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15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Loquat

Benefits Of Loquat

Loquat is a very popular fruit that looks very much similar to oranges. This fruit originates from the tropical regions of China. In India at least 14 varieties of Loquat are cultivated. In this article you would find fifteen benefits of Loquat for skin hair and health.

Aids In Digestion:

Loquat aids in the smooth movement of bowel in the body. It is rich in fiber that helps in efficient digestion of food and cures digestive issues.

Aids In Digestion

Improved Performance Of Kidneys:

Loquat has been known to improve the functioning of kidneys and cleanses the blood post-delivery. Eating these leaves in the raw form or cooked form boosts the working capacity of kidneys.

Improved Performance Of Kidneys


Loquat leaves are the good source of iron. The best way to use this vegetable for curing anaemia is to wash the leaves thoroughly and prepare a smooth paste of it. Add to it a teaspoon of lemon juice, an egg yolk and honey. Now blend it to make a fine mixture and drink it every day once for a week.


Treats Dysentery:

To treat dysentery naturally, all you need to do is to take ten stems of Loquat. Wash them and make a fine paste of it. Now add salt to taste and blend it nicely. Strain this mixture and drink once a day till the disease is cured.

Treats Dysentery

Strengthen The Roots Of Hair:

Loquat is very effective measure to strengthen the roots of hair. Prepare a smooth paste of the fresh leaves of Loquat and add some salt to it. Stir it properly. Strain this mixture and drink it twice or thrice a week.

Strengthen The Roots Of Hair

Better Vision:

Loquat has good amounts of Vitamin C in it that aids eyesight and gives you a healthy vision.

Better Vision

Remedy For Venomous Bite:

If you have been suffering from wounds due to venomous bites of animals like snakes, reptiles etc. then application of the paste of fresh Loquat leaves onto the wound would give you a quick relieve from the problem.

Remedy For Venomous Bite

Prevents Greying Of Hair:

Loquat is powerful in stopping the various premature ageing signs, greying of the hair being one of them. Consuming these leaves as a part of your diet would help in keeping the colour of your intact.

Prevents Greying Of Hair

Improves Skin Complexion

Loquat leaves helps in giving you flawless, radiant and beautiful skin.

Improves Skin Complexion

Strengthens Immune System:

Loquat has enormous amounts of Vitamin C that acts as a powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system of the body.

Strengthens Immune System

Helps In Weight Reduction:

Loquat leaves are rich in protein that lowers levels of insulin in the blood. Loquat leaves also provides a hormone that reduces hunger pangs that leads to reduction of body weight.

Helps In Weight Reduction

Prevents Cancer:

Loquat leaves are full of amino acid, magnesium, iron, Vitamin E, phosphorus, Vitamin C and potassium. It helps your body to strongly fight against free radicals and prevent formation and spread of cancer causing cells in the body.

Prevents Cancer

Treats Fever:

Loquat leaves and stews also helps in relieving fever.

Treats Fever

Colon Cancer

These leaves save the body from the risk of colon cancer. Being full of fiber, essential vitamins and minerals intake of Loquat leaves stops the formation and spread of cancerous cells in the body.

Colon Cancer

Remedy For Diabetes

With regular intake of fresh raw leaves of Loquat you would notice a reduction in the increasing levels of sugar levels in the blood.

Remedy For Diabetes

So these are some of the proven reasons to include this power packed fruit in your diet.