so versatile is that they can be used in pancakes, porridges, muffins, etc. Oats too are very high on fibres and aid digestion. They are also fortified with iron and contain calcium and other proteins that are essential for good health.


Legumes And Beans

Legumes are important for growing children. Legumes too are super-rich sources of protein and contain healthy multivitamins. Legumes can be mixed together with stews or even rice to create yummy dishes while ensuring high nutrition levels.


Cheese, Yogurt And Milk

All of these dairy-based products are really good for kids because of their high nutrition levels, especially the calcium content. Make sure that you give your kids full-fat version if they are underweight and regular versions if they are normal weight. Doing so prevents unnecessary gain of calories.

Full-Fat Dairy


Children need omega 3 fatty acids that are found in these nuts. Cashew nuts, walnuts, almonds, Brazilian nuts, etc. are really good for their brain functions. It improves motor and cognitive skills while enhancing brain development and improves memory too. The good fats aid in bone development.

snacks as a nuts

All Kinds Of Fruits

Don’t stop your child from having any kind of fruit. Be it mangoes or berries or even papaya. Fruits in moderation are the best snack for them. In fact, you can serve it up for breakfast or desserts by adding a healthy dose of fruits to ice-creams or making sorbets at home. Fruits provide fibres, antioxidants, protect children against diseases and boost immunity too.

Fruits And Vegetables


Honey is known for its many anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antibacterial properties. It has been seen that having honey on an everyday basis helps these children fight infections, boosts immunity, helps healing infections and fight diseases amongst other things too.

Cinnamon With Honey

Green Vegetables

It is always tough to make kids eat vegetables but you have to ensure that they get their share of spinach, kale, broccoli, etc. because of their rich iron content. These vegetables are also rich in different kinds of nutrients and minerals that are essential for kids. You can make soups with the same or serve it up with pizza to make the menu more interesting.

Dark Green-Leafy Vegetables

Starchy Foods

It is essential for children to get their share of starch. Remember that starch foods are lighter on the digestion part, but essential to absorb many nutrients in the body. It provides energy and boosts good health. Rice, pasta, etc. are great choices for starchy foods. Potatoes are another great addition here, but only boiled ones. Not fried.

Have Starchy Foods

Fish And Lean Meats

Make sure that your kids get their share of fish and lean meats. Fish in particular are rich in rare omega fatty acids and fish oil. For vegetarians there is the option of cod liver oil supplements. Lean meats too are great for to complete a balanced meal, but avoid red versions for them.

Lean Meat

Chocolate And Cocoa

Yes, the food that you think is the worst for them is actually good in moderation. Give cocoa-rich dark chocolates to your children but in moderation. The free radicals in these fight many life-threatening diseases like cancer. Just pick something low on sugar and with more of fruits.

Dark Chocolates

Cinnamon Powder

This is one of the spices that you must give your kids because they boost immunity and provides respite from cold and cough. Honey mixed with cinnamon is a great everyday recipe that is high on nutrition. You can drizzle it on top of pancakes and desserts too.

Cinnamon Powder

Whole Grains

Make your kids enjoy wholegrains with homemade breads. Whole grains help your kids get essential minerals, without being high on calories. It provides them with super energy levels, but doesn’t contain artificial agents. Think whole grain breads, pastas, pizzas, etc. You can use these for pancakes and muffins too.

Whole grains