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15 Amazing Benefits Of Sweet Corn

15 Amazing Benefits Of Sweet Corn

15 Amazing Benefits Of Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is a delicious crunchy vegetable which doubles as a wonderful functional food. It is richly loaded with a number of nutrients which are beneficial for the body. Include sweet corn in your diet as a side dish, in soups,  in salads and casseroles.

Why You Should Include Sweet Corn In Your Diet:


A cup of sweet corn offers the body 31 grams of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are essential for physical and mental well being of our health. It is recommended to have a cup of sweet corn everyday for daily carbohydrate needs.


Alzheimer’s Disease

Sweet corn is rich in thiamine which is important for brain cell development and also cognitive functions of the brain. Regular consumption helps in reducing risks of Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease


Our body needs proteins in high amount. Proteins are needed to build muscles, for cell repair and to boost immunity. A cup of sweet corn offers the body more than 5 grams of proteins needed by the body. Sweet corn can be used as a side dish to to boost protein counts of body.

Helps In Boosting Immunity

Low In Fat

Sweet corn is low in fat. Just a cup of sweet corn offers 2.5 grams of total fat. It has less than 0.5 grams of saturated fat. It is good for weight watchers who add sweet corns in soups or casseroles.

Low In Fat

Gluten Free

Those who are allergic to gluten can have sweet corns as it is completely gluten free. It is also useful in celiac disease individuals just like quinoa and rice.

Allergic Reactions

Heart Health

Sweet corn is helpful in reducing homocysteine level in body. Homocysteine can damage blood vessels in the body and in elevated conditions can cause heart attack and stroke. Sweet corn is rich in folate which helps in reducing heart attack risk by 10%.

Heart Ailments


Sweet corn is a rich source of dietary fiber. This helps in smooth bowel movements and helpful for those who suffer from chronic constipation. A cup of sweet corn offers more than 3.5 grams of dietary fiber.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Blood Sugar

Fiber present in sweet corn is actually a non digestible type of carbohydrate. This helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels in the body. Thus sweet corn is beneficial for people suffering from diabetes.

Blood Sugar

Weight Loss

All those who are trying to lose weight should include sweet corns in their diet. It is rich in fiber which helps to keep away hunger pangs. You will snack less and remain full for long. Having corns with vegetables or in a soup is great for weight watchers.

Weight Loss

Phenolic Flavonoid

Sweet corns are rich in phenolic flavonoid antioxidant and ferulic acid. Research has revealed that ferulic acid has an important role in preventing cancer, slowing down aging process and also reduces inflammation.

Prevents Aging


Sweet corns are loaded with potassium which helps in building bone strength, help in muscle contraction and are necessary for heart function. One cup of corn offers 325 milligrams of potassium. Sweet corns can be paired with spinach, potatoes and beans for additional benefit.

Boost Bone Health

Vitamin A

Corns are loaded with vitamin A which is an antioxidant. It helps in protecting the body from all harmful free radicals. It keeps connective tissue strong and helps in moistening the mucus membranes of lungs, throat and nose.

Free Radical Damage

Lung Cancer Prevention

Sweet corn is rich in beta cryptoxanthin which is known to fight with cancer. Regular consumption helps in reducing the risks of cancer, especially lung cancer.

Good For Your Lungs

Memory Enhancer

Sweet corn is rich in thiamine which is an important cell for cognitive function including brain cell development. It is important for production of acetycholine which is important for memory enhancing capabilities.

Increase Your Memory

Taste Enhancer

Sweet corn is used in hundreds of recipes all over the world. Soups, veggies, casseroles and many other dishes taste good with the addition of sweet corn. It makes a wonderful snack, used in breakfast, lunch as well as dinner recipes. It takes little time to cook and can be stored for later use.

Taste Enhancer