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15 Amazing Benefits Of Ugli Fruit

 Ugli Fruit

Ugli fruit is a hybrid of grapefruit, tangerine, and Seville orange. It is prominently grown in Jamaica and is also popular as ‘Unique Fruit’. The seasonal, citrus grows in between November to April on a bushy tree, which grows up to15 to 20 feet from ground. The fruit is greenish or yellowish orange in color and larger than an average grapefruit. Ugli fruit is rich in nutrients so it offers several health benefits.

Here Are Prominent Health Benefits Of Consuming Ugli Fruit:

Promotes Gum Health

Ugli fruit is rich in vitamin C which aids in enhancing gum health. Just one serving of the fruit provides you about 70% of the necessary daily dietary intake of vitamin C in your diet. The vitamin helps in the formation of collagen and promotes gum healing. Eating this citrus fruit prevents dental troubles such as gingivitis.

Keeps Gums Healthy

Boosts Immunity

The high amounts of vitamin C in Ugli fruit aids in boosting your immunity. Eating the fruit helps you fight off many infections and enjoy a healthy life.

Boosts The Immunity

Prevents The Risk Of Cancer

Flavonoids, rutin, and quercetin present in the ugli fuit imparts it powerful antioxidant properties that fight free radical activity which prevents the risk of cancer.

Fights Cancer

Combats Cardiovascular Ailments

Eating the nutritious citrus fruit minimizes the risk of development of cardiovascular ailments and stroke. The fruit aids in regulating your blood glucose levels and cholesterol. Ugli fruit possesses pectin a soluble fiber that generates a gel resembling substance in your intestinal tract. The gel-like substance traps the fats and cholesterol resulting in minimum the arterial deposits. Regular consumption of the fruit aids in strengthening and maintaining the elasticity of your arteries.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Acts As A Substitute To Grapefruit

Unlike grapefruit, ugli fruit lack compounds that interfere with the blood pressure medications. Individuals, who cannot eat grapefruit since it interferes with the activity of blood pressure medicines, can eat ugli fruit without any concerns.

Promotes Gastrointestinal Health

The citrus fruit is rich in dietary fiber so it promotes gastrointestinal health. One average ugli fruit contains about two grams of dietary fiber, whose sufficient intake ensures smooth digestion and minimizes the troubles resulting due to constipation. Also, it treats acidity effectively.

gastric probems

Minimizes Fatigue

Combining ugli fruit juice with equal quantity of lemon and a dash of honey helps you have a refreshing drink that minimizes fatigue to a great extent.


Prevents Troubles Of Kidney Stones

Ugli fruit contains good amount of citric acid which aids in preventing the formation of kidney stones. Regular consumption of the citrus fruit will provide you protection from the troubles due to kidney stones.

kidney stones

Reduces Blood Pressure

The citrus fruit is rich in mineral potassium and contains low amounts of sodium. High contents of potassium aid in regulating high blood pressure. Also, the fruit is cholesterol-free and fat-free and possesses low glycemic index.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Cures Allergies

Ugli fruit possesses anti-allergic properties. So eating the fruit while you suffer from any allergy provides your anti-allergic effects and treats the allergy effectively.

Prevents Allergies

Minimizes Blemishes And Improves Skin

Pulp of ugli fruit helps promote radiant, clear skin. It minimizes the blemishes on your face and skin and brightens your complexion. Also, the fruit treats many inflammatory skin conditions effectively.

Beautiful Skin

Promotes Bone And Teeth Health

Ugli fruit contains good amount of calcium and it provides 2% of total daily calcium intake requirement. So regular consumption of the citrus fruit helps you have strong and healthy bones and teeth.

Boost Bone Health

Aids In Muscle Formation And Repair

The citrus fruit is rich in proteins which aids in muscle formation and repair. The proteins promote your growth, aids in regeneration of cells, and provides necessary energy to your body.

Reduce muscle pain

Treats Anemia

Ugli fruit is an excellent source of iron so eating the fruit regularly helps you have good hemoglobin count. It treats anemia effectively.

Treats anemia

Prevents Obesity

The fruit being low in calories, its consumption prevents the risk of obesity and aids you to stay in shape always.


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