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15 Amazing Benefits Of Marula Oil

15 Amazing Benefits Of Marula Oil
Marula oil is a natural cold compressed oil indigenous to South Africa and Madagascar. The fruits are handpicked by the tribal women of the Namibian tribe and the oil is extracted from the nut of the Marula fruit. These trees are bio-dynamic and drought resistant and the natural weather conditions of low rainfall and strong sunshine help in giving the perfect Marula produce. This oil is great for the hair and body and is rich in vitamin C, tocotrienol, tocopherol(vitamin E), phenolic compounds, flavonoids, omega fatty acids and amino acids.

The Various Benefits Of Marula Oil Are:


Marula oil has powerful anti-aging properties to restore the lustre of aging skin and, prevent and repair fine lines and wrinkles. The oleic acid and vitamin E keep the collagen healthy and prevent photo-aging and the anti-inflammatory properties of this oil prevent sagging of the skin of the face and neck. It hydrates the skin cells making them plumper and hence leaves a younger looking.

Anti-Aging (3)


Skin damage due to environmental factors like sun exposure, climate, pollution, harsh and dry weather conditions can be treated with the regular use of Marula oil. It heals by penetrating deep into the layers of the skin leaving long lasting effects. It is anti-inflammatory, non-comedogenic and the omega 6 and omega 9 fats help in fighting and treating scars, blemishes and other skin problems. Even chemotherapy patients can feel the difference in their damaged and lacklustre skins after using this oil. The antibacterial properties of this oil can prevent damage to the skin.

Oily Skin


This oil, in addition to being loaded with valuable compounds, is perfect for all skin types.It is composed of small molecules that help it in seeping deep into the skin and provide hydration from deep inside. It does not clog pores and hence can be used for oily skin too and massaging this oil on the face and leaving it overnight will leave the skin soft and glowing.

Healthy Skin (2)

Absorbs Deeply

This oil does not clog pores as it has smaller molecules which get absorbed by the skin and do not stay on the epidermal layers as in the case of other oils that have bigger molecules that can clog pores and lead to sebum formation. Hence this oil nourishes from deep within.

Promotes Skin Health


This oil does not leave a trace and since it gets absorbed well into the skin hence it does not spoil clothes or leave the skin and hands dirty and unmanageable.

marula oil

Night Cream

Marula oil is an effective night cream and nourishes, replenishes and repairs the skin when left overnight.

Skin Whitener

All Skin Types 

Since this oil is non-greasy and also contains oleic acid it can be easily applied to sensitive and problem-prone skins.



It is non-comedogenic in nature and prevents breakouts and maintains the pH balance of the body. When used regularly, pure marula oil prevents the production of excess oil so that the breakouts are reduced.

Might Worsen Acne


This oil is light and non-greasy absorbing well into the hair follicles and providing the nourishment. It leaves the hair satin smooth and can be used as a styling agent and conditioner as well. The hair does not look oily after application and frizzy and damaged hair ca be managed well with the use of marula oil.

Hair Volumnizer


We can massage this oil into our cuticles as a moisturizer as it gets quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving the hands soft and non-oily. Nail care brands use marula oil in their products for its immense skin care benefits.


Face Primer 

Marula oil can be used as a primer before applying makeup. It helps in protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the synthetics present in cosmetics.

Avoid face wash

Cosmetic Uses

You can also add it to your foundations, creams, peel-off masks and cleansers for added benefits.

egg peel off


This oil can restore the lost moisture to the skin. It can hydrate dry skin hence is used in post facial therapies.



This oil is completely natural and free of synthetic products like parabens. They are handpicked and made by natural means with no preservatives that are added to increase the durability of the product so they are easy and soft on the skin.


The Marula fruit is picked by wild harvesting methods and they are processed manually to extract oil.It is a source of livelihood to hundreds of tribal people in that area and hence gives a boost to their economic and social development and gives the women a sense of self-dependence.