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15 Amazing Benefits Of Tomato For Skin, Hair And Health

Tomato is a nutritious red color vegetable cum fruit which is used as a symbol of compliment about good personality of anyone. It is used as a main constituent of all types of special both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. Apart from such dishes, tomato is also used in making delicious snacks, cocktails and fast foods like sandwiches and pizzas too. Tomato is also well known for offering amazing nutritional benefits to its consumer.

Following Are The 15 Amazing Benefits Of Tomato For Skin, Hair And Health:

Health Benefits Of Tomatoes:

1. Helps In Recovering Anemia

For a person suffering from iron deficiency and anemia, intake of tomatoes proves to be highly beneficial. Its richness in vitamins and all nutritional contents helps in maintaining good health of its regular consumer.

Helps in recovering anemia

2. Improves Heart Health

Tomato is good for improving heart health due to its richness in potassium. Regular intake of tomatoes not only controls heart rate but also it helps in reducing the risk of heart strokes and other heart related complications.

Improves Heart Health

3. Good For Eye Health

Tomato is also good for improving eye health of an individual. It is highly rich in multi vitamin constituent and other compounds like foliates, thiamine, flavonoid B complex, niacin etc that safeguards eyes against infections and viral attacks.

good for eye health

4. Controls Blood Pressure

Tomato offers powerful punch of essential nutrients and minerals protects body from risk of occurring high blood pressure. It reduces the cholesterol level of a person who eats 2-3 tomatoes daily in his or her diet plan.

Controls Blood Pressure

5. Makes Bones Stronger

For a healthy and strong bones, consumption  of tomato is very necessary as it contains calcium in excessive quantity.  It improves strength of bones along with formation of bones in the body.

Makes Bones Stronger

6. Good For Teeth And Gums

Tomato richness in calcium helps in making teeth and gums both stronger and healthy.  It also safeguards gums against all sorts of gum diseases. You can attain white teeth easily and can maintain its shine for long time.


7. Reduces Risk Of Cancer

For a person suffering from any type of cancer, consumption of tomato is highly recommended by health professionals because of its antioxidant nature. In fact, tomato safeguards the body against all types of carcinogenic reactions and blocks free radicals against colon, lungs and breast cancer.

Reduces Risk Of Cancer

8. Helps In Muscle Building

If you’re gymnastic and do many workouts for building up your muscles then eating tomato in your regular meal plan will definitely aid you to attain desirable shape and weight gain. Tomato is considered to be a rich source of protein and carbohydrates that repairs the damaged cell and eases muscle building.

Helps In Muscle Building

9. Improves Immunity

Tomato is good for improving function of immunity system of an individual thereby safeguarding body against fever and flu which later on responsible for severe complications.

Improves Immunity

10. Boosts Energy

Tomato is an amazing energy booster that makes it perfect to be used as an energy drink. Tomato contains good amount of protein, carbohydrates and calories which improves working efficiency too along with energy level of its juice consumer.


Skin Benefits Of Tomatoes:

11. Removes Open Pores

Tomato is a good remedy for removing open pores problem, You only need to massage your facial skin gently with a mixture of 4 drops of tomato juice and 1 tablespoon of water by using a cotton ball followed by leaving it for 10-15 minutes and then washing it off with cold water. This method is highly useful for shrinking the pore size to great extent.

Removes Open Pores

12. Makes Skin Shiny

Tomato is highly beneficial in improving skin tone. You must drink 1 glass of fresh tomato juice in your diet so as to gain maximum benefit on your skin. Alternatively, you can also rub slices of tomato on your skin as its Vitamin C constituent can brighten your skin for long period.


13. Lowers Acne

Tomato is considered to be a rich source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C along with acidic content which altogether  removes unwanted spots on facial skin like scars, acne and pimples. If you’re having tiny spots on your face then you must peel a fresh tomato followed by mashing it and applying it to affected area. It is advisable to leave this face pack to your skin for an hour before washing it off so as to remove tan and pimples completely from your skin.

Lowers Acne

Hair Benefits Of Tomatoes:

14. Improves Shine Of Hair

For a shiny and black long hair, tomato juice proves to be highly beneficial. Tomato juice contains vitamin A in excessive quantity that brings long lasting shine to dull looking hair.

Improves Shine Of Hair

15. Makes Hair Strong

Consumption of tomato in form of salad or juice makes your hair strong from its root. Therefore, you must include tomato in your daily diet plan.

Makes Hair Strong